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A new taboo short for you!

Good morning, my lovelies! Yes, I’ve been MIA for a while, but rest assured I’ll never quit spinning my taboo tales. This is a short I’ve been meaning to write for some time. My mind control stories tend to be my most popular, and this is an idea that is sort of “mind control” adjacent. Corey, the handsome younger brother of our story, does have a supernatural power - but it isn’t to control his sister. Instead, he somehow can hear her thoughts. The story appealed to me because I liked the idea of a man being able to hear my most private thoughts…and then give me exactly what I want without me even asking :D

Anyway, if you enjoy my taboo collections like “Sibling Affairs,” I think you’ll enjoy this one. Corey’s really a sweet boy at heart, but his sister gets him so hot that he wants to be the dominating alpha male she’s always dreamed of!

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SUMMARY: When he's granted the power to hear his beautiful sister's thoughts, Corey discovers that she's hiding a guilty secret. Sienna wants to be dominated by an alpha male, and her boyfriend never truly satisfies her. Burning with lust, aching for release, Sienna's mind wanders. She dreams of being used for a man's pleasure. In fact, she's so horny she'd go down on her brother if he told her to! Corey can't stop himself from exploiting his newfound power and dominating his slutty sister.

This tale of taboo telepathy is 9,000 words and for readers 18 and up.


That was too much. If Sienna had been remotely aware of the world around her, she would have noticed Corey’s dick make a tent in his pants. He throbbed when she said the word “slut” in her head. He’d never heard her say that word before. Sienna never talked about sex. She joked about it sometimes, but they’d never had a serious conversation about . . . Well, Corey thought to himself, why would we? We're brother and sister. 

Still, if the last hour was anything to go by, sex was all his sister thought about. 

Corey was pulled deeper into Sienna's brain. He understood now. Scott wasn’t a boyfriend, he was just a guy from her class. She'd spoken less than 10 words to him in the entire year, but there was just something about his eyes, something about the way he looked at her, that made her melt. At the party, he'd taken her hand and pulled her into the bathroom. He set his beer on the counter and unzipped his pants. 

Scott wasn't boyfriend material, but for one depraved moment he'd been everything she needed in a man. He'd grabbed her hair and told her to suck harder, to fondle his balls, to worship his throbbing erection. And she had, unquestionably. She had, deliriously. She wasn’t even that drunk - just drunk enough to leave her inhibitions behind. She’d worked up so much saliva that it poured down her chin and stained her dress. Scott liked that. He called her his “good little slut,” and Sienna had almost cum right then and there.

He didn’t even have to touch me, Sienna thought. He just had to say it. To make me his slut. 

Sienna squirmed on the couch. I am a slut, she thought. Gareth doesn’t know it. Corey, God bless him, he doesn’t know it. But I am. I am! 

Sienna’s thoughts grew especially loud. They flared in Corey’s mind like white hot fire. The flames licked at his spine. I just want to be taken, she thought. I just want to be used. God, right now, if Gareth came home early and just told Corey to get the fuck out of here so he could fuck me . . .

He’d never do that, Sienna thought miserably. But I would. I’d fuck him right here in the living room if he just told me to. Even . . . even if Corey didn’t leave . . .

Sienna pressed a hand to her chest. Her nipple was obscenely hard. She hoped Corey didn't notice. Aloud, she said, “Um, I think I might, uh, make some popcorn or something. Do you want some?”

Corey licked his dry lips. He had no idea what he was going to say. He’d tuned out of the movie completely. He was utterly absorbed in his sister’s dirty mind. “Um,” he said. “S-sure. Popcorn sounds—” 

And then a new, twisted thought grew from his sister’s roiling arousal. It was a dark amusement, a self-conscious malevolence. I can just picture it now, Corey eating popcorn while he watches my boyfriend fuck me. Watches me on my hands and knees . . . moaning . . . begging Gareth to fuck me harder . . . use me . . .

“Yes,” Corey whispered. His erection strained against the seam of his pants.

“You do?” Sienna said.

“Do what?”

“You want popcorn?” She turned to him, and he was forced to look her directly in the eye. He knew exactly what she was thinking but had to pretend nothing had changed. Her face was placid, with no hint of the sexual thoughts beneath, but he could hear her thinking it, feel her fantasizing about it. He could even sense the goosebumps rising on her inner thighs . . .

Thank God Corey doesn’t know, she thought. He’s so sweet. I wouldn’t want him to think less of me. But the truth is, shit . . . I’m so horny right now, I’d suck his dick if he told me to.