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"You can do it, daddy..."

“You can do it, daddy,” I encouraged him. “Wait for me. Wait for me and mommy. You’re fucking both of us.”

“Jesus Christ,” he gasped. His face was a portrait of lust, of frustration, of suffering and the sublime. My tight pussy was the portal to heaven and he so badly wanted to slide all the way through.


But I wasn’t quite there yet. “I’ll ride your cock every night,” I promised him. “I’ll rub you down and suck your cock and let you stick it in me after every date, daddy. Just wait for me,” I pleaded. “I want to cum with you. Please, daddy. Dream. Dream harder!” I was begging him not to cum even while I wiggled my ass up and down his mighty shaft. What a lucky girl I was, I thought, in the depths of my depravity, to have a father so gentle and so kind and so well hung and so willing to fuck me in his dreams. “Spank me,” I gasped. His thick hand swatted my red ass and I screamed, “Do it again!”

He spanked me. My father spanked his little girl while he stretched her dirty cunt. “Do it again!” I screamed. “Spank me while you cum in me, daddy!”

My father came in me so hard I thought there was no way I couldn’t be pregnant. I was on birth control and had been for years, but that was the crazy thought that broke my brain, as I shuddered in a climax to end all climaxes. I’d never felt so much cum. It jettisoned up my canal as my father spanked me, and fucked me, and pumped me with his enormous cock. I rode pulsation after pulsation of warm relief until our mingled juices were trickling down his balls.

“Do it for mommy,” I moaned. “Fill your little girl, daddy. Make her into your new mommy.” Wiggling on his cock as he ejaculated was almost better than what came before. When he’d softened a little he was still so big that I could undulate on his shaft, rolling him inside me to press against all the wondrous spots that no other man could touch. I came again on his cock as the final twitches of his semen splashed my cervix.

“Now sleep, daddy,” I murmured. “Go to sleep while I clean up.”

Excerpt from Daddy Issues: Omnibus. All three volumes of this series are now available on Smashwords at 25% off!