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Something strange is happening to the women of Hapi, Delaware...


A sensual mutation is transforming the women of Hapi, Delaware. As if by magic, their bodies are gaining male anatomy in addition to their own! More aggressive, more powerful, and consumed by a passionate lust that borders on nymphomania, these frisky futanari cannot help seducing their friends and neighbors. In these pages you'll meet the women afflicted with the Futanari Virus: A sassy dom who dreams of cuckolding her co-worker's husband, a shy wife lusting for the girl next door, and a cheerleading captain who will do whatever it takes to keep her new futa body a secret.

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Robin stared at the woman dumbly, mouth gone suddenly dry. In one cheeky comment, her new friend had revealed that all these weeks of wondering were not the restless fantasies of a lonely engineer. "Are you joking?" she whispered.

"No," Dawn said firmly. "I am rather smitten with you, in fact. And I'm sorry but I'm quite happy that Curtis was such a cunt. If he'd been worthy of you, I'd feel bad about wanting you for myself." She slid her hand over the table, palm up, fingers at the ready.

Robin stared at it like she'd never seen a human hand before. 

Dawn smiled. "I won't lie to you, dear. I'll still be gone in a week. I can't change that. But we could have some fun, till then."

Trembling, half-believing, and more than halfway drunk, Robin let her fingers slide into Dawn's hand. "How?" she breathed. "How...would we do that?"

Dawn bit her luscious bottom lip. "By making you suck my cock."

"What?" Robin exclaimed. The comment was so ludicrous that she exploded into nervous giggles. 

Grinning, Dawn leaned over the table. "That's right, dearie. I have big, fat cock and I'm going to make you love it. I'm going to make you get down on your knees. And then I'm going to do things to you that your husband only dreamed of."

"You're crazy," she laughed, but the woman's grin was infectious. 

"Do you like that?" she asked. "Do you like crazy?"

"I think I've made it embarrassingly clear that I like everything you do," Robin admitted. "I feel so...powerless."

"That's how I want you," Dawn said. "I want you to give me all the power. And I want you to squirm."

"I do," Robin breathed. "When I think about you..."

"And my willy?"

Robin shivered. "Why do you keep saying that?"

"Would you like it? If I had a cock?"

"I...I don't understand."

Dawn wrapped her fingers up in her warm hands. "Tell me what you would do if I had a cock. Consider it...a dare."

"Oh! Is that the game we're playing?"

"Mmm," Dawn purred.

Though the office had been vacant for hours and silence hung about the cubicles like a heavy cloak, Robin kept her voice low. Dawn leaned closer to feel the warmth of her breath on her pale cheek. "If you had...a cock, she whispered, "I would let you use it. I would want you to..."

"Say it," Dawn urged her.

The tense yearning in Robin's stomach leapt from her gut onto her tongue. "I would want you to fuck me," she panted. The admission was thick in her mouth, but once spoken aloud the relief was overwhelming. "I've been a nervous wreck. Whenever I'm near you, just next to you, breathing you in. Now you're almost gone and I...I'd let you do anything to me."


Robin shook her head and shook her head. This game was insane but she indulged it. It was like her obscene fantasy about the girl next door. And Dawn was so domineering, so powerful, she half believed she did have a cock, and maybe a heavy pair of balls, tucked into her Gucci skirt. "No condom," she said. "I want to feel you--"

"--inside you."

"Inside me!" Robin cried, as Dawn swept her up into her arms. The kiss was hot and sweet, more vodka than Diet Coke. Dawn's tongue between her lips, Dawn's lips encircling her tongue. Her pale fingers slithered up Robin's throat and held her gently by the jaw. Robin pushed herself deeper into her embrace. She felt Dawn's high, firm breasts, and shuddered as her nipples hardened against the inner lining of her bra. 

"You're such a dear," Dawn whispered in her ear. "And I've been so naughty." Her hand wended over Robin's stomach until it reached the hem of her skirt. "All this time I've tried to be a good friend...and I can't stop thinking about bending you over a desk." Robin's stomach turned to gelatin as Dawn's fingers traipsed over her moist panties. "There it is," she whispered. "Do you always get this wet during our evening heart to hearts?" 

Robin could offer no response more intelligent than a wincing moan. 

"Ohh, my little one," Dawn cooed. "There, there. Daddy's here."

Robin saw stars. She had never heard a woman refer to herself as "daddy" before. It was an odd but powerful choice. Dawn's animus had always been dominant, overpowering, and now that the final barrier was stripped away, there was nothing to hold her back. Her fingers were more nimble than a man's, and far more effective. She stroked Robin's clitoris with her palm and plunged her fingers into her sex. 

Robin clutched at Dawn's back and rode her hand. Her chair legs squeaked over the linoleum. "If you had a c-cock," she sputtered, "I'd suck it. I'd suck your cock!"

"Would you, dear?"

"Yes...daddy," she whimpered. 

"That's my good girl." Dawn's lips left a trail of wet kisses along her throat. "Do you know that every time I smell your perfume I get hard?"

"Ahhh," Robin sighed. Dawn's thumb circled and circled her bud, never quite touching it, forever teasing it, forcing Robin to move her mound in search of more, more, more. "Should we do this here?" she asked. "What if someone--"

Dawn's thumb finally made contact with her clit, and applied a firm, wiggling pressure. "I've sat across from you," she purred, "breathing you in, hating myself for wanting you so much. And I want you, darling. Now. In this boring little office where I first saw your tidy face. I want to be your dirty little affair. I want to kiss you and ravish you right here."

"D-daddy," Robin groaned. What was she saying? The taboo word felt so good in her mouth. "I wish you had a cock," she breathed. 

"Yes? Would you bend down and kiss it? Just a little? Would you snog my fat willy?"

Laughing, Robin slid her fingers up the woman's pale thigh. "And your balls. I'd kiss them, too." Her fingers disappeared under her black skirt. "I'd fuck you. Here. In the office..." She was searching for Dawn's clitoris. Instead, she found her penis. "Oh my God!" she moaned.

"That's it, dear."

"Oh my God!" Robin cried, as her fingers encircled its head. She didn't let it go, but used her other hand to roll back Dawn's skirt. "You! Oh! It's--"

There was no mistaking the fat organ that emerged from her scarlet panties. Dawn pulled them lower, away from the purple head, revealing a shaft and two enormous testicles nestled in a thatch of copper hair. From the way the scrotum pulsed, Robin knew they were loaded with living sperm. This was no joke, no strap-on, and the pubic curls were unmistakably authentic. "As you can see," Dawn giggled, "the carpet matches the drapes."

Robin was mute and disbelieving. And yet the truth was staring her in the face--quite literally, as the penis slit pointed directly at her. Under Robin's startled gaze, the cock continued to swell. Robin traced its fat veins down to its root, below which the testicles lay cradled in Dawn's expensive panties.