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Four new tales of sibling taboo...

Good morning, my dirty darlings! Let me ask you a personal question: Do you like brother/sister taboo? I mean, do you REALLY like it? Because I just wrote a LOT of it. Stories of brothers falling in lust with their sisters, sisters getting uncontrollable urges to fuck their brothers, and maybe there’s a magic hot spring in one of them. Get ready for four brand spanking new shorts about dirty, dirty incest, because it’s time for Sibling Affairs, Part 2!!!

This bundle includes the following stories:

  • The Big Bad Wolfman - Aaron is a brilliant young scientist on the cutting edge of genetic engineering. When an accident in the lab merges Aaron's DNA with a wolf's, his increased aggression threatens to drive him insane. Fortunately, his big sister Michelle has made a career of managing his outsized ego. She knows exactly what to do to soothe the savage beast.
  • The Hangover Slut - What's the sluttiest thing I've ever done? Ass to mouth. I know it's dirty and disgusting, but I just couldn't help myself. By the time I finish telling my story, I don't think you'll mind the ickiness. Know why? Because if you read this story to the end, you're the same kind of dirty as me...
  • His Sister, His Slave - Susan's addicted to submission. She likes being chased, she likes being held down, and she likes being spanked. The thing is, she only likes submitting to these humiliations when her brother is the one in charge. The addiction was subtle in the beginning but now it's too strong to be denied...
  • Three Girls, a Guy, and a Magic Sex Spring - Magic isn't real...right? That's what Marissa thought before she stepped into the hot spring behind Cody's cabin. As her emotions bubble to the surface, she realizes something supernatural is going on. Her friends, Steph and Sara, can feel it too, and soon the trio is helplessly consumed by lust. The only man who might satisfy their craving is Marissa's twin brother Don. Well, he can satisfy Steph and Sara, but not Mari. That would be incest! And it's not like Mari's always had a secret crush on her brother...right?

This collection of taboo shorts is 34,000 words and for readers 18 and up.


From the first story, “The Big Bad Wolfman”

With my enhanced senses I could smell the chemical disinfectant used in the bathroom, and several more unpleasant odors. Fortunately, the strongest scents were pleasant ones: Michelle's perfume, and the natural odor of her body underneath it. It was a warm, light smell, something you might notice after exercising in a room with someone for several minutes. For me, it was overwhelming. My other senses raced to catch up, amplifying simple sensations to extreme heights. I couldn't stop rubbing the glossy texture of the plastic stall, I shivered at the wet trails of sweat crawling down my back, shuddered at the uncomfortable tightness of my socks and the webs of hair shooting out of my thighs. The soft shift of my boxers against my penis was almost unbearable now. The head drove against the front of my slacks and I moaned in frustration.

"Jesus, you look like somebody shot you."


Her eyes traced my face. Then she wet her lips, and nodded. "Pull down your pants."


"I'm not joking. Aaron, you looked like you were going to kill somebody out there. If your testosterone levels keep climbing then you'll...well, what will you do?"

"It'll be bad," I said. "I wanted to tear out the cashier's throat for looking at me funny."

"I'm looking at you funny."

"It's different."

"Thank God for that. Now let me help."

I pushed at the stall walls (and was unsettled to feel them give beneath my palms). "What are you going to do?"

Her cheeks turned red. "Um."

A fresh boost of adrenaline thrummed through me. I had to shut my eyes and hunch forward. "Just do it," I said. "Whatever." I bit back the rest of my thoughts as the aggression bent me like a question mark.

I gasped when Michelle touched my waist. The sensation was so vivid to my heightened senses that I jerked back. She reached for me, more gently this time, and undid the button on my pants. Her slender, purposeful fingers opened the flap to get at the zipper. Then she was pulling it down. pants were at my knees.

My dick was stuck upright in my boxers so she had to fight the elastic to get it free. When it popped out, Michelle gasped. "Oh my God! that normal?"

I looked down, terrified of what I might see. What I found produced mixed emotions.

I had never been the biggest guy in the locker room, but the WGH-1 raised hormone, testosterone and adrenaline levels, increased blood flow and more than tripled libido. The genetic cocktail bonded to my DNA to make me thicker, bigger and stiffer than I'd ever been. My cock was being pumped full of angry red blood cells; consequently, what Michelle pulled out of my pants with her soft, feminine hands was a very red, very swollen penis. It was almost purple, the head practically bulging. My balls were also nearly twice their normal size. Despite the pain, the primate in me had to admire the sight (and the way Michelle stared at it, open-mouthed).

"Aaron..." she said slowly.

"Yeah?" I grunted.

"That looks like it hurts."

"You have no idea. It feels like my skin's about to split apart."

She raised a hand to her mouth, horror pulling at the lines of her face. "Is that possible?"

I had to admit the awful truth. "Yes." That fear did nothing to quell my massive hard on. It was physically impossible. Deep inside me, the desire to use it on someone fought its way to the surface. "No matter how horny I've ever been in the past, my body's just not used to this kind of strain," I explained. "Even the muscles in my arms could tear."

Micky studied my penis like a concerned scientist. Without warning, she slipped her fingers around the shaft. "It's so...thick," she said.

The instant contact of her skin on my naked dick sent a surge of euphoria up my nervous system. The WGH-1 immediately kicked back with a hunger for more. The kick made me roll my hips and push the shaft through her hand. "Ah!" I gasped.

She stared up into my eyes, panicked. "Is that okay? Does it hurt?"

"Yes," I said. "No." It hurt too much not to roll my hips forward and push my dick through her hand. My penis was so swollen she could barely fit her fingers around it. But she understood the dire need and, always handy in a crisis, pumped her fist down on me.

"Should I squeeze?" she asked.

"God, yes." My boxers and pants stuck around my knees, I rocked my hips forward and felt the first intense wave of sexual excitement.

She let out a nervous laugh. "I can't believe I'm doing this," she said. "We're doing this. I'm giving you a handjob in a public bathroom."

She said it casually enough, but there was naughtiness in her observation. Her eyes met mine and shyly crinkled. A soft smile broke out, flashing her small, white teeth. I pushed my cock through her hand in appreciation.

She reached for my hip to get a better grip on me and continued to pump me with the other. Her palm was sweaty, and even that small lubrication sent shivers up my rioting nervous system. It felt good. I feared, however, that it wasn't enough.

"I can feel you getting bigger," she whispered, fascinated by the sight of my thrusting red cock.

"I need you to spit on it," I panted.

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