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Enjoy Some Romantic Futa Tales on This Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers! To all my non-American readers, Happy Tuesday to you too!

Enjoy futa tales? My three futanari books are currently on sale for 50% during Smashwords' July/Winter sales event! Check them out:

Deflowered by My Futa Doctor - Now $1.50 - Harper may be a virgin, but it's not by choice. After 21 years, she's too nervous and too tight to experience sex. Thankfully, Dr. Evelyn Avery knows just how to loosen the girl up. Her extra anatomy makes her the perfect size to break in a sweet young virgin. Can Harper say no to this seductive futanari? She's never been attracted to a woman before, but Dr. Avery makes her pulse race!

The Futanari's Gigolo - Now $1.50 - Eddie is a handsome young gigolo who specializes in pleasing older women. At first he thinks his latest assignment will be a real treat. The woman is a foxy cougar with a taste for BDSM. Unfortunately, Ms. Robbins is Eddie's former teacher! All that time she was schooling him, the MILF never let on that she was a dom...or that she had a big throbbing secret between her legs!

Suddenly Futanari - Now $2.00 - Cassie's in love with her straight roommate Rebecca, but she's afraid to confess her feelings. She used to hate the little ditz, but over the years their friendship has become the one constant in her busy life. Unfortunately, Becca is boy crazy, which makes a relationship impossible. Or does it? After a visit to a fortune teller, Cass discovers she now possesses Rebecca's favorite male body part!