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"You never took care of me like that, mom..."

I shuddered as Daniel's fingers smeared the glops of semen that decorated my back. He wiped his brother's cream into my red and quivering buttocks. "Still warm," he said. "You know dad is still downstairs. He's about to leave for work but I'm sure he'd love to hear what you've been up to--"

"No!" I wailed. Then I bit my tongue. Bruce would surely hear me if I carried on like that! "N-no, baby," I said quieter. "Please, you don't understand--"

"I understand that you let your own son fuck you," Daniel growled. I tried to push myself off the mattress but he pinned me down again. With one hand pressed deep into my lower back he reached between my legs and thrust his fingers inside me.

"Anh!" I cried. "W-what are you doing?"


"Getting a good look," he said. He scooped his brother's semen from my pussy and smeared it down my wet leg. "Jared's the little brother. He always get what he wants, right?"

"N-no," I whimpered. "He was just so hard, honey! I...I wanted to take care of him."

"Oh yeah?" Daniel said, his voice husky. "You never took care of me like that, mom." His fingers tightened on my buttocks...and spread me open.

"Mmh!" I grunted. "B-baby, you were...but you never had any trouble with--" That was the biggest difference between Jared and Daniel. Jared was shy, introverted, maybe a little sheltered. Daniel was outgoing, handsome, and always dating. "I didn't think you needed my help," I said.

Daniel chuckled. "Help? Is that what you tell yourself? That you did it all for your little boy?" He spanked my upper thigh. "I know you, mom. I know what you want."

The mattress shifted and I felt Daniel's naked legs against my own. He'd dropped his pajamas! "Daniel, wait," I said.

He smacked my ass again, but not with his hand this time. This time it was something long and meaty. Daniel used it to smear more of his brother's semen into my skin. "No, I've waited my whole life for this," Daniel said. "Are you going to tell me no?"

I couldn't, could I? That wouldn't be fair...

My body tensed as his fat cock squelched into the crack of my ass. "I...I didn't know you wanted this," I gasped.

He pressed my cheeks together over his throbbing cock. "Who wouldn't want this?" he grunted. "I never dated any girl that didn't have an ass, and you're the reason why."

I arched my neck as my son continued to fondle my buttocks. To think, all this time I was worried about being fat...and my sons were lusting after my ass! "B-but, baby, we can't--"

"Oh no," he said, "you've already proven that you can. You've proven that you need it." Daniel patted my haunch. "Now get on your knees, mommy."

"Daniel, your father--"

"Is clearly not giving you what you need," he said. He grabbed me by the waist and forced me up. "Grab the headboard," he ordered.

With trembling arms, I reached out to the mahogany headboard. I felt displaced from my own thoughts, separated from my trembling body. The only part of me that still felt connected was my own aching pussy--connected by an impossibly long and pulsing bridge of nerves. When Daniel pushed his cock inside me, his bulbous head lit that bridge like a thousand dirty lamps. "Oh my God!" I screamed.

Daniel whipped his palm over my mouth. "Uh-uh, mommy. Don't bring dad up here to spoil my fun." With his other palm hooked over my thick waist, he thrust himself even deeper.

"Mmmh!" I grunted into his fingers.

"That's it. You're still so fucking tight." Daniel's tone was triumphant, almost deliriously so. He squeezed me possessively as he slowly withdrew his penis. "There's nothing better than a nice, thick girl to shove it into," he said. "And you are thicker than a bowl of oatmeal."

I moaned against his fingers again when he pierced me with his naked cock. Daniel was not like his brother at all. Jared was frantic, fast, enslaved to his horny hormones. My oldest son knew how to take his time. With his next push he made sure I felt his balls swing against my clit. "You like that, mommy?" he whispered in my ear. "You like being the house slut for your two sons?"

I pried Daniel's fingers off my mouth. "I'm not a slut," I panted. "It was a mistake."

"Does this feel like a mistake?" he asked, and thrust so hard that my buttocks jiggled. He also reached inside my crack and tickled my asshole with his thumb!

"Agh!" I cried. "D-daniel, that's--"

He cut me off. "I said, does it feel like a mistake?" He shoved his thumb into my anus and thrust his full length into my cunt.

"Nah!" I moaned. Bruce never played with my ass and, while I couldn't say it was a wonderful sensation, being prodded there set off a hundred dancing nerves I didn't even know existed! That alien titillation made my red cheeks flush and collided with the exhilarating force that Daniel exerted on my pussy. "No," I confessed. "No, it feels good!"

"That's what I thought," Daniel muttered. He squeezed his thumb through my sphincter and hooked his other hand over my hip. "Now back up on me, mommy. I want you to ride your son's fat cock and tell me how much you like it."

"Daniel," I groaned. "Daniel, this is dirty..."

"Yeah," he said, savoring the vowels. "Make it dirty, mommy."

Excerpt from Mama’s Boys: 4 Erotic Tales of Mother/Son Taboo - now available at 25% off on Smashwords!

"I don't want to share you anymore," he said

All night Molly's pussy burned with unquenched longing. She lay awake thinking about her poor, frustrated baby, his cock and his aching balls. She found him rock hard before the sun was up and kissed that beautiful shaft till he moaned awake. Then she'd mounted him. After hours of incestuous contemplation, her vagina was sopping. For those first silent minutes she rode him like a woman half her age, wetly and wildly. She begged him not to cum, not to finish until she--she, not he--was satisfied. She thought he wouldn't make it. She thought his balls too blue to hold out. Instead, his shaft thickened inside her. He withstood her furious undulations, his hands tight on her hips, and gazed up at her in wonder.

