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Don't worry, daddy. Mommy will never know...

Oh dear, daddy. Look at what a mess you made! For your taboo reading pleasure, I proudly present my newest - and naughtiest - edition of Daddy Issues yet. Four erotic tales of forbidden passion - now available on Smashwords at 25% off! 

In this third volume of Daddy Issues, you'll discover the kinkiest pairings of fathers and daughters yet. Featuring spoiled brats jealous of their mothers to very good girls that are just desperate for release, these four taboo tales will delight your dirty mind. Don’t worry, daddy. Mommy will never know!

What’s Inside...

  • His Secret Slut - Ada's feelings for her father run much deeper than affection. It is a carnal longing that her father secretly shares. When a friend's taboo confession gets Ada's juices flowing, she runs to her father for some afternoon delight.
  • Conception - After years of bitter disagreements, Fiona's parents are finally getting divorced. While helping her father move out of the house, she discovers an old VHS tape with her name on it. To her shock, it isn't a video of her at all but a sex tape made on the night she was conceived! Watching her young father make love to her mother arouses in Fiona an irresistible urge to repeat history...
  • Apocalypse and Eve - The last survivors of a nuclear war, Adam and his daughter live moment to moment. When, at last, mere survival is not enough, the only true comfort is in each other's arms.
  • Harder, Daddy - After her divorce, Sadie moves back into her father's house. Perhaps she should be sad, or angry, with her ex-husband, but all she feels is the lonely ache between her legs. Michael could never satisfy her need to be dominated in the bedroom, to have a real "daddy" she could rely on to punish and please her. Her sexual frustration reaches its peak when she discovers that her father's new lover is younger than she is! Sadie can only contain her jealous lust for so long...


I didn't feel the coverlet slide down my thighs, nor his hands on my body. But I know those things happened. I don't know how long he fondled me. Maybe he was quick and nervous about it. Maybe he took his time. Maybe once he'd peeled the sheet from my twisted, sweating limbs, he just watched me, the way I breathed, the swell of my breasts in my loose cotton t-shirt. I know that he pushed the shirt up my stomach, because when I woke my nipples were digging into the mattress. I know that he touched me, and licked me, because when I woke my thighs were slick with his saliva.

That's the part I wonder about the most. Did he have second thoughts as he did it? As my father gently pulled my panties down, did he remind himself that I was his daughter? When the moonlight from my window shined on my bare vagina, freshly waxed, did the reality sink in? If it did, something compelled him forward, because I wouldn't find those panties until the next morning. He bunched them up and tossed them between the wall and the bed. By that point he was no longer cautious. He wanted to touch my legs. He wanted to slide his tongue down the pink smile of my labia. Maybe that's what changed his mind. Too hungry to ponder the morality of it all, daddy just wanted my pussy.

You'd think I'd wake as soon as he slid inside me. Dad was bigger than most men I'd been with--certainly Michael--but he was nimble, too. The object wasn't to wake me, not at first. He wanted that to happen in the middle, after he'd had his way with me for some time. Despite his raging erection, he took it slow. After getting me ready with his tongue, and letting my body do the rest of the work, he turned me onto my stomach and spread me open.

I wish I had that part on video: My father behind me, naked, holding his throbbing pecker as he guided it between my unconscious cheeks. Did I snore? Alcohol usually made me snore, and if I was on my stomach I'm sure I must have made some guttural sound. What was the sound as his big dick met my pussy? What was his sound as he squeezed himself inside me? Was it relief, to take me this way after all this time? Was it the hungry growl of the wolf who has caught his prey?

I didn't wake for that first stroke, or his second. Those first few penetrations, it was just my father experiencing this salacious taboo. It was just him--his big hairy body--hunched over my sleeping form. We were all alone in the house and this was something a daughter should never fear from her father. That he'd violate her like this, that he'd rub his cock between her buttocks until he hardened and then shove his manhood inside her, that was forbidden by all the laws of man and nature. Of course his passion would grow as he thrust that pulsing extension of his lust into my defenseless body. Of course he'd grab me like he did, and squeeze me.

I woke to my face being pushed into my pillow. I gasped for air, not because I couldn't breathe but because the cock inside me was big enough to stretch me open. At first I didn't realize what was happening. I felt so many things at once, my drowsy brain had trouble putting the pieces together. My nipples were so hard it felt like they were cutting strips out of my bed sheet. One of my arms was twisted behind me and held tight against my back. My crack was wet, as were my thighs. His fingers were wound tight through my hair. And there was the sound. The sound of my father's heavy breathing.

It was timed to the relentless force that slammed my buttocks. His pelvis. And the titillating slap of his scrotum against my clit. That was the first sensation that resolved itself in my sleeping mind. I knew what that was, what was happening to me. My cheek against the pillow, my arm twisted back, I moaned out my first question.

"Quiet," my father growled.

"D-daddy," I gasped. "Jesus, daddy, what are you doing?" I knew the answer, of course. He'd been fucking me since before I was conscious, but even the brief part I was awake for boasted more stamina than Mike usually had in him.

I felt my father's lips in my ear. "I'm taking what I want," he growled. "This piece of ass has been teasing me since she moved under my roof. It's time to pay up."

The dark words sent a chill rolling up my spine. He was hard, and taking me, and not taking no for an answer. I let out a helpless moan as my vagina clenched around his pecker. My body had ached to be filled and his erection was more than qualified to do that job. Still, I rebelled, because this was very wrong. "Daddy," I grunted into my pillow. "Daddy, no..."

"Shut your mouth," he commanded. "Or I'll give you something to cry about."

I was ashamed to be so turned on. I felt an electric tingle each time he pulled my hair at the root. I felt hot spikes impale my muscles with each muscular thrust of his hips. He was filling me, forcing me, using me for his own sick pleasure. I let out another moan. "But I'm your daughter," I panted.

"Shut your mouth, slut. You're just another warm hole."

I lost control of my muscles for a moment. His rough words. His incredible strength. And no man's voice was deeper than my father's. My eyes rolled up into my head as I realized no man had been deeper inside me either. Now I felt the sweat on my back. Now I felt the wet heat in my jiggling stomach. I was in my bed, in my father's house, and he was ravishing me.

With my free hand, I clawed at the bed sheet. "Daddy!" I gasped. "Daddy, think about mommy..."

"She can't hear you," he grunted.

With each savage thrust, my nipples rubbed harder into the mattress. "Daddy, please stop."

His big hand slid over my mouth. "Shhh, baby," he whispered. "You just take daddy's cock like a good girl."

I moaned into his fingers, aroused beyond all former measure. The shame amplified it. The submission overwhelmed me. I was his, his captive, his daughter, his fucktoy. I was "another warm hole" for him to stick his big cock in. It was dirty. Dirtier still, I knew he'd been fucking me since before I was awake. I knew he'd started slow, and could have even finished without me knowing. He wanted to fuck me awake. He wanted me to be conscious enough to know what was happening, and incapable of stopping him.

"Oh, daddy," I choked. I raised my voice to scream and he squeezed it into a meager croak. "B-but,"I stammered, "you're too big!"

"Bigger than your limp dicked husband?" he growled.

"Yes," I sobbed into my pillow. "Yes!"

"Then enjoy it, baby."

I bit my pillow savagely.

Excerpt from Daddy Issues: 4 Erotic Tales of Father/Daughter Taboo (Vol. 3) - now available on Smashwords at 25% off!