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How he loved the way she played him...

Zack tried to persuade himself that his mother was simply a means of relieving his teenage frustration. Even if that was true, he could not deny how enthusiastically she relieved his frustrations. For years she was happy to play their secret, dirty game.


How he loved the way she played him. Coming home late one night, he found her reading quietly in the living room. He bent over her shoulder to kiss her cheek, and she stroked his neck. “How was your date, baby?” she whispered.

“She’s a real sweet girl,” he whispered back.

“Did she play with it, baby?”

He groaned into her cheek. “No, mama.”

“Did she make it hard?”

“Yes, mama.”

“Show me, baby. I can help.”

And so he’d stood there, leaning against the plush head of her chair, while his mother pulled his cock out of his pants and stroked his thick erection. After a minute of staring into his eyes, she laid her book in her lap and lowered her mouth to his glistening slit. Softer than silk, her lips wrapped around its head. She cared nothing for her own pleasure that night, only his. She scooped his balls into her palm and fondled him, sucked on him, swirled her spit inside her cheeks to tickle his sensitive foreskin, before finally swallowing his seed. Zachary had clutched her head and thrust into her mouth, grunting like an animal with every angry pulsation.

Where had his father been that night? He could have been upstairs sleeping off his whisky, or sleeping it off somewhere else. He could have been working upstate or buried in a brothel. He wasn’t there, was the point. He was never there when they needed him, so they learned to rely on each other. That reliance became a bond that became a need in itself, then a craving. It climbed to such feverish intensity that Zack spent half his date fantasizing about going home. Mary-Beth was a pretty girl, with long, smooth legs and a flirtatious smile, but all he wanted was his mother’s sweet lips and her talented tongue.

Jennifer allowed him to fuck her mouth until he was soft, and even then she continued to suck and lick him clean. When it was finally over, his lust spent to its last drop, she dabbed at the corner of her lips and smiled. “Thank you, baby,” she purred. “Now get to bed.”

It was not the way boys and their mothers were supposed to behave, but it was the only way he wanted to live.

Excerpt from Mama’s Boys: 4 Erotic Tales of Mother/Son Taboo (Vol. 2) - now available on Smashwords at 25% off!