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Does mommy turn you on?

For the first time, all 12 short stories from my Mama’s Boys series are available in one conveniently priced box set! All three volumes are now bundled together in Mama’s Boys Omnibus! For a limited time, it will be priced at 25% off at Smashwords. If you’ve yet to collect the full set - but absolutely love mother/son incest stories - then this is a great way to spend your weekend. Check it out today!

SYNOPSIS: Sometimes a mother’s kiss is the only thing that will make it better. But what if you need more than just a kiss? This erotic bundle collects the first three volumes of Mama’s Boys, a taboo series about mothers and their sons indulging their most secret desires. So how about it, big boy? Be honest…does mommy turn you on? 

This omnibus edition features all 12 short stories previously published in Mama’s Boys Volumes 1-3, complete and unabridged. Stories included from Volume 1: “Bumpy Ride, "My Son Helps Me Take a Selfie,” “Morning Wood,” “Mom’s XXX Anal Adventure.” Stories included from Volume 2: “Homecoming,” “Sex Ed,” “What She Can’t Get at Home,” “My Son’s Peculiar Condition.” Stories included from Volume 3: “Pay for Play,” “Stanley’s Mom Has Got It Going On,” Strangers in the Night,“ "No Tell Motel.”

This bundle is 86,000 words and for readers 18 and up.


With every photo, every smile, every naughty pose and giggling moment I felt more comfortable with my body. Tommy and the camera were my biggest fans and, for the briefest of seconds I felt really, truly sexy. When he suggested a really candid shot, one where I let the bra fall from my breasts, I was so swept up in the moment that I did just that. The phone clicked as I reached back to unsnap my bra and clicked again as it tumbled from my shoulders. I cupped my naked breasts and let Tommy snap the photo.

His smile faded from his face. “Wow,” he said quietly. His face drifted from behind the little rectangle of my phone.

I crossed my arms over my breasts defensively. “What?” I said. I didn’t like the quaver in my voice or the way I curled up on the bed. I felt like a slug in a pitcher of salt. Tommy was right, I wasn’t exactly ancient, but my breasts would never be as perky as they were when I was a teenager. I was more self-conscious of them now than I’d ever been. Did he think they were gross? “What is it?” I repeated.

Even as a teenager I’d been self-conscious about my boobs. I’d never been flat-chested (which I took a secret pride in) but they hung lower than average and spread widest in the middle. It made bra shopping a tedious exercise. But my nipples were big and puffy and so, so sensitive, and I loved it when men played with them. Posing for Tommy’s pictures had kindled a rare arousal in my body, to the degree that my nipples buzzed when I hid them with my palms. “They’re saggy, aren’t they?” I said.

“Shut-up,” he said.

I blinked at him. “Tommy?”

He slid the phone across the bed and softly sat beside me. His expression was inscrutable, that furrow in his brow as deep as ever, his blue eyes piercing through me. Gently, he took my wrists, and pulled them back. “Wow,” he breathed.

I slapped my hands back over my nipples. “Stop it!” I said. A nervous laugh bubbled out of me. “Tommy, you’re scaring me! What’s wrong with them?”

“There’s nothing wrong with them,” he said. “Will you cut it out? I want to see.”

“Tommy!” I said, the blood rushing to my chest and throat…but I didn’t resist when he pulled my hands away. “Are they okay?” I asked meekly.

“I’ve never seen nipples like yours,” he said. He quickly added, “I mean in a good way. They’re so puffy. And pink. They’re almost…” He chuckled.

“What?” I asked. I watched him like a hawk. He, in turn, watched my boobs sway like he was hypnotized.

“Well, the guys call them ‘ghost nipples.’ It’s when the color of the areola,” and he gently circled his finger over my breast, “sort of blends into the skin. Some of the guys, well, it’s a serious thing for them. They would worship you.”

“Oh,” I said softly. “Do…do you like them?”

He looked at me, and that look just about said it all. “Mom, you have the best set of tits I’ve ever seen.”

I turned away. “I saw the pictures Shandra sent you. I know that’s not true.”

“Hers are awesome,” he agreed. “She’s barely five feet tall and she has big round C cups. It’s incredible. If I didn’t know better I’d say they’re fake. But yours are…I don’t know. The way they slope like this,” and once again his finger hovered just over my skin, “and the way the nipples just…beg to be sucked. I want to grab them. Just like your ass.”

“Oh?” I said. “But my butt’s so big. I have cellulite.”

“You don’t seem to understand what your assets are,” he said.

“Or maybe a girl just likes to be told once in a while,” I murmured.

“Told?” he asked. He slid closer to me on the bed, his eyes intense. “I could do more than that.”

“Tommy,” I said softly, “that’s very sweet, but–”

“Can I ask you something kind of weird?”

Reflexively, I cupped my nipples again. They were so hard they dug into my palms. “Okay.”

“I breastfed, right?”

I rolled my eyes. “You really know how to make a girl feel her age.”

“Didn’t I?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Did it…feel good?”

I squeezed my breasts together. “It’s one of the embarrassing things they never tell you when you’re pregnant,” I sighed. “Sometimes, yes, it did. My nipples have always been very sensitive. They…still are.”

“Can I ask you another weird question?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I said. “From that look in your eye I think I should say no.”

“I really, really want to suck on them right now.”

