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Last 2 Days of my July Summer Sale!

Today and tomorrow are the very LAST DAYS of the Smashwords Summer Sale! You can purchase ALL my erotica at MAJOR discounts, but not for long! To indulge in all your favorite flavors of erotica - taboo, blackmail, sweet romance, mind control, fantasy and futanari - head over to my Smashwords page now! 


Here are just a few naughty titles to refresh your memory...

Addicted to Daddy’s Glory Hole - on sale for $1.00!

Curse of the Nympho-Maniac! - on sale for $1.00!

Daddy’s Forbidden Desire - on sale for $1.50!

Futanari Dreams (Vol. 1) - on sale for $1.50!

How Daddy Warmed His Virgin Daughter - on sale for $1.50!

I Can’t Stop Hypnotizing Mom - on sale for $1.00!

Punished by the Professor - FREE!

Sex Potion: My Crazy Mind Control Summer - on sale for $1.50!

Sharing My Sister’s Bed - on sale for $1.00!

The Tentacle Beast of Rigel-7 - on sale for $0.99!

Thank you all so much for making this such a wonderful month! I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have :)))))