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Hey, I'm wanking here!

Hi!!! So, as you may have noticed, there was no book published last week. I am super duper miffed about this (if one can indeed be super duper "miffed") and apologize for my tardiness. There will be a book out this Friday - my very first "hotwife" story - and should be one out the Friday after that.

Oh, poop! (Veronica, on learning of her bitter failure.)

Oh, poop! (Veronica, on learning of her bitter failure.)

Sadly, June was a tougher month than I expected. Until last Friday I'd published one new title every week since 2017 began. Not bad, eh? A handful of factors led to me breaking the streak last week, cover issues and household illnesses being the main culprits. Another culprit is my slow attempt to break into the Romance genre. I have a couple books I'm midway through writing under different pen names and I thought I could juggle them equally with my erotica. Turns out I am mortal after all :p

For that reason I may take July off so I can finish up my Romance and get back on a weekly erotica schedule. I know, a whole month without my dirty fantasies sounds terrible, but Smashwords holds its annual sales event in July and I intend to discount my whole catalog for the month. I'll keep you updated as that develops. 

So yes, in case any of you were wondering where the prolific princess of savory smut went to, I promise I am still here and scribbling away. Unfortunately I'm scribbling away at like five different books right now so time is kinda crunchy...

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Kisses and cooties,