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I loved going down on men...

I loved going down on men. Maybe that, in the end, is what drew me to this unwholesome pass. I didn’t start out thinking blowjobs were empowering. My first few attempts were messy, unsexy affairs. A guy I was dating roughly pushed my head onto his penis and forced me to bob up and down. It was demeaning, disgusting, and I hated the cum going everywhere.

But there was another boy, a man really, who convinced me otherwise. He was older, in his mid-twenties but that seemed so mature back then, and the first time I blew him was around the back of his house while his parents weren’t home. He took his pants off and laid back in a deck sofa by his pool. I got on my knees and, expecting the worst, took him in my mouth. But he didn’t force me, didn’t grab my head. He just moaned like I’d told him the secret to eternal happiness.

He seemed to like it when I licked, so I licked just under his cockhead (as I now did with my son). He moaned aloud (just like Lucas), and softly tangled his fingers in my hair. “Yes, Joan,” he groaned. “That’s fucking perfect. Cup my balls?”

I followed his gentle instructions and sucked him off in his backyard. When he came, I was so wet, so ready for him, that I was willing to swallow his bitter semen. It was empowering, I realized. Or it could be. A woman’s mouth can be used entirely for the man’s pleasure, roughly forced over his dick and manhandled. (And, hey, who doesn’t like a little manhandling now and then?) But when a man gives up all power to a woman, when he allows her to just work him at her own pace and desire, there is nothing better.

When you’re in my mouth, I’m the one in control, and you will love the way I honor that trust. I kiss, I fondle, I suck. A man’s penis is a delicate thing, and it deserves the smoothest and most affectionate attention.

I moaned into my son’s shaft as I struggled to fit my mouth around his base. I squeezed his balls delicately and rolled the back of my throat against his head. I should have been quieter - or maybe blew him a little less eagerly - because the next thing I heard was, “Ohhhh God…”

Lucas’s hips moved in tandem with my steady rhythm, and I felt his balls twitch. “Mom?” he groaned. His thighs tightened at my elbows and he began to sit up.

“Mmm,” I hummed. That kept him right where I wanted him. Gingerly, I drew his member off my tongue and rolled my fingers over the head to clear my mouth of spit and precum. “Shhh, honey. It’s just a dream. Just lie back.” My palm rolling around his cockhead made sticky sounds - so loud in our big, dark house.

“Ahhh, it, it feels so good-”

“I know, baby.” I kissed his cockhead and he fell back to his pillow.

“Mom,” he groaned. “Mom, you - you shouldn’t-”

I didn’t argue with him. He was right. I just grabbed his balls and swallowed him again. Lucas groaned with fresh vigor; the sound was lustful and mindless where before it had been pained and alone.

Have I mentioned that I love sucking cock? The sound men make when my tongue cleans them like a kitten. The way the base of them bulges when I wiggle my chin. Lucas made all those sounds, but with the added intensity of a man experiencing oral sex for the very first time.

“Does that feel better, baby?” I moaned, letting my drool dribble down to his balls.

“Yes,” he gasped. “Yes!” He didn’t care that I was his mother, not when he felt this good.

I took him back into my mouth and rolled my fingers around his base, masturbating him below, sucking him above.

“Fuck!” Lucas’s heels dug into his mattress as he fought the urge to writhe like a snake. I was glad he could hold himself back. My son is so much bigger than me he might have bucked me off the bed.

While I sucked him off, I pushed the pillow under my tummy and down between my legs. I gripped it with my thighs and rubbed myself into the pillowcase. I needed to. I was so wet, and I wanted to use both hands on my son. He needed both hands.

I let out a moan as the friction stimulated my clit. Lucas slid his knees up alongside me and clutched at my head. “Mom,” he grunted. “Oh, mom, that’s amazing.”

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