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"Am I making you hard...?"

His daughter kissed the air. “Am I making you hard?”

Her eyes sparkled. “You are mad at me, aren’t you? Do you want to punish me?” She let the hem of her dress drop and whirled around. She approached the table by the television and stopped. Placing a hand on the table, she reached back and jerked the skirt over her ass. Her round, tight cheeks exposed her delicate skin and the firm mouth of her labia hinting below. “When was the last time you spanked me?” Katie snuck a coquettish glance over her shoulder. “It’s okay, daddy… I deserve it. Don’t I? For being too sexy?” She batted her lashes at him.

He pulled at his tie and cast it aside. He had already committed this sin. If he was damned, Hell, he was damned and then some. Katie leaned over the table as he approached her and presented the plump flesh of her bottom to him.

“I’ve been a bad girl, daddy.”

His dick was a bolt of iron in his pants. It hurt to walk. It hurt to flex it. It hurt to think about her and it was useless to think of anything else. He had crossed the distance between them and now his hands were on her hips. A charge of electricity snapped Katie’s senses. For a helpless moment she thought this was all a mistake.

But the first smack that her father laid on her ass made her think different.

“Hahn!” she cried out. He hadn’t held back. Dale grabbed Katie by the hip and pulled her to him. With his right hand he reeled back and slapped her ass cheek again. “Oh God,” Katie moaned, “I’m sorry, daddy, I’m so sorry!”

“What were you thinking, dressing up like this? What if Ryan recognized you?” Dale slapped her ass and it stung his own palm.

“I’m bad,” Katie gasped. “I couldn’t help it. I needed to see you.”


Katie didn’t answer.

Dale spanked her and she cried out. “I needed you!” she said. She twisted in his hands until she was facing him. She grabbed his shirt and ripped it open - the buttons scattered across the room. Dale stared at her dumbstruck. Katie reached out and pushed his undershirt over his chest. Her fingers glided over his bare flesh, the hardness of the several years spent attempting to sublimate his lust readily apparent. Her hands trailed down his flat stomach, down to his belt. She began to unbuckle him.

“I go to sleep with my cunt on fire…” She glanced up at him as she pulled his belt through the loops. “Do you know how hard it is to be a smart girl who likes sex?” She plucked his zipper between her fingers and dragged it down. “I think there’s something wrong with me,” she confessed to him. Her deft fingers unbuttoned his pants.

She dropped his pants and the two of them were staring down at the tremendous bulge in his boxers. “But it’s wrong,” he said obviously. Katie met his eyes.

“That’s why I want it,” she gasped. She delicately peeled his boxers away from his body and let his penis rise up out of the fabric. “All I want to do…” she whispered, not looking at him, looking at his cock. She lovingly drew his boxers over his ass and guided them down his legs. “All I want to do right now is fuck you. I want you to fuck me.” Katie slipped her left strap over her shoulder. “Don’t you want to fuck me, daddy?” She petted the head of his cock and smiled at the way it bobbed and throbbed at her touch. She pulled the right strap over her shoulder, continuing to undress for him. “Don’t you want to fuck me the way Ryan wanted to fuck me?” She pulled her arms through her straps and laid a hand over her chest as the fabric softly slipped down her body. “There’s nothing wrong with your friend fucking me, aside from the fact he’s married,” she said. “Don’t you think that’s a little…” She slid the dress over her breasts; it dissolved around her, revealing her naked save for the silver heels, in front of her father. “…unfair?” she finished.

Dale grabbed his daughter and thrust her up against the wall. There was a solid WHUMP as she connected followed by the hollow clatter as her heels. Taking her thighs in both hands, Dale opened her. His thick shaft thrust up inside his daughter and Katie screamed. Her arms snaked around his neck. “Does it hurt, daddy?” she cried into his ear. Her lips played wetly over his skin.

“Not anymore,” he grunted. He slid out and pushed up, letting gravity do the rest.

“You never call me,” she huffed. “Mom thinks you’re mad at me.”

“I am mad at you,” Dale snapped back.

Katie ground her body against him expertly. Each time he thrust in she coiled her stomach and hips to play with his dick while it was inside her. She twisted and squirmed over his penis, perfectly aware of how to fuck a man when he was good enough to deserve it.

There were many facets to Katie’s lust for her father, but the one she had never counted on was that he would be both bigger and randier than any previous partner she’d had. It was possible he wasn’t the longest but he was by far the thickest; the way he fucked her, too… It wasn’t just that he was strong. Dale felt right.

Katie had never thought of herself as a slut. She enjoyed sex and there seemed little wrong with that so long as precautions were taken or her lovers weren’t too egregiously chosen. But there was something wickedly sluttish about the way she craved her father’s thick cock. She began to shake and felt her first orgasm coming on.

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