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All 3 Sibling Affairs volumes are now available in one box set!

For the first time, all 13 short stories from my Sibling Affairs series are available in one conveniently priced box set! All three volumes are now bundled together in Sibling Affairs Omnibus! For a limited time, it will be priced at 25% off at Smashwords. If you’ve yet to collect the full set - but absolutely love brother/sister incest stories - then this is a great way to spend your weekend. Check it out today!

They've grown up together, lived together, shared everything that two young people can... Well, almost everything. But brothers and sisters aren't supposed to share their bodies, are they? Even if their hormones are raging? Even if their sibling is their most passionate desire? In these 13 tales, brothers and sisters just can't help themselves. It's dirty, it's wrong, and it feels too good to stop!

This omnibus edition collects all the short stories previously published in Sibling Affairs Volumes 1-3, complete and unabridged. Stories included from Volume 1: "Double Trouble," "Cuckolded by My Wife's Brother!" "Happy Birthday, Little Brother," "A Midwinter Night's Roleplay." Stories included from Volume 2: "The Big Bad Wolfman," "The Hangover Slut," "His Sister, His Slave," "Three Girls, a Guy, and a Magic Sex Spring." Stories included from Volume 3: "My Sister Swallows," "Blind Man's Bluff," "Bad Dog," "Say Uncle," "Talk Dirty to Me."

This bundle is 92,000 words and for readers 18 and up.


"We're just going to bed," Jayden said. "The time really got away from us." Inside my panties, his wet fingertips tickled the lips of my pussy.

"Mmmm!" I hiccuped. "I, uh, had to fill him in. On stuff!" I gasped.

"And now I have to fill her in," Jayden murmured.

"What?" Denise said. She shot us a weird look as she bent over to wake Serena.

I had to rise with Jayden, otherwise his erection would be all-too-obvious. As I set my bare feet on the table, I felt it brush my thigh. I had to will myself to remain standing (and tried not to imagine how close we were to being naked and alone). Jayden lifted the remote and turned off the TV, dropping a blanket of darkness over the four of us. "Now I have to tuck her in," he said, as smoothly as before.

"Oh," Denise said. "Right, right." A groggy Serena refused to take Denise's hand, so we just covered her in a blanket and left her on the couch. Then we said goodnight to each other and went to the opposite sides of the hall.

No sooner did I close my door than I felt my twin's hand's on my cheeks. He kissed me with all his strength and I tried so hard to keep quiet. "Please don't tease me anymore," I moaned. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I was impatient. I don't want to be bad." I ran my palms over his incredible chest. "I want it rough tonight. Can we do the rough one?"

"You're too horny to stay quiet for that one," he said.

"I'll behave," I said.

"No you won't," he said.

I pushed my breasts into his chest. I pulled his crotch into my pussy. "I will," I said, and slid my lips into his ear. "Just rape me," I whispered.

His hands forced me against the door. "Get into bed," he ordered. "Take off all your clothes and wait for your brother to join you."

I did as I was told. I was quiet and I was good as I stripped off my sweater and t-shirt and scooted out of my jeans. With only the dim light from the street to guide my way, I felt for the bed with my toes. When I reached the bed, my bra was already slithering down my arms. My panties were the last to go and they were so wet that I had to peel them off my mound. I thought about keeping them in my hand (Jayden liked to smell them when I was super excited) but decided to drape them over the chair instead. He could have them if he wanted them. Me, I was getting naked, just like he told me to.

As I pulled back the covers of the bed, he locked the door behind me. I heard the floorboards creak and then a gentle whisper near my head. A deep sniff. He was breathing in my panties. His clothes hit the floor one after the other, sweater, boots, jeans, swiftly but not as swiftly as I wanted. Not until I felt his naked body against mine. The covers folded over us and he squeezed my aching breast. "I missed you, Gigi," he said. "I missed you so much I'm afraid I'll hurt you."

I hissed as his fingers closed around my nipples. Now he could feel how hard they were. "I want you to," I whimpered. I told him I'd be quiet but I knew I would scream tonight. It had been too long, and after this miserable year I needed him badly.

"What's the safe word?" he asked.

"Garrison," I whispered.

"Garrison," he repeated.

"Garrison," we said together.

He brushed my hair off my forehead and kissed my ear. "If it gets too rough, or for any reason you--"

"I know," I moaned. "How many times have we gone over this?" I was being a brat again but I knew it was important. And sometimes necessary. I loved Jayden so much that, when we got hot and heavy, I easily got carried away. Actress, remember? The safe word was more for him than it was me, to calm me down and bring me back to planet Earth. To make sure I didn't hurt myself. To make sure I didn't whip myself into a frenzy. I always told him that I hated it on planet Earth. On Earth, brothers weren't allowed to fuck their sisters, let alone love them like Jay-Jay loved me.

We were fraternal twins, so we were never part of the same cell, but I got off on the idea that Jayden and I were two halves of one whole. The only time we were complete was when we were inside each other, and I knew he felt the same way. When every one of my girlfriends was constantly trying to jump his bones and he politely turned them all down, that's exactly what was going on. His dick belonged to me and no one else. I was the only girl he was allowed to fuck, the only girl he had fucked.

