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Questions on mind control...


Okay, readers! Let’s talk mind control stories. I haven’t written one in quite a while but they do seem to be among your favorites. So here’s my question for you (with bullet points!). If you enjoy mind control/hypnosis stories, what kind do you like best?

  • Taboo MC: Where a man or woman uses their powers to seduce their family members?

  • Non-taboo MC: Where a character gets the power and uses it to seduce friends, enemies, co-workers?

  • Magical MC: Where the mind control power is supernatural in nature?

  • Non-magical MC: Where it's something like sleep suggestion, hypnotism, etc.?

  • Reluctant MC: Where the subject being hypnotized doesn't enjoy the loss of control?

  • Reluctant but secretly loves MC: Where the subject shouldn't but really does enjoy it?

  • Other MC I Haven't Thought of: What do you love about this genre? Tell me in the comments!

Mind control is a tricky genre. On the one hand I don't like to give the impression that I, as a person, condone non-consensual intercourse. However, I, as an author, believe that fantasies should be explored. And I, as a lady, certainly enjoy non-consensual fantasies. The idea of being transformed into someone's slave, knowing that I must service my master and having no say in the matter, can get me very excited. If that happened in real life, of course, I'd be none too pleased, but roleplaying it with an understanding partner is lots of fun.

I want to get other people's thoughts on the matter before I commit to writing another MC book. I do have a fourth volume of Sex Potion that's about halfway written, but it's been sitting on the shelf while I attend to other books. I want to hear your thoughts!