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Mama's going to make it all better...

Good evening, my dirty darlings...

I know it's been a while. I told you I was taking July off and you've been so very patient. I really appreciate that. Mama needed some time to write that silly mainstream Romance that all the "serious" authors are doing. Now that nonsense is out of the way and she can give you the kind of smut she likes best.

Since you were so patient I have not one but four short stories for you. The original title of this collection was "I Like Mom's Big Butt (and I Cannot Lie)," so you may notice a theme. I've never been very good at erotic shorts, since my characters always want more, more, more, but I think maybe I've cracked the code. You'll have to let me know.

In Mama's Boys: 4 Erotic Tales of Mother/Son Taboo, four mothers find themselves in awkward situations with their loving sons... The bundle is 28,000 words and normally retails for $3.99. From now until September it will be 25% off at Smashwords.

Table of Contents

Bumpy Ride - When an overstuffed minivan leaves Gabrielle without a seat, she reluctantly climbs into her son's lap. With two hours of bumpy road ahead of them, mom expects it will be an uncomfortable ride. The horny teenager she's riding? He has other plans...

My Son Helps Me Take a Selfie - When Selma discovers that girls are sending her son naughty pictures, she reacts with an embarrassing mix of jealousy and arousal. Fortunately, Tommy is eager to help his mother take some sexy selfies of her own!

Morning Wood - It's early in the morning and Mary just wants some love from her husband. It's been so very long since they rolled between the sheets. She's about to get a big surprise from not just one but both of her horny sons!

Mom's XXX Anal Adventure - Carol never imagined she'd be in this position. She never imagined she could do anything so vulgar. It's disgusting! It's wrong! It's...sort of exciting?

An Excerpt from “Bumpy Ride”:

I almost yelped when his fingertips brushed my bare thighs. "Ronny!" I hissed.

"It's okay, mom," he said. "Trust me."

A sudden, ticklish sensation. His fingers grazed my buttocks as he rolled the back of my skirt up to his waist. "My dress is not the problem," I whispered to him.

"Not anymore," he agreed.

When his hands returned to my ass I started to squirm away. Then I realized he was just trying to guide me back onto his lap. "And this is better?" I asked.

"You tell me," he said. He slid his fingers over the tops of my legs...and spread them open.

"Oh..." I breathed. It was more comfortable, I had to give him that, but now I had a more pressing concern. "Ronny," I said. "Where are your pants?"

He patted the place where our knees met. "Right here. I just slid them down a bit."
He'd also slid up my skirt so that it covered his lap. We were now skin to skin.

I looked down, and wiggled. "Ronny, honey?" I whispered. "Are you wearing underwear?"

His tone was only somewhat contrite. "I told you the zipper was killing me."

Whereas before I was sitting atop my son and quietly enduring his growing erection, now I was actually straddling his penis underneath my skirt. I felt the warm thing between my naked thighs and through the permeable fabric of my bikini bottom. No one could see our scandalous new position since he'd draped my dress over his lap like a blanket. Still...

"I don't think this is better," I said.

"Just lean back," he told me. "This will be much better, I promise."

This was mostly my fault. I told him to get comfortable and he took me at my word. On the positive side, I was no longer worried about damaging his penis. And with his cock between my legs instead of beneath my butt, it was a less lumpy ride for me. On the negative side, well, if no one was the wiser... I cast a nervous glance at the family and then slowly, gently, leaned against my son's chest.

The car shuddered along the mountain trail and the chassis vibrated up my toes. As we rocked together, my crotch rubbed against Ronny's tumescent cock. I nearly choked at the first warm twinge inside me. "Mmh," I grunted.

In our new position his lips were practically in my ear. "Okay?" he asked.

"Fine," I said quickly. Was turnaround fair play? With each new bump rolling me into Ronny's dick, the friction swiftly took its toll. I couldn't help the reaction of my body, especially not after nearly an hour of rubbing against his enormous member. I could only endure that for so long before the wetness started to soak through my bikini. And Ronny still hadn't taken his hands off my bare ass. "Is that really necessary?" I whispered.

"I'm trying to help you balance," he said.

That wasn't a complete lie. With Ronny's big hands planted on my butt he could compensate for the car's erratic wobbling. But every time he compensated he squeezed my thighs together. It was a constant reminder that my son's thick penis was pressed tightly to my vulva. "You're doing that on purpose," I whispered. "You didn't have to stick it under my dress."

"Sure I did," he argued. "I didn't want you to get stains."


His right hand gently swept down my inner thigh. "You don't feel that?" he asked.

