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A Sci-Fi Futa Double Feature!

It’s finally here! The wonderful Ashley Berry and I have collaborated on two ALL NEW futanari stories set innnnn SPAAAAAAACE!

Two juicy new erotic shorts from the best-selling mistresses of futa fun!

SYNOPSIS: In this futanari double feature, authors Ashley Berry and Veronica Sloan take you between the sheets and beyond the stars. Prepare yourself for two erotic adventures that are out of this world!

From Ashley Berry… As long as she can remember, Dr. Beck Langley has dreamed of making contact with an extraterrestrial. After discovering that her boss is harboring a tall, blue, hermaphroditic extra-terrestrial in his lab, the young biologist finally has a chance to make that dream come true! Little does she know, the mysterious, well-hung alien has aspirations of her own: to make Beck her perfect, human plaything.

From Veronica Sloan… When disaster strikes the starship Athena, Chief Engineer Kela Burton is mutated by an alien spore. Transformed into a futanari, her new body part is a source of fear and fascination to her all-female crew. Men have been extinct for 200 years, and no living woman has experienced male anatomy. To Kela’s delight, her beautiful captain is eager to be the first!



Timesless Erotica:


Held by her captain, her arms and emerald eyes, Kela’s feelings were revealed by her erection. It grew quicker than either woman could imagine, far quicker than Kela could conceal it. Not that she had much to conceal it with; its span was at least as long as her hand, and almost as thick as her palm! “That’s not fair,” she whispered. When she was in uniform, her arousal was no issue. Her pupils might have hinted at her lust, her shallow breathing give her away, but no woman had the temerity to seize her by the crotch and inspect her for moisture. This thing that rose throbbing from her mound was a flag proclaiming her secret desire.

“Not fair at all,” Selene agreed.

“Stop looking at it,” Kela begged.

“You want me to ignore it?”

“Yes,” she whimpered.

“I haven’t been able to ignore you since you first set foot on my ship,” Selene said. “Why on Earth would I start now?”

When she seized Kela’s cock, the girl gasped in alarm. Her lips thus parted, Selene easily stole her first kiss. Fingers warm, tongue wet, she made her engineer moan into her mouth. “Does it hurt?” Selene asked.

“Oh, n-no,” Kela grunted. “Not at all…”

And so Selene squeezed her swollen member, slowly, till it throbbed between her fingers. Its excited response drew a husky moan from both women, their lips touching, their breath hot and rolling across their cheeks. Kela did not know where to touch her captain first–her fingers simply could not function–so she pushed her naked body into the dirty uniform. She wanted to feel her heat, her skin, her noble heart, and could hardly believe now she was not dreaming. She moaned again as her new penis jerked in Selene’s hand. The sensation traveled down her prodigious length to her dangling balls and backwards, into her internal clitoris and all around her warm vagina. When Selene stroked her, her entire pelvis lit up like a supernova. “Oh, captain!” she cried.

“Yes, dear,” Selene replied, grinning like a fool. “Your captain is requesting a full inspection, top to bottom. I hope you’re prepared.”

“Not at all,” Kela breathed. She seized the buttons of the woman’s uniform and split it open at the seam. Her stomach fluttered at the sight of Selene’s bare skin. Her breasts were large, the nipples puffy and erect. They swung through the air and hung over Kela as the captain pinned her to the deck. Kela panted up into her face, her cock pinned against her waist and pulsing to the beat of her nervous heart. “You still want me?” she asked. “Like this?”

Selene ripped her uniform off her shoulders and swiftly tossed it across the floor. She hunched over the girl like a panther, a hungry smile on her ruby lips. With agonizing slowness, she rolled her nipples against Kela’s, savoring her helpless whimper. “When I was a girl,” she murmured, “I dreamed that I was a futanari.” Her hand skated down Kela’s jiggling stomach, around the base of her turgid cock, and cupped her balls.

“A what?” Kela gasped. It was difficult to concentrate with the stars exploding behind her eyes.

“My mothers were stationed in Tokyo when I was a girl,” Selene whispered into Kela’s throat. Her teeth sank into the delicate skin as she fondled her testicles. “It’s an ancient myth, deities with both genders, or whose genders shifted with the moon.” She arched her ass to help Kela slide her trousers off. “The first girl I ever loved, I imagined that we were futa. I was so embarrassed, but I trusted her. I was…excited by the fantasy. When I told her how I felt, she called me a heretic, a dirty man lover.” As the trousers slid down her thighs, she extended her middle fingers to graze Kela’s labia. The stimulation to both her scrotum and vagina robbed the girl of any remaining motor control. “I didn’t know how to tell her I didn’t want to be a man, or be with a man,” Selene continued. “I just wanted to know what that was like, to penetrate her like a man…” She leaned back to slide the rest of her pants off.

Beneath her, Kela lay helpless on the floor, her fingers curled shyly against her teeth and her thighs drawn up in shivering anticipation. Her cock stood out from her pale, delicate body like a ruddy tree branch, the slit gooey with sap. When Selene brushed her fingertips through it, Kela doubled over like she’d been shot. Selene sucked the seminal fluid off her fingers and offered it to Kela to taste. “I’ve never told anyone about that,” she muttered.

Tentatively, Kela licked her captain’s fingers. The fluid was not at all like she expected; it was sweeter than it was salty, but still bitter. She wondered how it compared to the captain’s fluid. Sitting up, she reached between Selene’s muscular thighs and drenched her fingers in her glistening nectar. Until that heavenly moment, she’d never seen the woman lose her cool. Her green eyes rolled back into her head and she made a sound like she was trying to swallow a golf ball. When Kela drew her fingers back, strings of clear excitement followed. Her captain, she discovered, was sweeter by far. “Is that why you saved me?” Kela asked.

Selene grasped Kela’s chin between two steely fingers. “I saved you because you belong to me. You’re part of my crew.”

“And?” Kela asked, her eyes bright.

“Do I have to say it first?”

Kela’s hands skated up her captain’s bare arms, feeling them for the first time. She was desperate to absorb every detail but her mind was racing too fast to make proper memories. She captured only glimpses of Mea Selene’s sinewy, battle hardened body. The left arm was sleeved in a series of USSN tattoos. The right arm was shiny across the bicep from chemical burns. A deep scar ran from her sternum to her hip. A blaster mark scorched her right buttock. And yet, despite these scars, Kela slowly realized the woman was shaking. “You can’t be afraid,” she whispered. “Not of me.”

Selene’s fingers traipsed down Kela’s back. Her skin was like fresh snow, hardly a freckle or mole buried in its silken plane. “Until this moment, I didn’t have to be,” she murmured. “I could be afraid for you, for your safety, and keep my feelings tucked inside the uniform.”

“And now there’s no uniforms,” Kela said, placing her hand on the woman’s heart. She glanced up, from underneath Selene’s chin, and brushed her lips into her clavicle. “I love you, captain.”

“I love you, Chief,” she said.

But before she kissed her, Kela gently held her at bay. “Say it again,” she whispered. “Say I’m your good girl.”