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I promised you dirty darlings a new mind control story...

…and your darling Veronica always delivers :)

Just released on Smashwords! My Brother Hypnotized Our Slutty Sister!

Duncan’s younger brother isn’t the most charming member of his family. He’s no genius, either. So how exactly did he talk their beautiful sister into going down on him? True, Camille has a reputation for promiscuity, but she hates Tyler! When Duncan finds her half-naked and on her knees in front of him, he knows something strange is going on. Does it have something to do with Tyler’s glowing necklace? Is it possible that Tyler has cast a spell on Camille? Why else would she behave like his obedient slut?

This tale of taboo mind control is 12,000 words and for readers 18 and up. From now until October, available at 25% off on Smashwords!


The change in Cammy’s attitude was not immediate. She still wrinkled her nose when he pressed his penis to her cheek and made a guttural sound of revulsion, but she did not shy away. And when Tyler ran his fingers through her tangled hair, her bright blue eyes did not narrow as before. Instead, they widened. The deep line across her forehead smoothed, her nostrils ceased to flare, and her eyes grew wider still. I’d heard Cammy’s sapphire gaze described as hypnotic (and tended to agree) but this was the literal version. She did not blink at all, not even when he tugged at her scalp. And when Tyler’s other hand caressed her sculpted cheek bone, her blue irises signaled true, unquestioning submission.

With his right hand still clenched in her hair, Tyler guided his cockhead over our sister’s plump, pouting lips. “You love it,” he said.

Shocked to the point of paralysis, I watched as Cammy allowed him to trace the line of her mouth. Unflinching, she replied, “I…love it.”

Tyler cupped her cheeks with both hands. “You’ve always been a slut, Cammy. Haven’t you?”

Her nostrils flared ever so slightly. “Nuh!” she grunted.

“Ah-ah,” he chided, and rubbed his cock against those rebellious nostrils. “Tell the truth,” he said. “You love taking dick.”

“I love taking dick,” she repeated.

“Good girl,” Tyler said. “And now I want you to focus all that sluttiness, every horny feeling you’ve ever had, on my dick right now. This dick.” Tyler tapped her lips with his bulging penis. “You love this dick more than any dick you’ve ever had. Right, Cammy? It’s your favorite dick.”

My sister’s eyelids fluttered. Her sudden loss of will made her lips go slack, and from her open throat erupted a helpless moan. If this was a game they were playing, her acting was perfection. Only in my most erotic fantasies had I seen a woman so hungry for cock. Cammy cupped our brother’s dangling balls and rolled her tongue to his bulging base. Fondling him firmly, she spread the tip of her tongue over and across his circumference and then traced the fat vein lovingly back to his tip. She moaned as she took him into her mouth, and did not stop moaning even when her lips sealed over his foreskin. Tyler raked his fingers through her hair as she pulled him, by the balls, deeper and deeper into her throat.

Cammy’s previous reluctance was completely forgotten. Her passion for Tyler was all-encompassing. She did not care that drool dripped freely from her open lips or that she could barely breathe with his shaft so far down her gullet. She needed him inside her with a desperate, insatiable lust. And the lust only increased. When at last Tyler’s cock emerged from her gasping mouth, she clutched it by the base and pressed the head into her lips, then chin, then throat. She slapped herself with it, not content until she splattered every inch of her flawless skin with the mixture of his precum and her saliva. Tyler grunted his appreciation.

I had to stifle my own grunt. It didn’t matter that she was my sister, at least not to my penis. It strained against my inseam, jealous for the same treatment. I was torn in two, my mind reeling from this act of incest as my libido went wild. Cammy was worshipping her little brother’s dick, kissing it and slurping at it and touching it–greedily and lovingly stroking it–with a relentless passion. Her arousal was not constant but ever-increasing, magnifying the contortions of her naked torso and the mindless shrieks she cast to the ceiling. “Yes,” Tyler gasped, and pulled her back onto his prick. “Fucking suck that, Cammy. Suck it till I blow.”

How could I believe my eyes? The Camille I knew would never let Tyler talk to her that way, much less go down on him. Yet down she went, obedient as a slave, her eyes watering as his cockhead brushed the back of her throat, gagging as he began to thrust. She didn’t stop him from fucking her face. She didn’t resist at all. The drool poured from her open lips, coating his hairy scrotum and cascading to the kitchen tiles. Tyler was an animal with no care for her comfort at all, but Cammy asked him for no quarter. Her throat, her mouth, her body, was his to command. With his fingers in her wild hair and his hips pounding like an engine cylinder, Tyler used our sister for his most primal instinct.

Through it all, Cammy goaded him on with a mumbled moan. It emanated from her jiggling stomach and through his swinging balls. “Mmhh!” she purred. “Mmmph! Mmm!”

“That’s it, you dirty slut,” Tyler growled. “Love it. Love that dick inside you.”

“Mmmmm!” she growled, bobbing her head and swinging her neck.