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"Please daddy," she begged...

"Please, daddy," she begged. She rolled the wrist that held his cock. She loved the hot throb of that majestic thing. It was so full of life. If he put it in her, she imagined it would squirm like an animal, invading the deepest reaches of her body, forcing her to accommodate its girth as it expanded ever larger. Her pussy ached for his arrival. "I want it to be you."

He shifted under the heavy covers. Soon he wasn't next to her, he was on top, and his lips encircled her stiff nipple. She sighed as his teeth clutched at her. His questing tongue flicked the sensitive nipple back and forth. "Yes!" she cried. His big thing squished against her belly, painting her hot skin with its precum.

"My princess," he groaned into her small breasts. He cupped two ripe handfuls and gave them a sharp squeeze. The male in him could not deny how badly he wanted to do that. "You are so damn fine," he murmured into her cleavage.

"You can take me however you want," she promised. "Just now, please now!"

He rolled his head into her stomach. "No, if this is the last time, I want to take my time." He kissed his way to her bellybutton. "You smell so good..."

She caressed his thick hair. "When was your last time?" she asked.


"I can't remember," he breathed over her vulva. Like most of her girlfriends, she kept her mound closely trimmed. But she didn't shave it all. There was still hair there, and she could not know how much that turned him on. He breathed her in, savoring the musk of her pubic thatch.

In spite of her self consciousness, the feel of his lips against her, the tickle of his hot breath, set Alexis shivering uncontrollably. Greedy hands gripped her thighs. 

"W-what are you doing?" she gasped.

"You went down on him but he never went down on you?"

"N-no," she stuttered. She gazed down at her father, now just a hump in the heavy blankets. All she could see was his black hair between her legs. All she could feel was his fingers creeping along her inner thighs.

Arthur was incredulous. "Shameful," he muttered, and kissed his daughter's silken labia.

"Ah!" she cried. "W-what?" His tongue drew a hot, wet line up her slit, and she collapsed against the pillows. "Oh my God..." she whispered. When his tongue plunged inside her, her immediate reaction was to kick, but his strong hands pinned her down. She liked being pinned down like that. "D-don't let go," she pleaded.

"Mmm-mmm," he hummed into her vagina. Nothing, not even Steve's fingers, had ever felt so good. The rumble rolled around her vulva and zig-zagged up her belly. When his tongue returned to her clitoris, the heat spread over her buttocks and sawed through the backs of her knees. She quivered in place, held tight to the mattress by daddy's unyielding fingers.

"Daddy!" she shrieked.

"That's it, baby," he murmured into her pussy. "Scream for me."

She tugged at his thick black hair as he lapped at her like a starving dog. She shivered so hard that her breasts jiggled, and she jiggled so hard that her rigid nipples, exposed to the freezing air, jolted her to her core. That jolt careened back and forth along her stomach, knocked from daddy's flicking tongue to her sensitive breasts. The sensation built in her for seconds that bled into minutes that bled into the rest of her short (would it be short?) life. "I wish I'd known," she moaned to the ceiling, delirious with bliss. "I'd have asked you to do that to me every night before bed!"

Between her hot thighs, Arthur shared her naughty fantasy. What would their life be like if she had begged him to deflower her years ago? Lessons in anatomy, innocent caresses with not-so-innocent results. Sliding into bed with her on lazy weekend mornings and kissing her pussy awake. Her knees hooked over his shoulders and he inhaled a thick wave of her arousal. It made his balls throb.

He'd never tasted a woman so sweet. Was it because her cum was virginal? Was it because she was so strict about her diet--organic food, mostly vegetables, plenty of water, little if any meat? Was it because she was his daughter? Or was she just the perfect woman? His princess? He suckled at her juicy labia and moaned into it, as much for her pleasure as for his. He loved the way she squirmed. He loved the way she wriggled on the mattress in her feeble attempts to break free...

Excerpt from The Snowstorm: How Daddy Warmed His Virgin Daughter - available now on Smashwords for 25% off!