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"You never took care of me like that, mom..."

I shuddered as Daniel's fingers smeared the glops of semen that decorated my back. He wiped his brother's cream into my red and quivering buttocks. "Still warm," he said. "You know dad is still downstairs. He's about to leave for work but I'm sure he'd love to hear what you've been up to--"

"No!" I wailed. Then I bit my tongue. Bruce would surely hear me if I carried on like that! "N-no, baby," I said quieter. "Please, you don't understand--"

"I understand that you let your own son fuck you," Daniel growled. I tried to push myself off the mattress but he pinned me down again. With one hand pressed deep into my lower back he reached between my legs and thrust his fingers inside me.

"Anh!" I cried. "W-what are you doing?"


"Getting a good look," he said. He scooped his brother's semen from my pussy and smeared it down my wet leg. "Jared's the little brother. He always get what he wants, right?"

"N-no," I whimpered. "He was just so hard, honey! I...I wanted to take care of him."

"Oh yeah?" Daniel said, his voice husky. "You never took care of me like that, mom." His fingers tightened on my buttocks...and spread me open.

"Mmh!" I grunted. "B-baby, you were...but you never had any trouble with--" That was the biggest difference between Jared and Daniel. Jared was shy, introverted, maybe a little sheltered. Daniel was outgoing, handsome, and always dating. "I didn't think you needed my help," I said.

Daniel chuckled. "Help? Is that what you tell yourself? That you did it all for your little boy?" He spanked my upper thigh. "I know you, mom. I know what you want."

The mattress shifted and I felt Daniel's naked legs against my own. He'd dropped his pajamas! "Daniel, wait," I said.

He smacked my ass again, but not with his hand this time. This time it was something long and meaty. Daniel used it to smear more of his brother's semen into my skin. "No, I've waited my whole life for this," Daniel said. "Are you going to tell me no?"

I couldn't, could I? That wouldn't be fair...

My body tensed as his fat cock squelched into the crack of my ass. "I...I didn't know you wanted this," I gasped.

He pressed my cheeks together over his throbbing cock. "Who wouldn't want this?" he grunted. "I never dated any girl that didn't have an ass, and you're the reason why."

I arched my neck as my son continued to fondle my buttocks. To think, all this time I was worried about being fat...and my sons were lusting after my ass! "B-but, baby, we can't--"

"Oh no," he said, "you've already proven that you can. You've proven that you need it." Daniel patted my haunch. "Now get on your knees, mommy."

"Daniel, your father--"

"Is clearly not giving you what you need," he said. He grabbed me by the waist and forced me up. "Grab the headboard," he ordered.

With trembling arms, I reached out to the mahogany headboard. I felt displaced from my own thoughts, separated from my trembling body. The only part of me that still felt connected was my own aching pussy--connected by an impossibly long and pulsing bridge of nerves. When Daniel pushed his cock inside me, his bulbous head lit that bridge like a thousand dirty lamps. "Oh my God!" I screamed.

Daniel whipped his palm over my mouth. "Uh-uh, mommy. Don't bring dad up here to spoil my fun." With his other palm hooked over my thick waist, he thrust himself even deeper.

"Mmmh!" I grunted into his fingers.

"That's it. You're still so fucking tight." Daniel's tone was triumphant, almost deliriously so. He squeezed me possessively as he slowly withdrew his penis. "There's nothing better than a nice, thick girl to shove it into," he said. "And you are thicker than a bowl of oatmeal."

I moaned against his fingers again when he pierced me with his naked cock. Daniel was not like his brother at all. Jared was frantic, fast, enslaved to his horny hormones. My oldest son knew how to take his time. With his next push he made sure I felt his balls swing against my clit. "You like that, mommy?" he whispered in my ear. "You like being the house slut for your two sons?"

I pried Daniel's fingers off my mouth. "I'm not a slut," I panted. "It was a mistake."

"Does this feel like a mistake?" he asked, and thrust so hard that my buttocks jiggled. He also reached inside my crack and tickled my asshole with his thumb!

"Agh!" I cried. "D-daniel, that's--"

He cut me off. "I said, does it feel like a mistake?" He shoved his thumb into my anus and thrust his full length into my cunt.

"Nah!" I moaned. Bruce never played with my ass and, while I couldn't say it was a wonderful sensation, being prodded there set off a hundred dancing nerves I didn't even know existed! That alien titillation made my red cheeks flush and collided with the exhilarating force that Daniel exerted on my pussy. "No," I confessed. "No, it feels good!"

"That's what I thought," Daniel muttered. He squeezed his thumb through my sphincter and hooked his other hand over my hip. "Now back up on me, mommy. I want you to ride your son's fat cock and tell me how much you like it."

"Daniel," I groaned. "Daniel, this is dirty..."

"Yeah," he said, savoring the vowels. "Make it dirty, mommy."

Excerpt from Mama’s Boys: 4 Erotic Tales of Mother/Son Taboo - now available at 25% off on Smashwords!