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"Say it's mine," his daughter moaned...

“Say it’s mine,” his daughter moaned into his shaft.

“Yours,” he gasped. “Your cock, baby.”

“You’ll give it to me?” she asked. “Like mommy?”

“Yes,” he promised.

Their verbal contract sealed, Fiona lost herself in its consummation. Clark was careful in withdrawing his full penis from his daughter’s eager throat, but once it dripped free, he had no difficulty picking her up and throwing her to the couch. She splayed over the cushions in a daze, head spinning, lips sparkling. Lust gave him a terrific strength–enough to rip her tight shorts from her shapely thighs, panties included, and send them flying across the room.


Fiona spread her legs to grant her father a vision of her naked pussy. Its lips were a match for her swollen nipples, pink and lush, and its obvious moisture mirrored the saliva that gleamed on her areolas. Clark bathed that rosy labia with his tongue, rolling it between her sensitive lips, playing with Fiona’s clitoris till she shrieked and squirmed and shoved it into his face. Her voice rang to the ceiling, filling the room and their house with that raunchy, once sentimental, invocation: “Daddy!” He was her daddy now, in body and in mind. “Love me, daddy,” she begged. “Love me like you loved mommy.”

He rose from her wet lap, chin dripping with her honey, and licked his smiling lips. “I could never love anyone like I love you, baby girl.”

“Show me,” she breathed. The fierce beating of her heart made her breasts bounce on her pale chest. She grabbed them provocatively, but not only to titillate him. Every vein in her body thrummed with arousal. She squeezed herself, contorting in painful ecstasy until he pulled her to the edge of the couch. It was here, right here, that he’d made her. Here, right here, would he claim her.

His bare cock loomed over her mound. He’d dispensed with his jeans and his shirt and was now as naked as she, his penis fully engorged. Even larger now than when she’d sucked him off, the shaft throbbed with life. Fiona peeled open the lips of her pussy…

Toes curling, spine curling, Fiona struggled not to wake the Stiefels with her scream. Her knees went higher and higher as her father buried his bulging penis inch by inch into her small, tight womanhood. He was indeed larger than any partner she’d taken before but she was wetter than ever. It was also the first time she’d had sex without a condom, and the contrast was indescribable. She felt him, every warm and pulsing part of him, and rejoiced that they were now as close as father and daughter can be…

Excerpt from Daddy Issues: 4 Erotic Tales of Father/Daughter Taboo - now available on Smashwords at 25% off!