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Monster Lovers: Tentacles, Aliens & Impregnation

It's finally here, folks! All 48,000 words of ooze and orgasms!

Is it weird to say this was a labor of love? Monster erotica is probably not a huge niche but I had a bunch of ideas for naughty tentacles and a desire for a really custom, professional cover. As soon as TheKite agreed to the commission I knew I had to pull out the stops for these stories. All these months later it's finally live: Six tales of tentacle sex, alien impregnation, slimy seductions and oviposition. I even wrote a story about a virgin princess and her horny dragon. It is my favorite story I've ever written.

The book is $4.99 and can currently be purchased on Smashwords for 25% off. Here's a list of the stories inside:

In "The Octopus's Bride," a new addition to the aquarium pulls intern Kimmy Noguchi into a sticky situation. How can she refuse the creature's clammy caresses when an entire species depends on her? [Modern day setting. Reluctant to consensual with oviposition]

In "No Orc's Whore," a beautiful barbarian must distract a tribe of orcs with the one weapon they're powerless to resist. [Fantasy setting. Gangbang with insemination.]

In "The Spider From Mars!" astronaut Alice Thatcher makes a terrifying discovery beneath the Martian surface. A disgusting race of aliens has awoken to breed with human females! [Sci-fi. Reluctant with live oviposition.]

In "Ménage à Tentacle," a naive marshal journeys to the planet New Dorado and befriends a beautiful bounty hunter and her partner, a tentacled alien that feeds on female arousal. [Scifi. Very consensual with surprise oviposition.]

In "The Tentacle Beast of Rigel-7," Commander Bernadette Wulf is seduced and controlled by a lustful monster intent on spreading itself across the galaxy. [Scifi. Nonconsensual with insemination.]

Finally, in "Defiled by the Dragon," a bratty princess is kidnapped by a dragon...and learns why the creatures prefer virgins! [Fantasy. Consensual with insemination.]


From "The Octopus's Bride":

Salt water clung to her bare knees and the octopus sent a roving tentacle to suck at it with its lips. Despite her anxiety, Kimmy giggled. "Oh! That tickles!" Her laugh seemed to encourage the creature. The sucking tentacle slithered up her thigh, the lips searching for any remaining moisture. Two thick tentacles remained looped around her wrist, so with her free hand she tried to pry the mantle off her chest. "Please," she murmured, "you have to go back in your tank, you little creep..." The two tentacles squeezed harder around her wrist. It was like the clutch of a firm hand. 

The tentacle sliding up her thigh poked at the hem of her shorts and rubbed at the place where the shorts met her skin. It sensed the difference in texture. "Smart guy," she murmured. The large eye on her chest gazed up at her and cycled from summer orange to cool violet. Trembling, she ran her palm down the mantle, as if the cephalopod was a delicate (and slimy) dog. To her surprise, it purred like a cat.

It wasn't quite a feline purr. It was a wetter sound, like bubbles blown in milk. Octy enjoyed being touched--another weird distinction from your typical octopus. "Yeah?" Kimmy cooed to it. She pet it again, making sure her rubs remained light and did not harm the creature's boneless body. Between her legs, a muscular tentacle did the same to her crotch.

"Whoa!" she yelped. A terrible thrill scorched its way up her tummy. "No, no, no, no," she laughed at the octopus. "Don't you get any funny ideas." 

Octy purred again and gripped her even tighter. The lip suckers formed a line from her bellybutton to her butt. Then a sudden squeeze. "Oh!" she gasped. "Oh, dear."

Meanwhile, the other tentacle began to explore the open leg of her shorts. Kimmy tried to pull it off her thigh but its suckers were intractable. All she managed to do was get a handful of slime. She wiped it on her other leg as the tentacle flattened and slithered up her shorts. "Oooh," she groaned. What was more embarrassing, the fact that she was in this sticky mess or that its clammy lips actually aroused her?

