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DC finally made a movie I didn’t want to barf on!

I have a couple issues with #WonderWoman but #GalGadot is not one of them. She was charming, strong, funny, soulful and truly sweet. Everything in the first act was just perfect and I can’t put into words how amazing it was to see an island of strong warrior women living together in harmony. Go #AMAZONS! 

Once the film got into its second and third acts there were some pacing issues, the film used WAAAAAAAAY too much slow motion, the big bad guy fight at the end was ridiculous and looked like a video game, and I know it’s just based on a comic book but Diana blocking every bullet with her bracelets starts to stretch credibility after the 10th time it happens (why don’t they shoot at her feet?!). 

But…you guys…you guys…the movie house was FILLED with little girls dressed like wonder woman. I mean, omg. I can’t even. I can’t. It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

Diana in London was hilarious. Diana and Steve talking in the boat was hilarious (Chris Pine’s eyes, sploosh). Diana kneeing the shit out of bad guys, and smacking bad guys, and kicking bad guys, and generally laying waste, was, what’s the word? Cool. She was pretty cool. :)))))