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Rachel Brighton isn't your average civil servant...

It feels like forever, doesn’t it???

Never fear, my dirty darlings. I have returned with a science fiction story that I think you’ll love. If you enjoyed my Monster Lovers bundle, this will be right up your alley. It’s the story of Rachel Brighton, the Deputy Secretary of Exoplanet-Relations - or as she likes to call it, the Secretary of X - for the U.S. government. Her job is to teach aliens how to fuck human women. 

And Rachel really enjoys her job. :)))

The year is 2030 and the aliens have landed, but they don't want to rule the planet. They want to woo it. An insidious plague has rendered human women the last fertile females in the galaxy, and transformed Earth into its number one mating destination. After rounding up the male population, the aliens make a deal with the new female-led government: Teach us how to make love to human women and we'll return your men. 

Rachel used to think nothing on Earth could satisfy her weird desires. But Earth, and her libido, are no longer alone in the universe. Now Earth is a planet of sex. To save the human race, to save the aliens, she'll embark on a journey of erotic discovery.

This erotic sci-fi adventure is 20,000 words and contains alien sex, sex with a giant, tentacle sex, and bondage. It is available for purchase at $2.99 but, for a limited time, you can buy it on Smashwords for 25% off. Enjoy!


Unconsciously, I began to rock in the loveseat, pushing my crotch into his soggy little body.

Both my wrists were confined by his muscular tentacles. They were much stronger than they appeared. I pulled against them, loving the confinement. That uncompromising grip promised that I could not escape. I was locked into his lust.

I pushed my heels against the loveseat's cushion until my shoes dropped off my toes. They hit the floor with a clatter.

Tentacles spread over my creamy breasts and pulled my bra from my nipples. I moaned aloud as his suckers sealed over them. "Window!" I gasped. "They'll see." His longest tentacle reached over my head to twist the shutter wand. When they snapped shut, the living room was blanketed in shadow. Orange splinters of sunlight faded against the wall until only the blue glow of the television remained.

Now we were cut off from the outside world. I was free to writhe, free to push my crotch into his pulsing mantle. I began to pant like an animal.

His lower tentacles tugged at the zipper on my slacks. I swiveled my hips in a teasing attempt to make it harder for him. One impatient tendril plunged ahead while the others manipulated the zipper. It dove straight into my panties. "Oh God," I whimpered. He grew slimier with his arousal. The tentacle licking my mound was coated in a viscous, musky ooze. It soiled my panties as it danced over my swollen clitoris.

The slacks came down. I drew my feet through the legs and his suckers fastened on my toes.

"Pull my hair," I demanded. His tentacles threaded through my long hair and wrenched it back. "Ah!" I cried. His suckers pulled at my nipples like starving babes. "Harder..."

Not all umbambi were this amorous, but I was a sexual being. He was attuned to me, his particeps, and fed on my desire. He wanted to please me. No, he needed to please me. My emotions were his nourishment. When I was sad, he was miserable; when I was mad, he was furious; when I was horny, he was insatiable. He did everything he could to bring balance to the craziness of my world.

He was both my drug and my anchor.

When the slimy tentacle slithered into my pussy, I pushed my head into the pillows. "Fuck me," I moaned. Wet and wriggling, the tentacle expanded. It expanded to fill my aching hole, and kissed my insides with its suckers. "No one licks me like you, baby," I panted. The tentacle withdrew from my vagina and violently returned. It curled over my mound so that every sucker kissed my clitoris on the way in. I urged him on with a cry of helpless lust. His siphon purred in response.

I bucked my hips into the fat tentacle, letting its ooze dribble out of me and stain the seat. "Fuck, I'll need to steam clean this again," I muttered. He stuck a tentacle to my temple and beamed bliss into my frontal lobe. I rolled my neck against the pillows like a drunken fool. I licked my lips, suddenly hot, my pores buzzing.

His tentacles wrapped around my knees and spread me open. With my thighs stretched and quivering, he sent another tentacle into my cunt. I grunted as it struggled against the first. They fought each other for dominance, the struggle forcing them to slide deeper inside me. The other tentacles stretched my thighs wider and sucked my nipples harder. "J-just like that..." I panted. I was so wet that the tentacles made obscene squelches each time they probed my pussy. A cocktail of slime and cum spilled down the crack of my ass. It formed a pungent puddle on the floor.

"Baby," I groaned. "That's it. That's how mama likes it."

He knew what I wanted next. His longest tentacle slithered around my throat. The suckers sealed onto my skin and began to constrict. He slowly deprived me of oxygen. Plugged into my nervous system, he knew exactly how much I could take.

Soon I was seeing stars behind my eyes. "More," I rasped. "More..."

There were terrible things on the horizon--I heard it in Aurelias' booming voice and saw it haunting Matthew's eyes--but Philbert gave me the chance to escape my own dread. When a moist tentacle tickled the rim of my anus, I sighed with gratitude. Nothing cleared my head like a serious assfucking.

Tears filled my eyes as I choked out my next words. "I'm a bad girl. F-fuck me like a bad girl."

My wrists and ankles were tightly bound to his mantle, so when he crawled higher on my stomach, my knees were forced up to my chin. His slimy tentacle continued to tease the lips of my anus, prodding it like the tongue of some diabolical reptile. "You can do whatever you want to me," I rasped. "But if I scream for help..." I choked on my next breath as he tightened his grip on my throat.

My belly fluttered with the first licks of my impending orgasm.

The tip of another tentacle caressed my clitoris. Another caressed my quivering mound. The tentacles wrapped around my ankles contorted until my legs were pinned to the arms of the loveseat. The tentacle in my asshole began to vibrate...

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