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My brother was always there for me...

My brother was always there for me, always ready to right wrongs and soothe my pains. We were military brats, so our parents carted us from one new school to the other, forever uprooting us, forever forcing us to leave our friends and rely on each other. I would have been lost without Jayden. Dad wasn’t a gentle man, mom wasn’t a proud woman. I never felt safe unless I was in my brother’s arms.

When we took it to the next step, when we finally turned our affections into physical expressions, nothing made me feel so complete.

Sometimes it was torturous to be apart from him. More than sometimes. Most times I was without my twin I felt like a flower deprived of the sun. I demanded that he see me as often as he could; I didn’t care where he was or what he was doing. “You belong to me,” I reminded him over the phone. As if he needed reminding.

It was almost midnight when I felt his nails glide up my neck. The TV was still on but it was just white noise in my ears. The colors played over the faces of my roommates, their eyes shut and their heads tilted back on the cushions. The combination of college stress and too much pizza had taken its toll. I slumped against Jayden’s chest. “They like you,” I murmured.

“I like them,” he said. His fingers sifted through my hair and massaged my roots.

I purred into his sweater. “Don’t like them too much,” I muttered. “You don’t want to make me jealous.”

“No,” he agreed. “I wouldn’t want that.” He pulled my hair just firmly enough to tilt my head back.

I sighed into his kiss. My whole body tensed for action. “Here?” I breathed. “Right here?”

“No,” he said. “Come on. Let’s get you to bed.”


I refused. I slid my hand lower until I cupped his crotch. “I want you to do me right here,” I said. “I want them to wake up and know you belong to me.”

He pulled me close and wrapped his big arm around me. His hand slid between my legs and applied a firm pressure. I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out. “You always want everything right away,” he murmured in my ear. “You need to be more patient.”

“But I’m a brat,” I said. I kissed his throat, and squeezed my thighs over his fingers. “I’m an empty brat, and I need you to fill me with all your big, fat, patience.” I blew two hot jets of air from my nostrils when his finger rolled across my clit.

“In my lap,” he commanded. He slid me tight up against him and I quickly slid my thighs over his. If Denise or Serena woke up they’d think I was just sitting on him. Nothing wrong with that, right? An affectionate sister giving her brother a nice, big hug. But if they watched the subtle undulation of my hips they’d realize that Jayden’s hand was in my pants, his fingers torturing my pussy…

Excerpt from Sibling Affairs: Omnibus. All three volumes of this series are now available on Smashwords at 25% off!