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How a Hotwife Pays Her Debt

Just released from Sloan Publishing! This 6,000 word story from our new author, Dudley Dare, is a short and dirty ditty. Now available on Amazon for $0.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited!

SYNOPSIS: Sabrina is a terrible driver. What’s worse, her husband knows it. Tired of paying to remove dents and scratches from his trophy wife’s classic Mustang, Bill warns Sabrina that her next accident will be her last. Fortunately, Sabrina knows an older man with his very own garage. She can’t use her husband’s credit card to pay for the damages, but she has something else to offer, something that Jacob desperately wants. Sabrina tells her old friend that he can use her in exchange for the repairs. Hasn’t he heard? She’s a horny hotwife…


She glanced up at him, once, but didn’t answer. Instead, she pulled the jeans to his knees. He seized her roughly by the chin. “Oh, you’re going to answer me, honey.”

The smile on her lips was a wicked slash of pink. “Yes, sir,” she said softly.

“How many men have you sucked off to fix your problems?”

“How many do you want me to say?” she said.

His fingers tightened on her jaw. “Bill doesn’t know you’re a hotwife, does he?”

“Of course he does,” she replied, her eyes twinkling. “That’s the arrangement. I wouldn’t be a hotwife if I didn’t tell him. That would just be cheating.”

For the life of him, Jacob could not decide if the girl was lying. Her naughty grin, her half-lidded eyes, were both coy and seductive. Implicit in her husky words was an accusation, a hypocrisy Jacob was all-too-aware of: Sabrina might or might not be a hotwife, but his wife wouldn’t give a damn. If Mary found out about this…

Jacob’s ability to think that far ahead was suddenly interrupted. Wrapped inside his sister-in-law’s warm hand, his cock flexed in appreciation. Her bracelets tinkled as she gave him a long, worshipping stroke. Jacob gripped the hood of the Mustang and let out an equally long groan. Sabrina let his boxer shorts fall to his ankles, then cradled his balls in the other hand. Their curly hairs rasped over her palm. “Oh, Jake…” she breathed.

Jacob absorbed that forbidden sight, of Sabrina gazing at his erect penis with unmitigated hunger. If her enthusiasm was an act, it was an awfully good one. Her eyes gleamed and she licked her glossy lips with a small, triangular tongue. The hand cupping his balls slid away, and she opened her mouth to lick the palm from heel to fingertips. She returned it to his scrotum immediately, and her wet fingers sifted up into his pubic hair.

“Mmh,” he grunted.

“Didn’t take you long,” Sabrina murmured appreciatively. “Bill gets nervous sometimes…”

“I don’t want to hear about Bill,” Jacob muttered.

Sabrina gazed up at him with her crazy eyes. One thumb curled just beneath the slick crown of his cock, the nail a pale contrast to the red and blotchy head. His slit puckered a little, and a clear bead of precum welled from within. Still watching him, Sabrina leaned forward and slowly caught the bead with her lower lip. She audibly sucked it to the back of her throat. “Do you want me to talk about Mary?” she asked.

Jacob dug his fingers into her thick hair. “No,” he said, but that was a lie.

Sabrina could taste that lie. It was as palpable as the fluid that stuck to her lips. They encircled the head of his cock until the slit disappeared, and then she flicked the slit with her darting tongue. Rolling her thumbs up the quaking shaft, she pulled away just enough to say, “When was the last time she gave you a blowjob in the car?”

Reflexively, Jacob thrust his hips forward, throwing his aching cock into the moist wall of her cheek. He pressed his nails into her scalp and probed the slick floor of her tongue. “Yes,” he groaned, as the muscles in her esophagus relaxed. “Oh, yes, you can do that,” he said, not bothering to mask his relief.

“Huh-uh,” she choked, as she allowed his cockhead to penetrate beyond her uvula.

“Yes,” he gasped, and stroked her bulging cheek. He watched his penis disappear between his sister-in-law’s lips, watched her eyes water as she took him to the back of her throat. In truth, it had been a long, long time since Mary had gone down on him, and he didn’t think she’d ever blown him in a car. “That’s it,” he grunted. “Suck on it, Sabrina.”

“Mmmm,” the girl purred. She wrapped her lips around the base of his cock and closed her eyes to suck it. Her tongue waggled underneath his throbbing vein and her fingers teased his flexing balls.

“Yes!” Jacob grunted again. That should have been enough, but he wanted more. Holding her blonde head, he pushed forward until his scrotum squeezed against Sabrina’s bottom lip. She made a wet sound of protest, but he held himself in place. He let her throat spasm around his prick.

“Guh!” she gasped, when he finally relented. His cock drew back from her open lips trailed by five or six strands of spit. Sabrina eyed him with more caution now, and minus an ounce or two of her customary cockiness. That was good, he thought. There was a dark animal inside him that wanted Sabrina to regret this a little. She had offered herself to him without a full reckoning of what his sex-starved body desired, and that lack of forethought was irresponsible. It was the same reckless abandon that put her classic car at risk. The girl was in dire need of a lesson. One that stuck.

How a Hotwife Pays Her Debt by Dudley Dare - now available on Amazon!