I wiggled my butt with excitement until Jayden placed a big, firm hand on my hip. My heart hammered behind my breasts as he forced me to be still. Then his lips brushed against the soft grooves of my ear and he whispered, "Are you cold, Gigi?"

I answered him in my softest, sweetest voice: "Yes, Jay-Jay. Will you snuggle with me?" His hand rested on my stomach. His other arm slid under my pillow. He pushed his hips into me until his erection squeezed tightly between my buttocks. "Ohhh, Jay-Jay," I whispered. "Y-you're naked!"

"That's the best way to get warm," he whispered in my ear. "We have to share body heat."

"Okay," I said in my lilting sing-song. "But...but your thingy? It's so hard!"

"It's because of all your squirming," he said. He grabbed my ass and squeezed it tighter around his dick. When it throbbed, I let out a nasty little moan. "See?" he said. "You're just making it harder."

"I'm sorry, Jay-Jay," I whimpered. "How can I make it better?"

Jayden pushed his cock through the tight groove of my crack. My pussy throbbed to be so ignored but my body thrilled at the first drop of precum that stained my tailbone. "J-Jay-Jay," I stammered. "What are you doing?"

"Shhh," he whispered in my ear. "You're going to be a good girl, you understand?"

He slipped his fingers over my mouth as the first, instinctual moan rolled up my throat. It wasn't fair. Denise and Serena were plenty loud when they brought a new friend home. I wanted them to hear what it sounds like to be fucked by a real man.

"Open your legs," he commanded.

This was one of my favorite games. Possibly my favorite one. I loved the way he grabbed me, I loved the way he took charge, and the deeper his voice got, the higher mine got. I was his little submissive idiot, scared and slutty at the same time.

"Mmmmm!" I mumbled into his fingers.

"Open them," he repeated. His voice was a hypnotic bass. It compelled me to spread my thighs. His palm cupped my mound and his fingers played in the blonde down above my labia. He fondled me gently, then slowly worked his way to my clitoris and wiggled its hood.

"Ah!" I hissed. "W-what are you doing?"

"You said you wanted to make it better," he said.

"H-how does this...mmmm!" I bit my lip and squeezed his hand between my thighs.

"Are you still cold?" he asked.

"Y-yes," I stammered.

"I'm going to make you warm. And wet. And when you're warm and wet you're going to make me feel much, much better."

I began to squirm harder. I wiggled my hips and rolled his cock back and forth in my butt. I clamped down on his hand. All the movement forced Jayden to grab me and use his body weight to pin me down. I sank under his formidable muscles. He rubbed his cock into my crack and slipped his fingers deeper into my pussy. "Does that feel good?" he asked.

"N-no!" I lied. "You''re not supposed to touch me there!"

"Okay," he said. "Then I won't touch you there." The bed creaked as he pushed his palms into the soft mattress. His cock slid from my crack and brushed the inside of my thighs. I felt the sticky trails of his precum on my skin and kicked my feet as he ran his nails over my ass.

"J-Jay-Jay?" I whimpered.

"No touching," he promised. His fingers dug into my haunches.

"W-what?" I moaned. I turned back, all nervous and quivering, and watched my brother spread my cheeks. He spread them so wide that my pussy tingled. My anus, too. He spread me so wide that my skin stretched to its limit--a sensation both uncomfortable and titillating. And then his head pushed between my legs and his tongue danced over my clitoris. His nose, buried deep in my perineum, tickled the sensitive skin there with every forceful exhalation. "Jay-Jay!" I whimpered. His fingers tightened on me to shut me up, but I moaned his name again. "Ahhh!" I gasped, as his tongue assaulted me. "Jay-Jay, no!"

But I was at his mercy. His tongue was an angry animal seeking the soft parts of my body to burrow into. How many nights had I lain here in frustration, cursing the emptiness that made me ache, cursing the forbidden tingle between my thighs. Mommy and daddy told me never to touch myself there, so of course it was all I thought about. Now my horny brother was here and he was addicted to the taste of me. I needed to feed it to him or he might die...but sucking my pussy always made him so hard.

I screamed into my pillow as Jayden's thumb joined his tongue in exploring my holes. His neatly-trimmed thumbnail teased the rim of my anus while his lips suckled on my labia. I grunted a weak protest, just before his thumb took the plunge through my sphincter. I arched my neck back, sure now that this was very wrong. And yet the smooth undulation of his digit, combined with the nimble magic of his tongue, compelled me to shove my ass deeper into my brother's face, to grind my butt over his nose and mouth and chin. I buried my shame in my pillow. This was dirty. This was wrong! And against my pale leg, I could feel Jayden's penis throb in anticipation.

My brother was ravenous. His tongue glided over my dripping slit with an unyielding pressure. Whenever I thought I had the strength to resist him, the tongue folded and slipped between my lips. He drank my insides like a vampire. He pumped my anus like he was searching for my pulse. "I'm going to tell," I moaned. "I'm going to tell on you!" My toes dug into my mattress and my hair whipped back and forth until the teasing mercifully stopped...