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Oh, I've got a veeeeeeerrrry dirty one for you this week. It's the story of Samantha, a good Christian girl living in a small town in Kentucky. All she wants to do is have the Best. Summer. Ever. Unfortunately, her plan is ruined when she finds out that not only is her BFF working at the disgusting glory hole downtown but her father is a customer!

Sam is mortified. She's angry. She can't believe what a hypocrite he is! So Sam decides to teach her daddy a lesson. All her life he taught her to be a good girl and honor her mother's memory. What will he do when he discovers his saintly little daughter is sucking men off at the glory hole?

Of course Sam, being a virgin, is pretty terrible at blowjobs. She may have to ask her brother to teach her how to give a good one first...

This taboo tale is 21,000 words and normally retails for $3.99. From now until September, it will be 25% off at Smashwords!


Inside the Employees Only room I flicked the switch that lit the scarlet light bulb outside. I locked the door, then pulled my blouse over my head and folded it on the table. Doing this foul thing in just my bra would minimize the cleanup when it was over. I thought to remove my shorts as well, but why bother? I wasn't going to give this anonymous pervert any more than the pleasure of my mouth.

The knot in my stomach tightened as I leaned against the aluminum railing and waited for something to happen. I could hear the man on the other side of the wall. A trickle of urine hit the water in the toilet bowl while the man doing the urinating grunted and sighed. Was this really me? Was I really waiting alone in a room that smelled of mildew and vaseline, my body shivering so badly that my boobs jiggled in my lacy purple bra? I gazed down at myself. I hadn't meant to wear a sexy bra. I'd only bought it for myself, and to show it off to Beth. The Victoria's Secret cups fit me like a dream.

But it was for comfort, not titillation. 

The flush of the toilet swept me from my reverie. I held my breath and strained my ears, listening for the slightest movement. He'd wash his hands before he stuck it through the hole, wouldn't he? He did not. 

I gasped at what slithered through the ragged hole in the wall. It was as black as the tape that covered the rim and so long that for an insane second I thought it was a snake! I quickly regained my senses when I saw the hood that covered most of the head. This black man was uncut, I realized. Until this moment I'd only seen Jodie's and Harry's penises up close, and both of them were circumsized. 

My curiosity overcame my fear as I knelt beside the hole. There was a grimy pillow on the linoleum to cushion my knees but it was crusty from dried jism. I flipped it over...and the other side wasn't much better. I grimaced as I sank my knees into the filthy thing. Then, tentatively, I raised my fingers to the flaccid penis. 

I thought the previous penises I encountered were alien organs but this one was even stranger. The color, the length, the head just barely visible inside its hood. When I touched it, it throbbed like an evil tentacle. When the purple head began to emerge from the foreskin, I was mesmerized. 

Unable to ignore my carnal curiosity, I used my thumbs to speed along the process. The man grunted and pushed his penis further through the hole, causing the foreskin to unwrap even faster. As I rolled my fingers down his girth, the shaft thickened--significantly. It didn't get much longer but it grew appreciably bigger. "W-wow," I gasped. 

I was ashamed by my own arousal. This wasn't for me, I reminded myself. Daddy wanted to stick his dick wherever he pleased and that was wrong. I was going to show him just how wrong it was. I wasn't doing this because I'd been deprived my whole life, or because I was secretly a dirty girl like Beth, or because daddy was a dirty, dirty hypocrite. I wasn't doing this to get back at him. 

I thought about that as I wrapped my wet lips around the smooth, chocolate shaft. The man's groan rolled down his stomach and vibrated into my mouth. 

I wasn't doing this because I needed a warm, throbbing cock in my mouth. I thought about that as I stroked the bulging shaft. I wasn't doing this because I liked the taste of strangers' cum. I wasn't doing this because no one knew it was my mouth on the other side of the wall. I rolled my head in time with the subtle swaying of the penis, letting the crown trace the contours of my lips and then glide over my outstretched tongue. I tasted the drops of urine still lingering in his urethra. I closed my lips and sucked those drops down my throat.

God, forgive me.

I let the cock slide from my mouth and grabbed the enormous head. I angled it up against the tile so I could lick the underside of his pulsing black shaft. I tasted the sour sweat of his balls--balls as big and black as a bull's. "Yeah," I heard the man grunt on the other side. "Suck 'em," he grunted. "Suck on 'em, bitch."

They were too big to fit completely through the hole but my lips had powerful suction. As I tongued his sweaty testicles, I squeezed my legs together and flexed my thighs. Was I trying to ignore the uncomfortable moisture in my panties or enhance it? As I wiped my tongue back and forth over the stranger's testicles, I tasted the filthy flavor of the electric tape. Was that on purpose too? How complete was my degradation to be? 

I suddenly wished the man had to pee again just so he could urinate on my face. That's what I deserved for being such a filthy slut.

This is what Beth must have felt like when she was letting my father cum in her barely legal kitty. Nothing but a slick hole for men to shove their alien cocks into. Nothing but warm pressure and the dark desire to be used, defiled, turned into a piece of filth like the crusty pillow beneath my knees or the pungent tape that ringed daddy's glory hole. 

Daddy's glory hole. How long had daddy been fucking the mouths of strangers behind his glory hole? Daddy's glory hole. It was daddy's glory hole.

The black man was thrusting his penis into the glory hole faster now, and with such fierce urgency that the whole wall shook. I wrapped my fingers around his girth (as far as my small fingers could stretch) and let him push himself into my mouth. Because of the wall he could only thrust as deeply as I allowed, which was a nice change from my brother's punishing thrusts. I enjoyed taunting this pervert with the very tip of my tongue, leaning back just enough to let him stick the crown of his prodigious cock between my lips and no more. But his grunts of frustration mingled with groans of relief as I massaged his jerking base with my palms.

Daddy's glory hole. Imagining daddy's penis sliding into my mouth. Proud of me, daddy? Would you be proud to ejaculate into my eighteen-year-old stomach? 

Soon the dribbles of my saliva and the natural blend of his sweat and secretions made the stranger's shaft as glossy as melted chocolate. The thought of him melting in my mouth was too delicious to resist. I leaned forward, letting him abuse more of my mouth, letting him thrust himself into the velvet pouch of my cheek, letting him expend his frustrations in the tight sanctuary of my teenage throat...

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