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The July Sale Is Almost Over!!!

Goooooood evening, my lovelies!

I hope your July is going well. Here in California it is unusually humid, which is without a doubt my absolute least favorite kind of weather. I left Chicago thinking I'd escaped this gross garbage and now my hair is super confused what part of the world I'm living in. It's supposed to be a dry heat!

(Pant.) (Pant.)

Okay, back on topic. So, as I mentioned last month, there will be no book for this week as I finish up a few Romance books I'm working on. However, there will be a book out on the first Friday of August. And, since you've been so patient, it's going to be a collection of 4 erotic mother/son stories. A lot of erotica authors specialize in shorts (stories between 2,000 and 8,000 words long) but I've never been able to keep my stories that brief. But, while I've been sloooooowly working my way through "legit" fiction, I wrote a few short, naughty stories to keep myself entertained.

So! While you wait for that, please feel free to take advantage of the last full week of the Smashwords July sale. All my books are discounted by at least 25% off, with a few larger collections even discounted by 50%! You can check out all my books on my Smashwords page.

You can also check out the Taboo Trysts anthology, which contains my first volume of "Sister Needs an Anal Lesson," as well as 4 other incest stories from Alana Church, Summer Gleeson, Laura Lovecraft and Alexa Nichols.

Stay cool out there and have a great Monday!