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Happy birthday, little brother...

It's dirty, it's wrong, and it feels too good to stop! In this collection of four taboo shorts, brothers and sisters can't deny their forbidden lusts...

Sorry to make you wait on this one, my sexy darlings. Since the B&N Pornocalypse I've been dividing my time amongst various projects, taking on more editing work, and consulting with other authors. You know, big league "rethinking the brand" kind of shit! Also, I went to my girlfriend's wedding! ^_^ Congratulations, Sarah!!!!

Anyway, this week I'm happy to bring you four new erotic shorts about brothers and sisters getting all up in each other's business. My previous two bundles, Mama's Boys and Daddy Issues, have been great sellers, so I'm eager to see if there's equal demand for B/S stories. I'd love to know what it is about these bundles that ya'll love so much: Is it the variety? The length? Or is it the price point? Maybe it's a mix - or that the word "bundle" is just fun to say.

Hope you had a great week, and I hope you'll have an even greater weekend! Here's the summary for each of the four stories, followed by an excerpt from the first story in the collection.

  • Double Trouble - Elsie and Amelia are in big, big trouble. Their drunken joyride has totaled their dad's car and left a swath of destruction across the neighborhood. There's no way they can escape punishment! That is, unless they can find someone to blame before the cops arrive. Luckily, their brother Jason is home and he might just be open to persuasion...if his sisters give him what he wants.
  • Cuckolded by My Wife's Brother! - Tony can't stand his wife's brother, even though she loves the smug bastard. Tony never suspected that there might be something more to their relationship, something shockingly taboo. After a tipsy New Year's party, he's forced to watch as his sweet little wife becomes his brother-in-law's personal slut!
  • Happy Birthday, Little Brother - Back from college, Miranda can't believe how much her little brother's grown. He's not just taller, he's also fronting a beloved local band and beating off groupies with a stick! She can hardly believe it when Brett tells her he's still a virgin, but that gives her a naughty idea. For his eighteenth birthday, Miranda wants to give him something really special, something no one else can ever give him... 
  • A Midwinter Night's Roleplay - Twins Gina and Jayden are in love, and they love to roleplay in the bedroom. Maybe it's because their relationship is already taboo that Gina likes to make things even kinkier, maybe it's because she's a born actress. Either way, tonight she wants Jayden to ravish her. She's not worried about forgetting their safe word, she's worried about waking her roommates!


Elsie planted her palms on our brother's massive chest. "Take the fall for us," she said.

His grin faltered when he realized she wasn't joking. He frowned at the little hands massaging his pecs, and asked, "Why would I do that?"

Elsie smiled at me over her shoulder. "Because Amie and I will do whatever you want."

Jason chuckled. "Not worth it, ladies."

Elsie pushed her body up against Jason. I mean, right up against him. Jason was taken aback, but he was pinned between her tits and her bed. "Not even if we blow you?" Elsie asked.

Jason laughed again, but not convincingly. "Uhhh, gross?"

Elsie's hand reached down and grabbed something behind his towel. I was so shocked that both Jason and I yelped in shock. My sister grabbed our brother's dick!

"You sure?" Elsie said. "Not even if Amelia and I get down on our knees...and suck you off?"

Jason was done grinning, but he didn't do what I expected. I expected him to throw her back with the full strength of his bulging biceps. I expected him to recoil in disgust. Instead he appeared to be frozen to the floor, his eyes locked on hers in pregnant silence.

Elsie stroked our brother through his towel. "Yeah?" she said softly. "Would you like that? Your nasty little sisters getting your dick wet?"

"Don't..." he started.

"Not enough?" she said. "You can have it all, Jason. We'll do whatever you say."

"Elsie!" I hissed.

"Shhh," she hushed. She was still pushing her body into Jason, her fingers massaging his rising cock. There was no mistaking his erection through the towel. 

"Jason!" I yelled.

"What?" he exploded at me. "What the hell did I do?"

"You're hard!"

"She's grabbing my dick!" he said.

"But, but..." Now Elsie's plan didn't seem so insane. I mean, it was still evil, but Jason didn't reject her outright. "Your behavior is appalling!" I shouted.

"Whose?" he said. "Me or Elsie's?"

"Yeah," Elsie giggled. "Me or Jason?" She squeezed him through the towel and this time it was enough to make him shudder.

"Fuck," he groaned. "You're serious, aren't you?"

"I am serious," she said huskily. "Anything you want, big brother." She slid her other hand over his bicep and smiled back at me in triumph.

"Amelia?" Jason said. "You too?"

I had to say no. That was the only thing I could say. Right? Elsie was suggesting that we blow our own brother (and maybe do more than that?) to get out of punishment. That was wrong on every level!

"Maybe she just wants to hear you promise," Elsie said. "Will you do it for us, Jason?" She slid her other hand under his towel. "If we do...what you want?"

My brother's face contorted in guilty pleasure. "Jesus," he grunted. At her tender touch, his abdominals flexed, his thick neck strained.

A sympathetic twinge flared between my thighs. His body was just so... "No!" I said.

But Elsie would not be denied. "I know your dumb little girlfriend's in Costa Rica with her family," she purred. "I know you've been...frustrated." From the way her arm moved back and forth beneath his towel, it was obvious that she was jerking him off. I was still shocked that he didn't stop her, and even more shocked by the warm throb behind my mound. "Remember when I caught you two in the garage?" Elsie whispered. "I saw her loooong legs wrapped around you, her loooong blonde hair so wet with sweat. You were really giving it to her, big brother. With your big, loooong co--"

"Fuck!" Jason grunted. He was built like a professional wrestler, but Elsie's little fingers were sending shivers up his spine. I watched in terrified silence as his hand slid up the back of her neck. 

"Mmmm," Elsie moaned. 

"You've been a bitch for nineteen years," he growled at her. "You think you can get out of this the same way you get out of everything? You know how badly I want to smack the shit out of you right now?" His fingers dug into her thick hair and yanked her head back.

Elsie's pink lips spread into an insane smile. "I...I told you, you can do whatever you want. Ummmhh!" If I didn't know better I would say that she was enjoying his painful grip. Actually, I did know better, and her arousal was painfully obvious. "You can...punish me," she whispered. 

Jason knew he was being played. He knew Elsie would do whatever she had to to escape our father's ire. His brow furrowed as he thought it over, trying to weigh what he knew was right against what he knew was wrong...and would feel so good. "You get off on this, don't you?" he whispered.

"One way to find out," she said. 

Even if you're a twin yourself, you probably don't know what it's like to watch your brother kiss your face. Jason grabbed Elsie and attacked her mouth with a passion that ripped my own breath away. He clutched her cheeks between his massive hands until she moaned into his mouth. 

Then his towel dropped away...and I saw my brother's cock. 

Shamefully, my first thought was, how did Elsie get her hand around it? His member was swollen and red, the circumcised head like a crimson doorknob. The curve of his shaft sent it arcing towards his belly, revealing a vein that was thicker than my ring finger. When that prodigious manhood throbbed, I clutched my stomach in sympathetic pain. For a second I imagined it inside Elsie--inside me--and how it would stretch my little pussy. 

Elsie's fingers delved into his copper pubes and grabbed hold of his heavy balls. "That's it, big brother," she panted. "W-will you promise? For us?"

Jason brushed his thumb over Elsie's trembling lip. "Both of you?" he asked. The two of them turned to me.