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"You know how wet I get...?"

“You know how wet I get when I tease you?” his daughter asked. “When I think of you pushing that big…fucking…thing…inside me…pushing me…making me…ahh…making me…” Dale planted his hands on her ass and pushed deeper. Katie’s nipples bounced against him.

“When’s it going to be enough?” she gasped. “When I graduate? Will you pull my gown up, eat my pussy? Fuck me? Fuck me over my bed? When I get married? Are you going to fuck me in my wedding gown? OH GOD. AAHHH.” Her golden head was rocking back and forth in his vision. Her curls stuck to her slick forehead. Her skin shined with the bold perspiration of lust. She smelled strongly, and that musk overpowered him. “Ah… When I’m pregnant? When I’ve got milk in my breasts? When they swell? OH, God, daddy, will you suck me?” She reached for his scalp and pulled his hair, hard. “Don’t stop-” she whispered. It squeezed out of her as little more than a squeak, a whimper. “Don’t stop, y-yes…”


Katie ground against his cock. “Oah God I’m cumming so hard…” she cried. “Don’t stop- Don’t stop, fuck you. I love you, fuck you- Yes. Yes!”

Katie bucked atop him like an epileptic, held in place only by his strong grip on her buttocks and back and his iron penis keeping her from wiggling her wet center so hard that it made her slide across the floor. She screamed.

Dale flipped her over onto her back, onto the bathroom rug. His cockhead balanced on the edge of her vulva, and then he drove himself back in. He didn’t stop. Couldn’t stop. The sound of their sopping genitalia mixing with each other was audible, obscene, loud. Katie seemed to lose her faculty for words for several seconds. Her eyes rolled up into her head. She looked like a demon. “Call me whatever you want,” she gasped.

He pumped her little ass and asked, “Do you want to be called a slut?”

She pushed her mouth back into his, their bodies banging against each other, her hands shakily supporting her weight even as her father pushed her down, down. “Am I a slut, daddy? Is that what happens to girls who get hot for their fathers’ cocks?”

“Is my daughter a slut?”

He pulled her hair and she arched her neck back. “Yes…” she grunted.

“Take it, baby. Take the whole thing.”

“Give it to me…” she moaned. “It’s all yours…” He clutched at her bright, flushed buttocks. She screamed again, and Dale was mesmerized by the sight of her breasts as they swung between her arms. “Let it all out, daddy,” she gasped, even as he pumped her harder. Harder.

“Is this what you want, princess?”

The shaking began from the soles of her feet. It traveled up her long legs, jiggling her belly, her breasts, making her whole body quake.

“Oh, God, you’re going to do it. Please do it. Do it to me!” she hissed. “Fuck me, please- please I can’t stand it- Give it to me. Cum in me. Violate me.” His hand reached up to tug at her hair. “Fuck me, daddy.”

“God…Katie…” he groaned. Could he? Could he do this to his daughter? How could he not, after all this time, how could he not do the horny, hellacious thing he’d wanted to do since the moment she…

Katie reached down and squeezed his balls. “Give your little girl all that fucking cum, papa.”

Excerpt from Daddy’s Forbidden Desire. The complete collection is now available at 25% off from Smashwords!