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The Barnes & Noble Pornocalypse

Welp. That sucked.

Info is sparse right now but B&N seems to be clearing house on its taboo erotica. I like to think I write pretty nice smut - everyone's 18 and up, everything's consensual, the stories have beginnings and middles and ends - but that does not appear to be a factor. Other authors have told me that their books are being purged as well. No word yet on precisely what's gone and why it's going.


It's a shame, and I veer back and forth between being sad and just mad. Self-publishing can be incredibly freeing, but you also get treated like an afterthought by the major publishers. I followed the guidelines, I made pretty covers, I wrote what my readers wanted. In the end, B&N did the same thing that Amazon did: bowed to the pressure of "moral authorities." Instead of choosing to wipe out the bad actors, they just did a blanket sweep, and never bothered to tell us.

Okay, just wanted to get that off my chest. I'll need to go through my book galleries and remove the Barnes and Noble links. I think maybe 1/4 of them are working right now and if the site keeps whittling down my catalog then they'll all be useless eventually. 

To the readers, I apologize for the inconvenience. My taboo is still available on my Smashwords page. You can also find some of my catalog on Carnal Pleasures and Lot's Cave.

UPDATE 8/23/17: Smashwords posted this note on their site yesterday:

Barnes & Noble has modified their policies regarding erotica.  In a nutshell, they no longer accept certain taboo subcategories of erotica as described in their newly updated content policy which you can now read at New on the chopping block, specific to erotic literature, they now prohibit, "works portraying or encouraging incest, rape, bestiality,..." In addition, they also explicitly name categories that heretofore have never been allowed per our own Terms of Service such as necrophilia and pedophilia, as well as works that encourage hate or violence.  Smashwords authors who write in the categories described at that link above can expect to see their titles disappearing from the Barnes & Noble store.  B&N has removed a small number of books already, though we expect more in these prohibited categories to disappear in the months ahead.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.  This is consistent with an industry wide crackdown that has been happening for several years, first spearheaded by iBooks and Amazon, and then Kobo, and now B&N.