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Sci-Fi Futa Double Feature is now a naughty audiobook!


In this futanari double feature, authors Ashley Berry and Veronica Sloan take you between the sheets and beyond the stars. Prepare yourself for two erotic adventures that are out of this world!  

The Alien Futa's Lover by Ashley Berry

As long as she can remember, Dr. Beck Langley has dreamed of meeting an extraterrestrial. After discovering that her boss is harboring a tall, blue, hermaphroditic extra-terrestrial in his lab, the young biologist finally has a chance to make that dream come true! Little does she know, the mysterious, well-hung alien has aspirations of her own: to make Beck her perfect, human plaything.

Space Futanari in the 24th Century by Veronica Sloan

When disaster strikes the starship Athena, Chief Engineer Kela Burton is mutated by an alien spore. Transformed into a futanari, her new body part is a source of fear and fascination to her all-female crew. Men have been extinct for 200 years, and no living woman has experienced male anatomy. To Kela's delight, her beautiful captain is eager to be the first!

Narrator: Joanna Gibson

Length: 3.5 Hours

What's Inside: Lesbian Romance, Futanari Sex, Alien Sex, Trans Erotica

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