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Diary of a Hotwife is now an erotic audiobook!


Good morning, my dirty darlings. My latest audiobook has just been released, narrated by the sensual Ms. Sierra Kline! Her rendition of this steamy tryst is absolutely to die for!!!!

Title: Diary of a Hotwife: Veterans Affairs

Synopsis: Leslie’s husband loves that men want her. She’s sweet and vivacious, sassy and sexy, and has the libido (and the body) of a nymph! Darren will gladly share his horny wife with any man she deems worthy, and right now she wants his best friend, Bo. The handsome Texan has dealt with nonstop tragedy since being discharged from the military, losing both his sister and his job in short order. Leslie’s going to show this soldier a very good time!

Length: 2 hours

Available at: AmazonAudibleiTunes