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Monster Lovers 2...slime girls, tentacles and dinosaurs, oh my!

At long last, it’s finally here! Monster Lovers 2 is now available on Smashwords! 

In the darkest corner of the heart there throbs a secret yearning, where even the purest lover dreams of supernatural seduction. These five spine-tingling tales will introduce you to creatures both sensual and bizarre. From naughty tentacles to slippery slime girls, eloquent demons to horny dinosaurs, this second volume of monster erotica will indulge your darkest temptations. 

This anthology of all-new, all-naughty erotica is 40,000 words and features a glorious cover created by the incredibly talented Bashko. A huge, huge, dinosaur-sized thanks go to this artist, who worked with me through the entire process. If you have not seen his art yet, visit to be transported to a delicious carnival of dark delights.

Here is the table of contents for Monster Lovers 2, followed by an excerpt from the first story, “Dinner for Slime.”

  • Dinner for Slime - A weary soldier, an enchanted swamp, a creature that feeds on lust. While encamped in the Sinmara Bog, Dru falls into the clutches of a slime girl. Despite her beguiling figure and pouting lips, Dru knows this girl is not what she appears. Given the chance, she will suck him dry of all his vital juices. But Dru is young, and lonely, and her body is so warm...and wet.
  • Kraken in a Jar - Corrina is a witch in training, though she would rather be a sailor. The sailors in her village are jolly men that tell the most delightful stories. Yet there is one story they've never told her, a secret that gnaws at the heart of her village, about a great injustice done to its women and an ancient power sealed away for the crime of pleasure...
  • Coward's Keep - For years, the Limpid Kingdom has been plagued by a terrible monster, Typhon. He loves Princess Cera with a savage passion, but his schemes to steal her have always been thwarted by her champion and husband-to-be. Now her champion is missing and it seems Typhon will finally have his way with her...just as Cera has always desired.
  • Deinonychus Dom - Marcy Delaney is the Chief Wrangler at Land of Lust, a hidden resort in the prehistoric hills of Montana. Wealthy tourists visit the resort to sample its numerous exotic thrills, including its dinosaur stud farm. Marcy considers their tastes vanilla at best. When she feels the urge to mate with a dino, she prefers a creature with some bite.
  • Slime Girl Dessert - Once a warrior slave, Drusus is now a leader of men. For ten years he has battled and bled, and now he returns to the bog where he became a man. To save his soldiers, to end this latest war, he must collect the head of a hated enemy. Lost in the misty chaos of Sinmara, his only chance lies in the slimy embrace of a creature that could swallow him whole...

Monster Lovers 2: 5 Erotic Tales of Slime Girls, Tentacles & Dinosaurs is now available at Smashwords for 25% off!


She lay upon the muddy shore, her eyes twinkling like the water. Green tears dripped from her cheeks and beaded slowly into her breasts. The sight of her took Dru's breath away.

Her legs were long and bare, her feet untouched by the muck and mire that surrounded her. Her individual toes were topped by small, perfect toenails, unblemished and unbruised by the hard labor that discolored human skin. Her hands were buried in the mud, the green tendrils of her hair writhing over her face. Her body shook from the intensity of her sobs. Her curves jiggled. With every gasp, her large breasts rolled like jelly tarts. Her thighs rippled like the cesspool she was born in.

Despite his recent orgasm, Dru felt his cock stir again. He was a young man, after all, and she was everything he'd dreamed of.

His hand fell from his sword. He licked his lips, still tasted blood when he swallowed. And her slime. It was not poison, like the water of the bog, but reminiscent of pine and white water lilies. "Why are you crying?" he whispered.

Her thick hair flew back from her face. Her big eyes grew bigger still. "I didn't know...that you cried," Dru said. "I don't know anything about this place," he added. "About anything."

The slime girl hesitated at the water's edge, her wet eyes studying him intently. Would she slither back into the swamp? Would she attack? Dru didn't know. He could only stare at the beautiful thing, the naked body he craved to touch again. Her nipples were pointed straight at him, pert and puffy. If he squinted, he could see the cloud of his semen swirling inside her stomach. It dripped from her thick, emerald labia. "You?" she said quietly.

