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Have you ever been fuck-me-stupid horny?

This Friday we go back to basics. No monsters, no demons, just a daughter in desperate need of her daddy. 

See, Aubrey has a problem. A very uncomfortable problem. The girl needs to get off! Ever since coming home from college she's felt uncharacteristically horny. Unfortunately, her attempt at a one night stand has ended in limp embarrassment. Now she's back home and writhing on her bed, hands between her legs and aching for someone to satisfy her. When her father appears in her doorway, Aubrey is too far gone to care. She wants it rough, fast, and without remorse.

And daddy wants to give it to her.

This erotic taboo is 17,000 words and available now from Smashwords! Buy it for 25% off from now until the middle of June!


Again I imagined being bent over Mac's backseat and letting him fuck me without a condom. I bet he has tiny balls, I thought as I licked my lips. The sour taste of him lingered on my tongue. Why couldn't he have at least tried to fuck me? Even a soft dick inside me would have been something!

I squirmed on my bed, trying to keep my dirty feet from soiling my comforter. I hugged my forearms with my thighs and grunted in frustration. The angle was bad. The angle was always bad. I rolled around, trying to push it in from the side, trying to get enough lube on my clit to stimulate the warming sensation. 

Good. It was good. But not good enough. 

I felt like an idiot and I looked like a fool. I grunted again and shoved my face into my comforter. I imagined Mac pushing my head down. Then Doug. Then Todd. "Shit," I whimpered. None of them turned me on. I rolled onto my knees, my head still down, and pushed my ass into the air. I wanted it from behind. I wanted it rough. I yanked my panties to the side and pierced myself with the dildo. Lukewarm lube dribbled from my puffy slit and stained my panties. Breathing was difficult with my face mashed into the comforter. My hair fell over my eyes in sweaty tangles. My shoulder ached from the awkward angle. 

"Damn it," I grunted. How stupid did I look? Knees dug into the mattress, dirty soles leaving a trail behind me, one hand stretched between my legs to tug my panties back and the other one desperately fucking myself. And it was no use! The angle still wasn't right and the force behind my thrusts was laughable. My wrist hurt. As I panted into the comforter I wondered if I could mount the dildo on something and then back up on it. But even if I could rig something up (duct tape on my mini-fridge?) I knew it wouldn't satisfy. I didn't want to fuck myself. I wanted to be fucked!

I knew I wasn't going to cum but I kept at it. To pull out the dildo would be torture. Either I fucked myself until I passed out or I stayed up all night with my hands between my legs, there was no in between. I allowed myself a pitiful moan, certain the snores of mom and Dylan would conceal my filthy rage. I just wanted a man. I needed a man. A man with a big swinging cock to fuck me stupid with.

In that miserable moment, I welcomed anyone who wanted me. I didn't care who. A thief breaking into our house? I'd present myself to him for his evil pleasure. My high school science teacher with his beer belly and his stupid jokes? I'd spread myself on his desk. My brother's idiot friends? They could all take a turn! (God, the thought of those losers using me as a cum dumpster brought me frustratingly close to the edge.)

My mother's personal assistant who was always looking down my shirt.

A party clown!

A mailman!

I'd even walk all the way back to Mac's house if he called me and promised he could get it up.

But there was no one. There was no one to rescue me from my fate. I was so horny I was crazy. Stupid horny. Fuck-me-stupid horny. "Damn it," I gasped into my comforter. "Damn it," I hissed. I slid my hand into my bra and fiercely pinched my nipple. "Ahhhh," I gasped. "Anyone. Any fucking man with a hard cock. Right now. Now," I whined. "Now!"

I'd prayed before. This was the last one I expected to be answered. My eyes snapped open and I saw him in the doorway, upside down through the tresses of my wild hair. Moonlight framed his outline and reflected in his wolfish eyes. Any other man and I'd have trouble seeing his face in the darkness but I knew him from the day I was born.

My father.

My father, standing in his undershirt and his briefs. My father, his big feet sunk into my carpet. My father, thick shoulders and thick black and gray beard. My father, staring at my upraised ass in breathless silence. 

My hand dropped from the dildo but I didn't scream. I'd been imagining a man in that doorway for so long I expected to see one. Not my father, of course, but he was a man. 

He was a man. 

I watched the shadow of his pectorals grow and shrink with heavy breaths. We were both gasping for air.

The glass dildo protruded from my cunt. No room left inside me for shame. Only need. Stupid need. Greedy need. Warm lube painted my inner thighs. It leaked from my vagina as I pulled the dildo out. It left with a wet pop.

Upside down I saw the bulge of his erection. I saw it in stark relief inside the purple briefs. It pressed tightly to his thigh, the fat head protruding from the crotch too big to be contained. 

No words. Only my labored breathing.

I pulled my panties down. 

No words. Just a man. Just a man pulling down his underwear to free his stiff cock. Just a man striding over my carpet in impossibly long strides. Long legs, big dick swinging. Just a man's hand sliding over my bare ass. A sudden spank. Then a man grabbing a handful of my haunch. 

Just a man thrusting his prick deep inside my pussy.

I screamed into my pillow. Dad's fingernails raked my naked back. He gripped me by the hip and pounded me into the mattress. I bit down on the pillow and moaned like a cow. His second violent thrust slammed me flat to the comforter. My dirty feet bounced against his naked thighs. A fire lit across my scalp as his fingers coiled in my hair and shoved my face into the pillow. 

His Sister, His Slave!

Jimmy loves his sister. He really does. Sophie's bubbly, beautiful, and sweet. She's 19-years-old and loves to jump into his arms after he's been gone all day. Unfortunately, she also loves ditching her bra when she's in the house.

That wouldn't be such a problem for Jimmy if he had a sweet little girlfriend to work out his frustration with. Sadly, the poor man hasn't been laid in three years!

That's about to change.

One day his sister brings home a pair of "magic" sunglasses that one of her students tried to hypnotize her with. The little pervert wanted to see her tits! While playing around with Jimmy, she asks him to try them on her. Suddenly Sophie is obeying his every command! Jim knows it's wrong to make his sister do all the dirty things he's always wanted her to do, but he's too horny to stop! And Sophie is such a good little slave...

This erotic tale is 22,000 words and contains brother/sister incest, mind control, a rape roleplay, and lots of dirty talk! Normally available for $3.99, you can purchase it on Smashwords now for 25% off!

I plan to eventually follow this one up with a sequel told from Sophie's perspective. In the meantime, I'm finishing up a new futa story and still working on the Monster bundle. My artist has sent me the final cover, so I hope to have that one to you no later than the 26th.

Enjoy, my dirty darlings! :)