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No one bothered us as I pulled her panties down...

I don’t remember leaving the party, I just remember leading my sister down the icy sidewalk, our breath misting in the chilly air.

“Where?” came her voice, small and frantic.

Southie is full of dark and perilous alleys. By all rights we should have been mugged or worse when I pushed her up against the back of the tavern. But no one bothered us as I pulled her panties down for the third time that night. This time she kicked them off into the black snow. “They’re just getting in the way,” she whispered as she turned around and pushed her ass at me.


I took her there, in the cold, wet alley, my pants around my ankles, my hands on her hips. My erection was so fierce it was painful. I just wanted to fuck her, fuck her and cum, and be done with it. But every moan I forced from her little body echoed off the alley and sent tingles from my balls to my spine. When she said she loved what an animal I was, I thought I’d cum, but I wasn’t done with her yet. I wanted her in every way, every position; I wanted her to submit to me and live for me and die for me all at once. I was so drunk, so horny, and Alice was right on my level.

I pressed her back up against the bricks and lifted her knee. We kissed, as I thrust into her wetness. She told me that, if she passed out, just to keep on going.

We came together again, and she cursed me for what I’d done to her. “I just want to be filled with you,” she gasped. “What are you doing to me, Jeremy?”

“It’s your fault,” I grunted. I ejaculated so hard my balls hurt.

“Have you punished me enough? For being a slutty party girl?”

“Never,” I said, collapsing against her.

She gave me a handful of burning seconds before she made me pull out and get my pants on. I’m ashamed to say she had to help me stand up again. “C'mon,” she said. “We need to get a taxi and get home.”

“Where’s the car?”

“I have no fucking idea,” she said, laughing. “And neither one of us should be driving.”

“So responsible all of a sudden.”

“Shut up, jerk. You ripped all my clothes!”

“Would it turn you on if I said you were asking for it?”

“Don’t even joke about that,” she said, pulling my arms around her to keep warm. “You know I was just there to make you horny.”

“You made everyone at that party horny,” I said. “I’m just the guy with the VIP pass.”

The rest of the car ride was laughter and gossip about all the people we knew and the sordid drama of their young lives. Magically, the night’s frenetic sexcapades had transformed into just two siblings sharing a cab and making each other smile. We were three very different things to each other now: Friends, siblings, and lovers. The lines had blurred and then vanished completely, and I wondered how long it would remain this way…

Excerpt from Sharing My Sister’s Bed - now available at Smashwords for 25% off!