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"Oh very good, Mrs. Jones..."

“Oh very good, Mrs. Jones!” she heard the old man cry.

She licked up Carter’s shaft, taking him once more in her mouth. Her husband was watching her. Was he proud of himself? He’d wiggled his way out of $10,000 of debt, all for the price of turning his wife into a wiggling whore.

“Hnnngh!” Behind her, Thomas blew his load. She grunted around Carter’s cock as her rectum was filled with the young man’s jizz.

“Five thousand dollars,” said Mr. Howle.

“Dan, get over here,” said Thomas as he wiped his cockhead against her thigh. She felt another pair of hands on her ass, the sound of lube squirting, and then another cock up against her anus.

“Mmm!” she yelped into Carter’s member.

“Yes,” Carter groaned. His ejaculate splattered her uvula, and she spat him out coughing.

“Ugh!” she grunted, just as Dan’s cock pushed through her sphincter. “Ahh!” Semen drooled from her lips. And her asshole…

“Six thousand,” said Mr. Howle.

Kennedy’s thrusts had lost their gentleness and now he was fucking her to cum. She felt it, felt her own pressure building below her waist. Was she heading towards her third orgasm? It wasn’t possible! Every time he filled her she felt little explosions all up her spine. “I’m going to cum,” Kennedy said.

“Cum inside me,” she said. Why did she give him permission? The men would do what they wanted.

“I’m going to cum on that pretty face of yours,” said a new man, burly, dark-haired and with a beard. Another of Howle’s security? He took her face and rubbed his cock into her lips. “Don’t suck it,” he said. “I just want to rub it over your mouth.”

His cock was as thick as the rest of him, veiny, his pubic hairs coarse. “Open,” he commanded. She opened her mouth and let him run his shaft between her lips. “Fuck, baby, those lips are something else.” He pulled his cock away and bent down.

His beard scratched her face, his tongue sour and strange. But she couldn’t move. She kissed him, and in the audience her husband cried. Inside her, Kennedy’s gargantuan member was twitching, and in her ass some other man - Dan, was it? - was pumping away.

“Mmm!” she moaned as Kennedy exploded inside her. Good God, he was already enormous, how could he get any bigger? With every pulsation he stretched her aching sex, inseminating her with his copious seed. She screamed out her orgasm, and it multiplied with every new thrust into her sore behind. Thomas’s spunk sluiced forth from her anus each time Dan plunged in. Their hot, thick cum ran down her stockings and pooled behind her knees. “You’re staining them,” she gasped, as the bearded man pulled away and reintroduced her to his cock. She sucked on him so hard.

“Oh, baby, not so fast,” he groaned.

But she had to. She washed his cock in her saliva, in Carter’s bitter cum. She was trying to suck reality out of his stranger’s dick. The world made sense, she told herself, somewhere in a room where Kennedy’s semen wasn’t splashing against her cervix, where three men weren’t taking her at once. Was that reality inside the bearded man’s balls?

When Kennedy pulled out, a torrent followed. Her fluid, his fluid, the lubricant. It coursed over her labia. Her mother had always called a woman’s sex a delicate flower. There was nothing delicate about it now. They were seeding her, filling her, saturating her with their rough virility. Her delicate flower had been stamped flat…but if that was so, why did she feel such mindless relief?

I’m not a good girl anymore, she thought. Dan spanked her ass. She choked herself on the bearded man’s cock.

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