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What's your kink?

Good evening, sexy ladies & gentlemen. I hope you're having a fun Friday. Mine was a bit emotional. I've been comforting an old friend who's had a bad run recently. (Anyone out there who's dealing with trauma, please know that it's never wrong to ask for help.)

So, as you do, we eventually fell to drinking and discussing our love lives. She knows what I do and we had a grand time delving into the various kinks and fetishes that I enjoy writing in.

Those of you who've been with me from the beginning know that I'm a taboo gal at heart. Writing about naughty relations between family members is what got me into this game (and I have a F/D book and a B/S book coming your way soon). Obviously, I've branched out since then, writing about futa and tentacles and mind control, and each of them has its special appeal. Every few months I like to do a poll to see what my readers like best, and I encourage you to tweet me or message me on Reddit to let me know!

Do you want more taboo stories? Another gender swap? Mind control with a taboo twist or mind control plus another subgenre? More fantasy? More sci-fi? It's not uncommon for me to be drafting 4 to 5 stories at once, but I always like hearing about what you enjoy and what you'd like to see in the future. When it's something I'm not familiar with, like oviposition, it's a delight to do some research and discover whole new worlds of smut while I work on my current titles. Right now, in addition to the F/D and B/S books, I'm also toying with a couple new futa stories and Volume 4 of Sex Potion.

All my love, my sexy darlings. Take care of yourself and, for my U.S. fans, have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! (To my non-U.S. fans, I wish you all sorts of non-holiday hanky panky.)