My boy, the son I’d raised his whole life, the son I watched grow from nothing at all to six feet of strapping masculinity, was asking for something impossible. And yet his eyes twinkled like a child’s again. He was so handsome. He could be with any of the beautiful girls in his phone. And me? I was aching for a man, and had been for months. Longer. I would have accepted any pair of lips on me, to be honest, but Tommy’s?

Especially Tommy, I decided. Not even the men I’d dated in the past year made me feel as sexy as he did. Slowly, I let my hands fall from my breasts. “Just a little bit,” I whispered. “But that’s…that’s it.”

He grinned. “Just tell me when to stop, okay?”

My heart rate accelerated. I watched myself from outside my body as I opened my arms to him and let him kiss my chest. My body gave an automatic jerk as he slipped my stiff nipple into his mouth. “Oh, baby,” I panted. His tongue flicked out like a snake’s, teasing me something dreadful. I cradled his head as he weighed the other breast in his big palm. “That feels so good,” I gasped. “No one’s done that in so long…”

“Shhh,” he blew into my nipple. The hot air sent my nails spasming through his hair. He sucked on me like he did so many years ago, only this time his aim wasn’t the milk inside me. This time it was to pull the next moan from my throat, the next squirm from my jiggling body. I knew I was in trouble when he began to push against me, pushing me down onto the bed.

“Tommy,” I gasped. “Careful…”

“I’ll be so careful with you, mom,” he whispered into my breast. His lips played with my nipple as he did. And then his teeth sank gently into my ghostly areola.

“Oh, God,” I gasped. “What are you doing?”

He sucked more of my nipple into his mouth, and bit down harder. His hands slid down my stomach. “Need to touch you,” he groaned. “Need you.”

His fingers clenched onto my buttocks. “Baby…” I gasped.

He rolled his cheeks between my breasts and licked up and down my cleavage. “Baby?” I whispered.

He spread my legs, and I felt the stiff poke of his manhood through his wet trunks. “O-oh!” I breathed.

“Mmhmm,” he grunted into my throat. He quickly slid off the bed and hooked his fingers into my panties.

“Wait!” I said, but he rolled them off my feet before I even knew they were in the air. I snapped shut my naked thighs and watched as my son pulled down his swim trunks. “Oh my,” I whispered.

Tommy’s selfies were impressive but even they didn’t do him justice. His young cock was thick and almost frighteningly long. It rose from his shaved pubic hair curving up and to the right, its shaft embossed with pulsing veins.

“Come here,” he growled.

“Now wait just a minute!” I gasped. I gasped again when his big organ slapped my doughy stomach. “W-we, um, Tommy, I–I think we might be getting carried away by the moment.”

“So?” he said. His voice was gruff and young and without reservation. His lips found mine and for an instant I was transported back to my own wild teenage days. He tasted like chlorine and like pure, impulsive man. My man. I’d made him, and I made that incredible thing he was rubbing between my legs!

“So I’m your mother,” I said, still unsure if I was struggling with him because I wanted to stop this or if I wanted him to pin me down.

His fingers encircled my wrists and slammed them onto the pillow. “Yes,” he grunted into my neck. His lips closed on my throat and his teeth bit down like a vampire.

“Mmh!” I grunted back. I flailed my thick thighs against his iron abdominals but he just chuckled and whipped my knee around his hip.

“That’s where you should be,” he said. He pinned my thigh against his naked waist with one bulge of his bicep. His heavy penis slapped my mound.

“I won’t let you do this,” I huffed. “It’s wrong, baby.”

He cupped my cheeks in his palm and forced me to look at him. “I don’t care,” he said. His lips slipped over mine and I would not refuse his tongue. He moaned into the kiss and sent chills dancing up my spine. “I want you,” he whispered into my lips. “I want to make you feel good, mom. Does it feel good?”

I locked my ankles behind his perfect ass and rubbed my pussy into his scrotum. He was still wet from the pool and I’d been wet since I scrolled through his phone. “It feels good,” I admitted. “You make me feel so good.”

“So can we do this?” he whispered in my ear. He kissed down my jaw until he came to my chin, then wrenched my face aside with his muscular neck and inhaled my skin. One of my wrists was still pinned over my head and my whole body trembled at his assault. “Will you let me do this?” he grunted.

“I don’t think I can stop you,” I panted. He pushed his balls into my slippery pussy and I sighed with longing. I squeezed my thighs together to bring him even closer to my slit. “Quick,” I whispered. “Do it quick before I change my mind.”

“Thank you, mommy,” he moaned. He reached down to grab his monstrous cock. “I’m so fucking hard for you.”

“I know,” I whispered to the ceiling. “God help me…”

And then he pushed.

Tommy filled me the way few other men have. He wasn’t slow but I was so wet he didn’t have to be. Still, it had been a long time, and that first thrust wasn’t entirely pleasant. I cried out as he penetrated me, and loud enough to make him pause. “Mom?” he asked.

“Keep going,” I begged. “It’s just been a while. I-I’ll get used to it.”

“Do you want me to go slow?”

“No!” I groaned, throwing my head from side to side. “No, I want you to fuck me. Just imagine I’m one of your pretty sluts.”

Tommy grabbed my thick ass and rolled his penis inside me. “No, mom. You’re not like them. I’m going to make love to you.”