"I know I'm an idiot for coming back here," he said. "It's just...are you lonely?"

Hand over hand, she crawled from the shore. Her knees flattened the cold mud and her toes dug ten round divots behind her. Cautiously, she climbed to her feet. Her nose was level with his chest but her hair rose higher, thicker, twisting like the tails of clear, wet snakes.

Her green fingers touched his chest. Her big eyes stared up at him. "Are you lonely?" she asked.

"Gods," he groaned. "I am. I am."

"I am," she echoed, sliding her hands through his arms. She held herself to him, till her large breasts squashed against his chest. He could not help himself. He let his fingers slide down her wet backside, to the warm and bubbly posterior. When he sank his nails in, she rolled her sex into his crotch. She molded around him like jam, seizing his penis through his clothes, suctioning to it. Dru grunted in surprise, and the slime went up on her toes to kiss his open mouth.

That taste, he thought. Nothing at all like the foulness that surrounded them. She was life itself. He did not know if she had a mind as he did, but he could feel the yearning in her trembling form. She massaged him through his trousers, fingers slipping through the flap and touching him, kneading him. Maybe he was nothing more than food to her, but she wanted him. Her lips slimed down his neck, her tongue lapping at his nervous perspiration. Yes, she hungered for his moisture. Any moisture. Her lips suctioned onto his throat, biting, sucking, till at last he cried out. She pulled his mouth down to hers.

Several tongues licked the inside of his cheeks. She pushed herself over his lips, kissing him layer by layer as he squelched through her face. She hugged him, embraced him, and then surrounded him. She engulfed Dru in her warmth, soaking into his clothes once more and moaning into his kiss. "Lonely?" she echoed. Another hand took shape, moved through her abdomen, and stroked him between her thighs.

"Not anymore," he groaned.

She slid down his chest, flowing like a waterfall. The tendrils of her hair grew fingers and clutched the hem of his shirt. It slipped from his shoulders and arms with a swift flick of her bangs. His sword belt, too, and his trousers, were no match for her multiple arms. In one breathless instant he was as naked as she, and she was holding him, his growing manhood, and gazing up at him like a worshipful pilgrim. "You're going to be the death of me," Dru moaned, not caring if it was true.

She opened her mouth and led his cockhead between her lips. He thought there was no grander sensation, until she sucked him into her throat. Dru gasped as her esophagus closed around him and the slime rolled down his shaft. Her lips and tongue were just as plump and prehensile as before, but her inner anatomy transformed. Past her lips, at the entrance of her throat, she crafted a second vagina. Dru watched, spellbound, as she sucked him off twice over, licking his cock as she fucked the back of her throat.

At long last, it’s finally here! Monster Lovers 2 is now available on Smashwords! This anthology of all-new monster erotica is 40,000 words and features a glorious cover created by the incredibly talented . A huge, huge, dinosaur-sized thanks go to this artist, who worked with me through the entire process

He gasped as she added two hands to his trembling scrotum. Another hand wrapped around his base. Her lips passed through it as she stroked him into her mouth and clenching pussy. Two more hands grew from her wrists, reached between his thighs, and cupped his buttocks. He grabbed her slimy head and pulled her closer, forcing his cock deeper, till she drooled over his base and squeezed his shaft with every gelatinous muscle. The hands between his thighs slipped into the crack of his buttocks and her fingers elongated. They squeezed into his sweaty anus.

"Ahh!" Dru cried, as she forced another explosive climax from his prostate. Hot cream leapt from the tip of his penis with enough force to exit the back of her neck. A tendril whipped off the line of her spine, like a cat's paw catching a fly, and retracted. Her back and throat went opaque, solidifying to prevent any further loss of semen. Her fingers joined together into a rippling sheet, clutching at his testicles to milk him of every last drop. Her lips sealed over his base and her throat vagina squirted him down, down into her body.