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"Please, Master," my sister whispered...

“Please, Master,” my sister whispered. “Please feed me.”

Her eyes still closed, Claire panted with anticipation as I slid my palm across her forehead. “Come close,” I said as I guided my cockhead to my sister’s lips.

I didn’t have to do anything more. Claire slid my cock down her tongue and eagerly wrapped her lips around my shaft. I groaned, and Claire tongued the big vein on its underside like a snake dancing in the rain. “Agh, that’s very good, slave…”


“Mmmm, it tastes so sweet, Master,” Claire mumbled around my thick penis.

No, I shouldn’t be doing this, I admonished myself, even as I thrust my dick deeper down my sister’s throat. God, it was wrong, very wrong, but that mouth. How hungrily she took me… Her hands reached up and fondled my balls, squeezing but not squeezing too tight. She didn’t want to break the fruit.

“So soft…” my sister moaned, pulling my penis out to rub it against her cheek. “Thank you, Master. I’ve never felt so good!”

The power of suggestion was mighty powerful indeed. In Claire’s mind, every suck on my penis was like a thrust inside her hot, virgin pussy. Greater than that–like a hot, hungry tongue on her swollen clitoris. The more my sister sucked, the more passionate she became, moaning and panting as she desperately tried to free the nectar from my rock hard prick.

“M-Master, I don’t know if I’m doing it right,” she gasped. Claire’s mouth was slathered in cum and saliva. “The nectar…I want the nectar…”

“You’ll get it,” I grunted. “Sit still, slave.” I gripped the back of Claire’s head and slid her mouth over my dick. I used her, and I used her roughly. I was fucking her face, and Claire was loving me for it.

“Mmm!” she grunted. “Mmmm!”

I pulled my cock from her lips and held it against her beautiful face. This face…this face that had taunted me for so long. I rubbed my cock down her neck. “Your tits, slave,” I gasped. “I must rub the fruit between your tits. It’s, ah, good for your skin.”

“Of course, Master,” my sister obeyed. She slid the straps of her bra and top off her shoulders and then pulled them both down with one movement. Claire’s full, heavy breasts wobbled below me.

“Jesus,” I gasped, lining myself up with her cleavage. “P-push them together, Claire. Squeeze the fruit between them.”

“Yes, Master,” she obeyed.

I pushed my cock between my sister’s tits, leaving a sticky trail up her chest and throat. I thrust, and gazed down at my sister’s sweet expression. It was a smile of absolute contentment, her hands clasped tightly to her tits as she squeezed my cock between them.

“Good,” I gasped. “Now, Claire, you are ready to eat my cum–nectar. You’re ready for the nectar!”

Claire opened her mouth expectantly. I shoved my cock in until I hit the back of her throat.

“Aghk!” my sister choked.

“That’s it, slave,” I said. “Deeper.”

“Gluk!” my sister murmured without complaint.

“Suck it,” I panted. Pushing her head back and forth. “Good, slave.”

“Mmmmm,” Claire moaned into my cock. Just pleasing me was getting her off.

“Yes!” I panted. “You’re making your Master very proud, Claire.”

“Mmm!” Claire gushed as my semen exploded from my slit. It shot to the back of her throat and she greedily gulped it down. I came, and came again, and Claire wrapped her fingers around my base and milked me with her lips…

Excerpt from Hypnotizing My Virgin Sister - now available on Smashwords at 25% off!