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"I don't want to share you anymore," he said

All night Molly's pussy burned with unquenched longing. She lay awake thinking about her poor, frustrated baby, his cock and his aching balls. She found him rock hard before the sun was up and kissed that beautiful shaft till he moaned awake. Then she'd mounted him. After hours of incestuous contemplation, her vagina was sopping. For those first silent minutes she rode him like a woman half her age, wetly and wildly. She begged him not to cum, not to finish until she--she, not he--was satisfied. She thought he wouldn't make it. She thought his balls too blue to hold out. Instead, his shaft thickened inside her. He withstood her furious undulations, his hands tight on her hips, and gazed up at her in wonder.

When his mother came on top of him, he did not join her. He flipped her over, got her on her knees, and mounted her like the stallion he was. He wasn't a bashful virgin anymore but an experienced stud. What did that make Molly? His mare? His bitch? She didn't care. Lost in lust, she gripped his sweaty sheets and buried her moan in the mattress.

When he finished, when she told him to do it inside her, still he wanted her. He wanted time with her, not only the sex but also what happened afterward. His flaccid cock smeared her buttocks in her own juices as he looped his arms over her body. "Please stay," he whispered into her neck.

"Oh, Ryan," she sobbed. "Your father's here. If he finds out then this is all over. Don't make this harder than it has to be."

"I don't want to share you anymore," he said. "Kevin didn't have a father. It's not fair. You said Rita let him sleep with her."

"Ryan, don't be ridiculous--"

"I want you all the time."


The admission made Molly shiver. It was a dirty pleasure that made her do it, a mixture of pride and sexual joy. The son was jealous of the father, a classic Oedipal complex, but it was her willing pussy that had made him so. "This can't go on forever," she whispered. "School's over..."

"And I did it," he said, his words soft in her ear. "I didn't get expelled. I graduated. I kept up my grades--"

"And now you have to think about college," she said.

"I don't want to leave you."

It was selfish for her to enjoy that. She told her tender pussy to stop what it was doing. "We have to move on," she said. "Don't you want to try this with a girl your own age?"

"No," he growled in her ear. His teeth bit into her earlobe, made her sigh, and his swelling cock brushed her sensitive lips. "I want you, mom."

Her toes were already curling, body already arching for him. Rita never said it would be like this. Did she ever refuse Kevin? How could she? " more time," Molly panted. "But be quick, baby. Your...ahh...your father...soon."

"Shhh, mommy," he whispered. "Don't think anymore. I'll do all the work."

Excerpt from Mama’s Boys: 4 Erotic Tales of Mother/Son Taboo (Vol. 3) - available on Smashwords at 25% off!