When his mother came on top of him, he did not join her. He flipped her over, got her on her knees, and mounted her like the stallion he was. He wasn't a bashful virgin anymore but an experienced stud. What did that make Molly? His mare? His bitch? She didn't care. Lost in lust, she gripped his sweaty sheets and buried her moan in the mattress.

When he finished, when she told him to do it inside her, still he wanted her. He wanted time with her, not only the sex but also what happened afterward. His flaccid cock smeared her buttocks in her own juices as he looped his arms over her body. "Please stay," he whispered into her neck.

"Oh, Ryan," she sobbed. "Your father's here. If he finds out then this is all over. Don't make this harder than it has to be."

"I don't want to share you anymore," he said. "Kevin didn't have a father. It's not fair. You said Rita let him sleep with her."

"Ryan, don't be ridiculous--"

"I want you all the time."


The admission made Molly shiver. It was a dirty pleasure that made her do it, a mixture of pride and sexual joy. The son was jealous of the father, a classic Oedipal complex, but it was her willing pussy that had made him so. "This can't go on forever," she whispered. "School's over..."

"And I did it," he said, his words soft in her ear. "I didn't get expelled. I graduated. I kept up my grades--"

"And now you have to think about college," she said.

"I don't want to leave you."

It was selfish for her to enjoy that. She told her tender pussy to stop what it was doing. "We have to move on," she said. "Don't you want to try this with a girl your own age?"

"No," he growled in her ear. His teeth bit into her earlobe, made her sigh, and his swelling cock brushed her sensitive lips. "I want you, mom."

Her toes were already curling, body already arching for him. Rita never said it would be like this. Did she ever refuse Kevin? How could she? " more time," Molly panted. "But be quick, baby. Your...ahh...your father...soon."

"Shhh, mommy," he whispered. "Don't think anymore. I'll do all the work."

Excerpt from Mama’s Boys: 4 Erotic Tales of Mother/Son Taboo (Vol. 3) - available on Smashwords at 25% off!

"I'm not wearing a bra," she whispered into my mouth...

I pulled her face to mine, and moaned at the touch of her hot, pliable lips.

She moaned back, and kissed me fiercely. Her tongue tasted of the salt she'd licked off her upper lip. Her kiss was sticky, and needy, and her fingernails tore into my shoulders. I took that as a sign to pull her tighter to me, and she thanked me by pressing her breasts into my chest. "I'm not wearing a bra," she whispered into my mouth.

"I noticed," I said. Our kisses grew so fierce that we bit each other.


"I noticed that you noticed," she shot back. Her strong fingers raced up the nape of my neck. "I like when you notice." Stronger fingers raced down my stomach, and found my cock. "I like it a lot," she moaned.

My own hands were pushing up her ragged old t-shirt. I'd missed her soft skin, and the incredible feel of her muscles rippling underneath. In that heady moment, with the cars racing past her window, I was desperate to fill my palms with her breasts again, to know her body as I'd once known it, and never expected to again. "I want you," I breathed into her mouth.

"You're my best friend," she whispered, and squeezed my cock through my jeans. "I'm closer to you than anybody."

"I want to make you feel good," I said.

She was nodding, and pulling up my shirt. "Inside me," she said. "We--we can't think clearly until we do this."

God, her nipples were so hard they could cut the windshield. Just by pinching them I made her moan like I was licking her clit. "Should we move the car?" I asked.

"I can't," she gasped. "I can't do anything but this. Kev, I need you."

I stabbed the button of her seatbelt and tried to pull her over to me. The center console made that impossible, and we both grunted in frustration. However, the pause in the action gave me time to undo my belt and pull my pants down. In the driver's seat, Brit switched off the ignition, and quickly did the same. Granted, she had less clothes to get rid of, since she was still wearing those skintight booty shorts...

"Are you ready for me?" she asked as she pulled herself over the console. I watched her glistening labia stretch as her thigh slid over mine in the seat. She was naked from the waist down, wearing nothing but the t-shirt--and it was a very good look for her. She'd trimmed her blonde pubes a lot since the first time we'd been together, and that gave me an excellent view of her pussy. "Do you see how wet I am already?" she asked. In my lap, my dick was throbbing, and at attention. "Good," Brit said, and wrapped her fingers around me. "You didn't wash after you fucked Ms. Phillips, did you?"

"No," I grunted.

"Fuck," Brit growled. "I'm such a whore." We groaned together as she rolled my cockhead against the wet lips of her sex. "Ah! F-force me open..."

I grabbed her by the shoulder and slammed her down on my thighs. Brit threw her head back and screamed through the roof of her car. "Yes!" she shrieked. She grabbed the headrest and arched her ass, letting my penis slide forth before forcefully slamming herself down again. "Oh God, I needed this so bad."

I pushed her shirt over her breasts and squeezed with all my might. She winced, and her vaginal walls clamped around my trembling member. Hungrily, I pulled one nipple to my lips and bit into the areola. Brit hissed, and dug her nails into my scalp. "Suck on me," she grunted. "Suck me, honey..."

I yanked her hair back, and plunged through her liquid heat. "You don't tell me what to do," I growled.

"Yesss..." she hissed.

I pumped her tight pussy, one hand in her hair, the other clamped to her thick ass. She hung on for dear life as I fucked her ragged. "Like that, slave?" I asked.

"Y-yes, Master," she gasped.

"I don't care if you like it. You're going to take it!"

Brit squeezed her eyes shut and sighed. "Oh, G-god, Kevin..."

I tugged on her hair. "Master."

"Master!" She began to fuck me so hard that the car rocked in the shoulder.

Once more, I felt the black cloud fill my chest and the lightning in my spine. "You're a dirty whore and you need this dick," I said.

"Need it, Master--" she grunted...

Excerpt from Sex Potion 3: My Crazy Mind Control Summer - now available on Smashwords at 25% off!