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"This is so wrong..."

“You evil fucker,” I gasped. “This is so wrong.”

His fingers tightened around my neck–not around my windpipe but the vessels that carried blood to my brain. “And that’s how you like it,” he growled. “Don’t you, slut?”

“Oh, daddy,” I choked. I raised my voice to scream and he squeezed it into a meager croak. “B-but,"I stammered, "you’re too big!”

“Bigger than your limp dicked husband?” he growled.

“Yes,” I sobbed into my pillow. “Yes!”

“Then enjoy it, baby.”

I bit my pillow savagely. “No, daddy. I can’t take it.”

My father slowed his percussive strokes. Gently, he eased his massive shaft from inside me and, when his cockhead just balanced on the edge of my slit, he thrust as deep as I could stomach. “You’ll take it,” he muttered. Then he did it again: A slow, languid retreat followed by a thrust that threatened my sanity. This was how he fucked me for an endless minute. It was just us, in the dark, his big body crushing me to the mattress, and violating me. One hand on my throat, the other wrapped in my hair, his long dick traveling the length of my pussy. Softly in one direction, violently in the other.

“Say you love daddy’s dick,” he grunted in my ear.

“N-no, daddy…”

He thrust harder, and I whimpered like a spanked child. “Say it,” he commanded.

“I-it’s wrong,” I gasped. “You’re inside me!”

“You love it,” he grunted. “Say you love it, you dirty slut.”

This time I really did cut the sheet. My fingernails sliced it to ribbons. I gasped out my submission, my most evil desire. “I am your slut,” I admitted through gritted teeth.

“Daddy’s slut,” he corrected, with a superhuman thrust.

My head snapped back at that rude entry. “Daddy’s slut!” I panted.

The hand left my throat and spanked my naked ass. “Take daddy’s cock, you slut!”

“Unh!” I grunted. “Yes, daddy!”

"You love it.”

“Oh, I fucking love it,” I rasped. “I love your big dick inside me. Taking me. Destroying me.”

“You want daddy to stop?”



“No, daddy!”

“How do you want it?”


“Isn’t daddy fucking you hard, you spoiled brat?”

“Harder, daddy.”

His digging fingers. His hot breath on my throat. “You want it harder, Sadie?”

I screamed at the top of my lungs: “Do me harder, daddy!”

His fingers rolled beneath my mound to fasten on my clit. “But don’t you dare let mommy hear you.”

“No,” I gasped. “No, daddy, I’ll be good. I’ll be quiet…”

I took his whole shaft and squealed behind his fingers. I kicked at the mattress as I struggled to contain his massive girth. “That’s it,” he grunted. Inside my punished pussy, I felt him throb. “Good girl,” he said.

Excerpt from Daddy Issues: 4 Erotic Tales of Father/Daughter Taboo (Vol. 3) - now available at Smashwords for 25% off!