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His Sister Needs ANOTHER Anal Lesson!

"So, Veronica," you might ask, "what's your favorite thing about writing brother/sister incest erotica?" Top of the list on questions I am never asked in my daily life...

I wish I was, though, because it's probably the most fun taboo to write. When you're dealing with siblings, it's obviously different than mainstream erotica - but it's also very different from other kinds of taboo! F/D and M/S pairings have a very different dynamic. Those stories are about the parent surrendering to their temptations even though they're supposed to be the authority. Thats hot in its own way, but when you're dealing with brothers and sisters they're on more even footing. They're similar in age and their relationship can be either closer than with their parents or much more distant. With F/D and M/S erotica, I like to tell stories where the parent is battling with the lust they know is wrong. There's much more conflict, more weighing the options, the morals, etc. With B/S stories, I enjoy playing with the curiosity, exploring their sexuality with a sibling who is closer than just a friend. It can be tender but also wild, secret but also sweet. That sweetness is lacking in a lot of taboo I read, so I try to provide my readers with something they might not find in other stories.

Right now I think most of my B/S stories have been told from the brother's perspective and that's largely because I like watching the tale unfold through his eyes, to experience his lust, his protectiveness of the beautiful sister that he adores clashing with his carnal desire. As a reader, that's the kind of thing that turns me on. I know how I feel, and what I want is to know how a man feels about me

I've been giving this a lot of thought recently because I'm putting together my latest "Family Taboo" bundles. Those will be coming in the next few weeks, so if you haven't read all four of my most recent B/S stories, you can save some money by buying the bundle that comes out on July 7. Or, if you want to save even more money, you can wait for the Brother Sister Mega-Bundle, which should drop on the 21st and collects every single B/S story I've written to this point (9 in total). That'll be about 170,000 words and will be $14.99. Plus it'll be discounted!

Obviously I don't want you not to buy this latest book (because how else will I eat?!) but I'm sure you like saving money as much as I do.


Simon and Kelly return in the continuing saga of two siblings and their mutual love for kinky butt stuff! This erotic taboo is 11,000 words and normally retails for $2.99. Today and through the rest of July you can purchase it on Smashwords for 25% off!

SUMMARY: After taking his sister’s anal virginity, Simon is eager for a second encounter. He knows he shouldn’t have romantic thoughts about Kelly but the intimacy of their “lesson” has spoiled him for other lovers. Can he let himself be merely her brother again when it feels so right to be her man? He loses sleep over the question, tossing and turning and thinking back to that passionate afternoon, when Kelly suddenly arrives with the answer. She’s been craving a second lesson and her boyfriend can’t give her what she needs…but big brother can!


It was fine, I told myself later in the car. She was just trying to have some fun, keep things casual and not weird. Teasing I could deal with. We teased each other all the time. The problem was, there used to be a line. I didn’t know it that morning, or even that week, but the line was being redrawn.

For example, as brother and sister we tried to avoid seeing each other naked. After our anal lesson, Kelly let that rule slide.

I discovered this one bright Saturday morning while Kelly was dyeing her hair. She asked me something from the bathroom while I was strolling merrily down the hall and, since the door was only halfway closed, I pushed it open to carry on the conversation. I was greeted by the sight of my naked sister grinning like a maniac.

I suppose she wasn’t completely naked since she was wearing latex gloves and a hand towel wrapped around her shoulders, but they did nothing to cover up her pale breasts, her perky nipples, or the trimmed triangle of pubic hair she’d shaved above her vagina. These are generally things you hide from your family members.

I didn’t freak out. That was obviously what she wanted. Instead, I planted my fists on my hips and gazed levelly into her sky blue eyes. “Kelly…” I started.

She bit her lip to keep from laughing and continued to rub Vaseline into her hairline. “I was just asking if you wanted to get pizza later,” she said.

“Kelly…” I repeated.

“Oh, you’re so mad,” she whispered into the mirror.

“I’m not mad,” I said. “I just think this is a little weird.”

She rolled her eyes. “I was playing with the Vaseline and I thought of you. Take it as a compliment.”

“You know mom’s downstairs,” I said.

“So?” she said. “We’re not doing anything wrong.”

“So are you teasing me or is this normal for us now?”

She didn’t look directly at me, she just pursued her task, diligently applying the Vaseline to her ears and neck. “I’m not sure,” she said. “If it really bothers you I won’t do it again.” She wiggled her naked bottom. “Does it bother you?”

That was a tricky question. Did I want to see her buttocks jiggle? Did I want to see them flex atop her thighs as she swayed before the bathroom mirror, and twisted, and went up on her tiptoes? Was that okay? Or would that spectacular booty haunt me like an untapped keg haunts an alcoholic?

“I’m going back to blonde,” she said offhandedly, as if carrying on a conversation like this was the natural way of things. “You said you liked it darker but I prefer it when it’s all one color.”

I listened for my mother in the kitchen before I replied. “I guess I don’t mind,” I said. “I’m not sure about what you’re doing down there.” I pointed in the general area of her sex.

“This?” she asked, and curled a sticky pinky over the triangle of stubble. “Danny doesn’t like it either. I was just doing it for fun…” Her pinky lingered on her mound and then, reluctantly, returned to her ear. “Do you like it better shaved?”

“I’m not going to tell you what to do with your body,” I said.

She grinned at me in the mirror. “Obviously. But you can tell me what you think.”

