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It’s been a busy few months of futanari stories, but I never stick to just one genre for long. Now it’s time for some incest erotica, and in a big bad way. In this bundle of five all-new shorts, brothers and sisters engage in some deliciously dirty deeds!

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This book contains the following stories:

  • My Sister Swallows - A brief appetizer to engage your naughty palate, in which honesty truly is the best policy...
  • Blind Man's Bluff - When a prank foils Brittany's kinky plans, her brother finds himself in the wrong place at the right time. She's naked, blindfolded, and handcuffed to her bed...and she thinks Daniel is her boyfriend. What's a horny brother to do?
  • Bad Dog - Beck's always been a bad girl, but her half-brother has always been there to rescue her. Maybe she does it for the attention, maybe she does it to sate her wild desires. After her latest misadventure, Eli tells her he's had enough. That's okay, Beck says, because this weekend he can have her all to himself...
  • Say Uncle - For twins Millie and Bryan, moving in together is an uncomfortable arrangement. They like each other well enough, but old habits die hard. They're responsible adults, so why can't they act like it? What begins as a silly wrestling match soon becomes a sensual adventure, and the twins' relationship will never be the same...
  • Talk Dirty to Me - Rod has a great thing going with his sexy co-worker, Barbara. There's nothing she won't do in (or out of) the bedroom. Babs has a list of naughty deeds she wants to accomplish before she dies, and she considers it her personal mission to help people accomplish theirs as well. When she gets Rod to reveal his dirtiest fantasy, she'll stop at nothing to make it happen.


From “Blind Man’s Bluff”:

If I'd yelled out, she would have recognized my voice. If I'd said anything at all... But I didn't. I couldn't. My older sister is a lot of things: stubborn, a pain in the ass, impossible to argue with, and painfully beautiful. I knew that even when she had her clothes on.

When I stepped into her bedroom, she did not.

Brittany was bent over the bed, her wrists handcuffed to the sturdy metal frame. The frame was slightly lower than waist level, her head nearly level with her ass. Her shining hair trailed over her bare shoulders. I stared at those shoulders, and her bare back, and her absolutely bare ass. I could count the hazel freckles on her tailbone. Her pink, shaved pussy peeked between her strong, tan thighs.

Her eyes were covered by a thick black blindfold. She twisted her head when she heard the door swing back. "John?" she said. "What took you so long?"

I stood there, mouth agape. My sister was naked. Her hot red toenails were planted in the carpet, her calves were flexing anxiously. Her buttocks clenched in anger. My big sister was naked and handcuffed and waiting for her boyfriend. 

"Shit," I whispered. When she found out that I'd seen her like this, she would kill me--or have John do it. Mere mortals were not allowed to see this sight.

Bent in submission, she looked...ready. Like an actress waiting for her cue. In the corner, where her buttocks were pointed, her camera was mounted on a tripod. The little red light told me it was already on and recording. "Shit!" I hissed again, and slapped my fingers over my mouth. Evidence! Even if I scampered out of her room now, she could rewind the tape and see me scoping her out. I imagined her face flushing red with rage as I walked into frame, struck dumb by my butt naked sister.

As Brit called for her boyfriend again, I imagined how this was all meant to go down. John would enter the room like a porn stud and pull his pants down. He'd take her from behind while her fingers wrapped around the bed frame and her cuffs clanked on the metal. Brittany was always screaming how useless he was in bed. Was this John's way of making it up to her? Spicing things up in the bedroom? No, the cuffs were definitely Brit's idea. The camera, too. John's only idea was making her look stupid. He was going to leave her here for hours while he drove around town laughing his ass off. And then, what had he said about the internet? Was he going to post the video online?

"Nnnh," my sister huffed. "Jooohhhnn." She rattled the metal frame, shouting with every jerk. "I'm tired of waiting!" She showed off how flexible she was, curling her back and bowing her head as low as the cuffs allowed. Her stomach went taut, her luscious breasts drooped from her chest like two pale hershey kisses. Her dark nipples only complemented the image. My God, I thought, I know what my sister's nipples look like.

And her ass. Maybe I'd seen it in outline before, tucked into her running shorts or maybe a bikini while on holiday, but I'd never seen anything like it, not in real life. Hours of squats in the gym had rewarded her with a full, firm, tight pair of cheeks. Lithe and lean, she twisted in place. I watched the muscles twitch and surge along her thighs and calves. Her pussy was tucked so neatly between her legs, the lips so supple and pink, that it looked like the masterpiece of a perverted genius. If I squinted, I could even seen the bud of her clitoris...

Suddenly, my pants were very tight. It wasn't just imagining the sex act that was supposed to be happening in this room, it was the very illicitness of it, the camera, her blindfold--the anonymity. After all, who's to say I wasn't John?

Brittany's long legs shifted in irritation. "Okay, what the fuck are you doing?" she demanded. "Don't you dare tell me you can't get it up again."

Unlike John, my dick worked just fine. Too well, in fact. It wasn't supposed to react to members of my own family. Cut it out, I warned my growing erection, as I stepped around Brit in search of the handcuff key.

At the sound of my footstep, Brittany gave a little gasp. Her whole body locked up. Her skin flushed. Her long, brown hair swirled over her shoulders. "C'mon," she whispered. "Do it. I'm ready."

When my sister began wiggling her bottom, my mouth fell open. She made soft noises in her throat. "John?" she moaned. "Baby? Oh, baby, say something." She clanged her cuffs on the metal. "Mister? Oh, please let me go, mister. I won't tell anyone. I promise..."

My dick was harder than the squeaking metal around her bed. I couldn't stop staring, couldn't stop listening. And wanting.

"It'll be our secret," she said in a hushed whisper. "I'll never tell..."

My cock wanted to interpret that in a very different context. I froze behind her.

"I can feel you," she gasped. "I can feel you back there."

My erection was in charge, not my brain, and it guided my sweaty palms over her ass.

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