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"Johnny," my sister whispered...

“Johnny,” my sister whispered, her feet softly padding on the carpet, coming closer in the near darkness. The moon was gone, hidden away. “Johnny, I couldn’t sleep… I was so…”

She came around the bed, to the foot of it, and stood there. Softly, very softly, the mattress shifted as she sunk her hands into its surface. “Oh…you’re…” A shaking, tentative hand brushed my ankle. “You’re naked…”

A little gasp from her. Hearing her voice had already started the blood flowing to my cock.

“Oh! You’re…hard…”

In that darkness, in that silence, the sound of her fingers sliding through my sheets was like an avalanche, and the sound of her breath rising over me like a wind. “It’s…it’s so big…” she whispered, her knee creeping up next to my calf. And then, the same tentative touch, shaking even harder now, her breath even louder. “It’s so hard…”

Then my sister did something a man would have to be comatose to ignore. She dragged her tongue from the base of my shaft (down in the depths of my scrotum) to the very tip of my head, lovingly tracing the line of my vein. She let out a deep, deep moan.

She slid her hands against my waist and slid her mouth down my shaft, opening her throat to try and fit it all. She straddled my naked thigh, and I could feel that she was naked from the waist down, her labia wet and warm and shaved. She began to grind it into my leg.

“Oh, Johnny…I’m so wet,” she gasped over my cock. “I’m…Oh, God.”

Monica leaned back and took her shirt by the hem, sliding it off her body in one smooth motion. I regretted that I wouldn’t get a look at her breasts as they fell heavily from that skimpy shirt, nor grasp them as she straddled me, but that anticipation, and knowing I had to keep myself as motionless as possible, only made me harder.

Her palms slid up my cut abdominals, up the hairs on my chest. She grasped the muscles in my shoulders, and pushed down as she lifted her hips. “Johnny? Are you awake?” she whispered. She began to slide her hips around, rubbing the head of my cock against her wet pussy. “Big brother?” The head poked easily into her snatch. “Oh…” She sank it down, down until the head popped in. “Oh, God…”

She sank down, and sank down, and sank down, her buttocks quivering all the while, the muscles in her thighs like industrial cables as they gripped me. My cock slid into her as easily as a greased piston, and yet she was still tight, still as tense as a coiled wire. My sister sank down on my cock until I was fully inside, and then her whole body shuddered. I had filled her, and that was what she had been craving all summer.

“Ohh…” she groaned. “Oh fuck…”

She pushed down into my chest, her ass rising up until my cockhead was perched just at the entrance of her body, and then she let herself drop back down, her buttocks resting on my balls. “Ahn…” she gasped. Her hands slid up my chest again, to my neck, and her thumbs dug into my adam’s apple. “Don’t wake up,” she pleaded. One hand slid up my face and dug into my scalp. She raised herself up and slammed herself back down on top of me. She groaned again, her grip tightening on my neck and scalp. Her pussy gripped my naked member.

“That’s it,” she grunted, shifting herself forward with me still inside her. She didn’t rise up this time but moved her hips only, gyrating in my lap as she shifted my cock around. The bed creaked and strained as my sister used her powerful hips to grind on my cock and hit all of the places in her uterus she wanted to touch. “Ahh…” she gasped. Her toes curled against my calves. Her grip tightened around my neck. She rocked back and forth, soaking the base of my shaft in her prodigious cum. “Oh fuck…” she gasped.

She arched her back, sliding up, and slammed her ass down on me. “Ahn…” she grunted as softly as she could. She did it again, the slam of her buttocks on my thighs a wet, dirty sound. “Ah…!”

A quake started in her belly that radiated throughout her skin, shaking her breasts, vibrating her ass. She reached between her thighs and began to play with her clitoris. She had her toys, and she was using them, finding the limits of her pleasure.

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