It wasn't her fault! It was like dozens of wet mouths were kissing up her skin. Garrett's kisses had always been so awkward when he went down there. "Really, Kimmy?" she chided herself. She was getting groped by a mysterious sea creature and all she could think about was how gentle its kisses were. "Honestly!"

Two more tentacles felt their way up her neck. Kissing suckers flowed from her clavicle to her ears. "No, no!" she giggled. The thing was ridiculous! Every time she giggled the eye on her chest flashed a delicious honey yellow. She stroked its mantle. "Octy, you have to learn to keep your hands to yourself," she said. "What kind of girl do you think I am?"

In response, a tentacle uncoiled from her wrist and pulled at the hem of her shirt. "Hey!" she yelped. With surprising speed, the wet lips squirmed their way between her breasts. The indignity didn't stop there. As that tentacle explored the satin texture of her bra, another tugged her shorts down as far as her hips would allow. It was just playing with her clothes, she told herself. Cephalopods were famous for their puzzle-solving. This handsy fella just wanted to know how to get her clothes off. He probably thought he'd get a treat out of it.

"I'll give you something good if you go back in your tank," she promised. Not that he could understand her, obviously. Even if he could he was too wrapped up (literally!) in prodding her earlobes. 

Kimmy's earlobes seemed to fascinate the creature. The tips of his tentacles caressed them with such tentative strokes. It stirred in her something more than a tickle. Unfortunately, and to Kimmy's great embarrassment, her earlobes had always been major erogenous zones. The whole reason she started dating Garrett was because of the way he blew on them on their first date. Combined with the invasive squish between her breasts, the steady pressure on her crotch, and the tentacle still worming its way up her shorts, she suddenly felt quite hot. "Oh," she moaned. 

She slapped her free hand over her mouth. What was that? That was not a reasonable sound to make when you're being groped by a sea monster! She laughed at herself, and then sucked in a lungful of cold, salty air when the octopus squished its tentacle into one of her ears. "Ahhhmm!" she gasped. That shouldn't have felt so good! But the other tentacle was wrapping itself around the rim of her ear and she felt its lips nibbling on her skin. "Okay, we have to go back in our tank now," she huffed. Her cheeks blushed a mortified scarlet. "Kimmy's getting a little uncomfortably turned on and we don't want Carl to think she's a freak..."

The octopus had other ideas. Under her wet blouse, the tentacle found the snap on her bra and flicked it open. Another tentacle slid down her neck and spread itself over her breast. "What?" she gasped. A sucker kissed her buzzing areola, then two suckers, then her whole breast was squeezed between those voracious things and her nipple was sucked into a lip. "Ahhh!" she moaned. The blush in her cheeks spread over her whole body.

The tug at her shorts was more insistent now. The tentacle worming under the hem knew it was a superfluous layer. It gripped her shorts from the inside and, together with the tentacle at her hip, yanked them down her ass. "What are you doing?" she gasped. 

When the other tentacle squished into her ear, she finally understood. 

The physical sensation was like being licked inside her ear canal, but the carnal pleasure was nothing compared to the tongue that licked her mind. Colors rained behind her eyes followed by a cascade of emotions. Delight, then fear falling into terror. Warming waters, dying corals. Kimmy clutched her breast and collapsed to her knees.

She scraped her skin on the concrete but the physical pain was a mere ache compared to the death of her people. No...not her people...Octy's! The little fish disappeared, the colony went hungry. The acidic waters burned their eggs before they hatched. Anger pulsed over the octopus's skin in a venomous crimson. Deep, animal fear burrowed through her guts...but she was soothed by the friendly eye gazing up from her breast. It shifted to purple, and then a gentle stream of colors flowed into her panties. "Mmmm," she grunted. 

The tentacles massaged her ear canals and convinced her that pulling down her shorts would be more comfortable for them both. Octy helped her push them to her knees. A second tentacle kissed her pulsing mound. From that cold kiss, warmth spread inside her. It was so unlike the awkward attempts of her ex. What was his name?