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My sister kissed my temple...

"It's not okay, Beck."

My sister kissed my temple. Her hands touched the scars on my neck. "I have an idea."

I had heard enough of Becky's "ideas" to know it was not going to solve her problems. It would only be a distraction. And sure enough...

"How about I'm your slave for the weekend?"


"What?" I said. "No. What does that have to do with anything?"

"I said I'd make it up to you. You're hurt. I feel bad."

"Date guys that aren't psychopaths. That would make me feel better."

She grinned. "Okay, but I'll be your slave for the weekend. I'll do anything you want me to do."

"That's not what I'm asking you to do," I said.

"Sure it is." She kissed my lips. "We can do it at Carl's place."

I pushed her away from me. "What do you mean?"

Becky reached into her pocket and pulled out a ring of keys. "Carl has a house in the hills. We can spend the weekend there. No bad boys, just you and me."

I stared at the ring of keys. I stared at my sister. Her wide wet eyes were devious, but also fragile. "What do you mean?" I said again, more slowly.

"I'll be your slave and you can make me do anything you want. I'll get you the paper or rub your feet or make you breakfast..."

"Like a dog or something."

Her grin was not sisterly at all. "Yeah, like a dog or something."

I shook my head. "How the fuck did you get those keys?"

"Doesn't matter. They're mine now, and the police have Carl. He's not going to come up. No one will be there. Except us. Our place. Ours."

"We shouldn't."


"You know why."

She kissed my lips again. "Let me take care of you." She pressed her body against me and I felt her softness underneath the tattered shirt. "You can punish me."

"I don't want to punish you."

"Yes you do," she whispered. She took my bitten hand and sucked it between her lips again. "Please, big dog. I need a good day. I want a good day with you."

"We can have a good day tomorrow, after I get off work."

"No more waiting," she said. "I'm tired of waiting." She squirmed over my crotch. "Tired of watching other girls take my man..."


She sucked on my finger, big eyes trained on mine. "Take me there," she whispered. She shifted in my lap again. Started to grind. "Take me there."


"You can spend the whole weekend telling me about the good men I should be shacking up with. Or you can show me how a good man treats his lady."

Excerpt from Sibling Affairs: 5 Erotic Tales of Brother/Sister Taboo - now available on Smashwords at 25% off!