Our eyes held each other for too long. There were thoughts bubbling behind our irises, in both our demented brains. Did she call me into the bathroom to admire her, to covet her, or to just shoot the breeze? I wasn’t sure. From the way she bit her bottom lip and swayed gently on the balls of her feet, it seemed like she was nervous–curious to know if I was frustrated or enjoying the view.

Was I supposed to? Was I allowed to? To take my mind off my steadily rising erection, I broke the uncomfortable silence with an uncomfortable question. “So have you and Danny…?”

She broke eye contact. “Oh, uh, we haven’t, uh…done that. In the butt.”

“But you’ve–”

“Oh!” she said. “Because he’s seen this?” She stroked the triangle again, as if her pinky was drawn back to it by a magnet. When she pulled the finger away I noted there were now two glistening trails of Vaseline leading to her labia. The wet lips were full and pink, fuller and pinker than I remembered–like a tongue folded into a teasing curl. “Yeah, we…we were together the other day.”

I didn’t like that. And I didn’t like that I didn’t like that. Technically, she cheated on him with me, which made me the bad buy. “Sorry,” I said. “That’s not my business, is it?”

Her freckles were more visible when she blushed. “Well, I don’t know… I mean–” She laughed at the knot she tied in her own tongue. “Oh God. It was the butt, right? So it doesn’t count.” Her smile was both guilty and hopeful. She wasn’t looking for absolution, just a little sympathy. She was confused about whether she wanted to stay in the relationship, I knew that. And if butt sex didn’t count then that meant we didn’t commit incest.

But if we didn’t commit incest, why did we want to see each other naked?

“Do you need to shower?” she asked. “This takes half an hour but if you wanted to…”

I pointed at the floor. “Mom.”

“Oh! Right. Sorry.” She lifted her sticky gloves in a “save me!” gesture. “I am, like, crazy today.”

Suddenly it was right there in my face. I couldn’t believe I missed it. “You’re horny!” I breathed.

This time she went really red. She tucked her gloves over her breasts to keep me from seeing how hard her nipples were (no luck there, since I was more or less staring at them from the beginning). “Nooo!” she said, with a kind of a joyful embarrassment.

“Holy shit,” I said. “You like butt stuff, don’t you? That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“What?” she cried. “Oh my God, shut up! I do not!” She batted at me with her gooey gloves. “Shut up, dummy!”

I tried to dodge, I tried to block, but the Vaseline was too slick and Kelly was just so naked. My hands darted here and there to avoid the glistening goo and her jiggling breasts and her beautiful, giggling smile–and only succeeded in getting caught in her greasy hair. She let out a wild Xena shriek and popped my chest with her palms. Two sticky handprints were stamped on my shirt.

“Two can play at that game!” I cried, and slid my palms down to her breasts. The hard little nipples were like diamonds in my palms, and I squeezed her mercilessly until she shrieked again. She contorted on the tips of her toes and tried to wriggle away but I wrapped her up in my arms.

Vaseline clumped in the hairs of my forearm and glistened on my chin and cheek. Trails of the stuff ran down her face and sparkled on her heaving breasts. She struggled to gain the upper hand, spinning and twisting and bobbing and darting, but I was too big to be denied. The jelly made her as slippery as a fish so I had to hold her tight, and as she spun she only grew slicker. It dripped from her hair and between the canyon of her breasts and slithered over my hips as she tried to wrestle me off my feet. The tips of those breasts were so pale, as were the cheeks of her buttocks. I could only pretend to wrestle her for so long.

I folded her into my greedy embrace, taking her left breast into my right hand. Her back pressed tight against my chest, my back strained against the bathroom door, and her toes curled on the bone white tile as her fingers wrapped around my wrists. My left hand snaked over her sticky belly to clutch at the triangle on her mound. She moaned into my mouth as I stole my first victorious kiss. “I’m not horny,” she whimpered.

I moaned back as her teeth bit into my bottom lip. “Of course not,” I groaned, as my fingers explored the quivering delta between her thighs.

She ground her plump ass into my crotch as I spread her naked legs. There was no hiding my erection now. “Gonna get in trouble,” she panted. When my fingertip skated over her clitoris. Creamy with Vaseline, I wound a tightening circle over that juicy button of flesh. “Big trouble,” she moaned.

“Your fault,” I gasped. We rose and fell like granite mountains grinding into one another. The door squealed against the bathroom wall–me pushing it, she pushing me. My hands massaged her dripping sex. I scooped a glop of Vaseline across her hip and forced it down the crack of her ass.

“Can we do it now?” she grunted. “Right now?”

My wet fingers found her anus and circled it like hungry sharks. She whimpered at first contact, a song that fell an octave when I took the first plunge. “See?” she moaned. “So much easier this time…”

“You’ve been practicing.”

“Hurry,” she breathed. “I want you inside me.”

“W-we should take some time–” I started.

“No, I can do it,” she moaned. With her arm crooked behind her at an uncomfortable angle, she fumbled at my belt. “I promise, Sy. Just for a second?” She rose up on her tippy toes and dragged her buttocks over the lump in my jeans. “Please?” she whined. “Please just put it in. It’s so greasy, Sy. You’ll slide right in.”

Her words were honey in my throbbing ears, but the Vaseline was honey on my fumbling fingers. The zipper kept slipping through my grasp. “I promise,” Kelly moaned, her voice rising as my second finger slipped through her anus. “Now,” she begged. “Nooooow!”