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Good afternoon, everybody!!!

Soooooo, as I slowly melt in the California heat and try to focus on the stories of family members getting their naughty on, I find myself wondering what everybody's FAVORITE taboo is.

Now it seems like every time I ask this question most of my reader responses are: "Gimme it all!" But I still love to ask because, well, what you guys and gals like is what I want to write more of. So, as usual, I encourage you to reply to this thread below or message me on Reddit or Twitter!

In terms of taboo erotica, do you prefer...

  • Father/Daugher pairings?
  • Mother/Son pairings?
  • Brother/Sister pairings?
  • Mixed bag?

And then in terms of how those family members get together, do you prefer...

  • Mutual passion (i.e., more romantic)?
  • Mistaken identity?
  • Reluctance (such as being blackmailed)?
  • Magic?

And then, just for funsies, I'm curious if there are any non-taboo stories I've done that you'd like to see more of. For example, I still have one or two volumes of the "Sex Potion" series left. Would you like to see more gender/body swapping? Futanari? Tentacles? Straight romance? Cuckold? Hotwife?

To give you an idea of how I work, I typically have a bunch of stories and outlines that I'll be writing at any one time (in addition to stories for other pen names), so this poll would be for new stories down the road. Right now I'm working on stories that will be published between August and September.

Hope your week has been lovely, my darlings. And don't forget, the Smashwords sale is almost over! All my books are currently discounted between 25-75% off. Take advantage of it while you can!