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Excerpt: Rapunzel & The Handsome Stranger

From Chapter 4...

She could not keep her dizzy head aloft one moment longer. Lucky then he took her face in his callused palm. Her breast in his hand, her face tilting to his lips, she melted into the first kiss of her lonely life. She swung her body into his grasp and focused wholly on the warmth that bathed her like a newborn sun. It flowed from where his lips met hers and trickled down her throat. It lit the vertebrae of her spine and raced to the cleft of her sweating back. The hand upon her breast slithered round her waist to pull her into a tighter embrace, forcing her to curl her own hands into his chest. She pressed upon his rigid muscles and moaned like a foal prancing in the meadow. She knew no pleasure before this, no true home, no grace or happiness. There was only this, this crushing moment, wrapped in Laertes' trembling arms. 

When his fingers skated up her nape she thought she'd found the grandest bliss, but then his fingers wound through her thick hair and pulled her face aside. She moaned into his mouth again, her hands losing all control. His tongue was so wet and hot and yet she eagerly welcomed it into her mouth. She surprised herself in the act. Tongues were such odd body parts, and how she adored the way his massaged hers, how it lapped at her lips, and how, finally, it slipped away and was replaced by the gentle bite of his teeth. 

Her whole body throbbed with that first bite. Her breasts ached like never before! Frantically, she pulled at the collar of her dress. "Bite me here," she panted. "Upon my breast," she begged. 

Laertes groaned as Rapunzel tore her dress open to reveal her small breasts. The pale skin was flushed a delicious carnation pink, the nipples as hard as rose opals. Laertes slipped his fingers along the soft underskin of her bosom, then brushed his lips into the puffy areola. At his first loving lick, Rapunzel dug her nails into his scalp. She cried aloud when his teeth sank into the supple flesh. His other hand cupped her breast and squeezed until the lights swam behind her eyes. "I would have you ravish me," she whispered. "I would have you be my villain, Laertes. Each kiss of yours increases my lust, yet I dare not release you. Does this madness ever end?"

"Aye, there is an end, my lady," he murmured into her d├ęcolletage, "when man and woman unite their lust..."

Rapunzel pushed her hands down Laertes' tunic. "...where man and woman are crafted to be united?"

"Yes," he breathed.

"I would see thy manhood," she said. "I must see it." Her palm rested on the conspicuous bulge in his trousers. It radiated with a familiar heat, as the ember that smoldered betwixt her thighs. 

Laertes warred within his soul. He craved this maiden with a passion indescribable, the peerless beauty whose very lust blossomed from a font of sweetest purity. She begged to know the ways of men and women and he was fain to indulge her. But what great sin would it be to profane a heart so true? He touched the hand upon his trousers and whispered, "With all that I am, dearest Rapunzel, know that I love thee. But I cannot grant this wish. In the world you know not, disgrace follows women who are loved by men such as I."

"Men such as you?" she asked. "A prince?"

"A lie," he said. "I am a prince of thieves, no more. I scaled this tower in the hopes of plundering its vaunted treasures. Instead I have found the greatest treasure in the five kingdoms...and she has unmanned me with her goodness."

Rapunzel's fingers closed around the bulge in Laertes' trousers. "That is another lie. You are not unmanned, sir."

"Any wretched criminal would ravish you in a heartbeat," he said. "I shall not. I swear it." He dared not look at her again.

Rapunzel gasped to see the tears well in his sapphire eyes. Tenderly, she held his cheek and drew his eye to her naked breasts. Her nipples still glistened with his saliva, the skin red where his teeth left their indentations. "Look upon me, Laertes. I bear the marks of your passion and know no shame. What you are a prince of makes no matter to me. I am a princess of despair! I would give you any treasure in this tower just to be rid of the smallest piece of my prison. And I would not interrupt this joyous union for the sake of a world I've never known. I promise you every treasure in this wretched tower if only you will take me too."

Laertes laced his fingers through her own. "I will take you, Rapunzel, I swear it."

"And will you show me your manhood?" she whispered. 

"I wish to," he groaned. "I want to! But I pledged to my lost mother's soul I'd never rob an unwed woman of her virtue."

Rapunzel freed her hand from Laertes' grasp and once more touched the rigid tent in his trousers. "My virtue! If my virtue prohibits you from bestowing the knowledge I have waited my whole life to know, I charge you to plunder it as you would plunder my tower!" With haste, her nimble fingers began to unlace his trousers. "My virtue has gained me naught but sleepless nights," she scoffed. "I long to be rid of virtue!"

Laertes seized her hand. "Rapunzel, I made a vow! As God as my witness, or even your precious moon, I shall not break it."

Rapunzel wailed with fury. She clutched the man by his thick shoulders and searched his sky blue eyes. "Then do not break your vow!" she said. "Make me your wife."

Laertes gaped at the girl. "What?"

Rapunzel pushed herself into his lap and hung her arms about his tan neck. "Wed me, Laertes. Now! In this very moment."

"I haven't the power to do that," he whispered.

"Yes you do," she whispered back. She tugged at her ruined neckline and pushed her naked chest into his tunic. She rolled her hips into his lap. "Say I am your wife," she said. "Marry me now and we shall consummate it here in my bedroom."

Laertes clasped Rapunzel's cheeks between his callused palms. "As God as my witness, and your moon, I declare that we are man and wife." 

Their kiss made the constellations gallop in the dimming sky...

Book: Rapunzel & The Handsome Stranger
Series: Erotic Fairy Tales
Words: 16,040
Price: $2.99
Currently Available At: Smashwords, Barnes & Noble

Published: July 14, 2017
ISBN: 9781370153497

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