Then I understood. I'd been rubbing against Ronny for so long that he wasn't just erect. Precum was oozing from the tip of his penis. When he shifted, a thin string of it broke between his cockhead and my skin. "Oh," I breathed. "Stains..." It was surprisingly thoughtful of him to not want to get it on me, or at least not on my clothes.

But now we had a new problem.

I get embarrassingly turned on by a man's cum--specifically precum. There's just something about the way it drips from the slit of a man's cock, uncontrollably, that gets me going. "We should go back to the way it was," I said huskily.

"You sure?" Ronny asked. "I think you like this."

"You can't talk that way to your mother," I said.

"No? Let's make a bet. If I touch you here..." Under my dress, his devilish hands drifted towards my slit.

"Ronny," I said in a low, warning voice.

"Shhh," he whispered in my ear. "If you're not soaked, I'll put my pants back on."

I couldn't believe this was happening. I couldn't believe my own son was talking to me this way, and I didn't want to believe how much it excited me. I had no desire to make a scene, so I kept my struggle to a minimum. I leaned back and tried to avoid his hands but there was just nowhere to go. The car was packed tight with our bags and there was so little room to stretch my knees. Beside us was the stack of suitcases and beyond that Alyssa, still texting or Tindering. My mother was mumbling something to Carl, who was agreeing in the same low mumble. All around us dust swirled and offered only the most frightening glimpses of the desert below. I held my breath as Ronny's fingers slid into my bikini from both sides and touched my moist vagina.

"Mmh," I grunted.

"Feels like we have the same problem," he murmured. I bit my tongue as his middle finger landed on my clitoris. He found it so easily!

I couldn't help my reaction. I immediately rubbed my cunt over his swollen base. It felt so good! And in full view of the family!

"Do you like that better?" he whispered. "Or this?" His middle finger left my clit and explored the inner rim of my vagina.

I pressed my lips together into a white line and breathed fiercely through my nostrils. "Ronny," I said. "I'm your mother."

"Say it again," he urged, and slid another finger in.

I reached down to hook my fingers under his seat and rolled my vulva against his penis. "I'm your mother," I gasped. He pulled my bikini to the side and inserted a third finger. With his other hand, he began to tease my clit.

My toes curled on the gritty carpet. "Oh my God, I'm your mother," I panted.

"That's right, mommy," he whispered back. "How's it feel to be teased?"

"I...I wasn't teasing you," I hissed.

"No?" he said. His wet fingers plopped out of my vagina and smeared my juices over my thigh. He grabbed a thick handful of my ass and squeezed. "You haven't been teasing me with this thing all weekend?"

"A-absolutely not," I gasped, as he furiously circled my clit. "I-I w-would never d-do that--aaaah!"

We must have finally made too much commotion because Carl, finally, took notice. "What are you two whispering about back there? Ron? Is she nitpicking my driving?"

"No, sir," Ronny answered. His tone could not be more casual. It was as if he were simply staring out the window, daydreaming (and not fingering his mother).

"What's she talking about?" Carl demanded.

"She can speak for herself!" I snapped.

"I know how your mind works," Carl said.

Oh, the nerve of him! As he held my gaze in the rearview mirror I reached through my skirt and clutched the bulbous head of Ronny's cock. I slowly squeezed him as I spoke to my husband. "I was just saying that we should check the coolant at the nearest pit stop," I said. "We should top off whatever's in there."

"Fine!" Carl groused. "You think you know everything."

"Not everything," I grunted, as Ronny fondled my ass. "Some things still surprise me."

"Dear, this is no time for an argument," my mother chimed in.

"You're right, mom," I sighed. Under my skirt, Ronny had begun to slowly thrust his cock between my thighs. "I...I should be open to n-new experiences."

"Yeah, like letting me drive in peace!" Carl said.

"Oh, you're so right, honey," I moaned. "Don't mind me."

"Hmph," he said, as I leaned back against my son. I allowed a brief moment for the tension in the car to dissipate, then I glanced at Ronny over my shoulder. Watching his hungry eyes, I squeezed my thighs together and lifted up. I squeezed even harder until I felt the warm dribblings of his precum on my naked skin.

With my left hand, I surreptitiously reached beneath my skirt. "Maybe..." I whispered. "Maybe we need to take care of this." I rolled my thumb over his sticky cockhead and smeared his cum all over my mound.

"It would be a new experience," Ronny whispered in my ear.

* * *

P.S. You guys and gals made July my best summer sales month ever! Thank you so much for that. I hope you enjoy this deliciously taboo collection. Next week I'll be bringing you a story of a naive girl who wants to teach her daddy a his glory hole!