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She's got a little demon in her

Guess who's back? Back again? The demon's back. Tell a friend.

The third installment in Seduced by the Sex Demon! is now available from Smashwords. This time the story follows Tanya as she struggles to survive in a world where she cannot cum. It seems so simple, doesn't it? But the poor girl just wants a little relief!

This ebook is 17,000 words and features interracial sex, an interracial lesbian encounter, a little bit of futanari, mind control and devilish temptation. If you purchase it on Smashwords, enter the code TV67C at check-out for a 25% discount!

Summary: Three years ago Tanya made a bargain with the incubus that possessed her step-father: Give up good sex in exchange for Jeff's soul. It was a noble sacrifice but one she soon regretted. Tanya is young and beautiful, and knowing she can never reach orgasm fills her with lustful obsession. When the demon returns to offer her a new deal, she unwittingly sets down the path of becoming a demon herself!


"Ma'am, are you all right?" A withered old face with a flamingo pink nose and kindly little eyes gazed up at me from beneath his black umbrella. He was bundled in a tan trench coat, his wispy hair making a getaway from his rumpled fedora. 

I had to smile. My hero. The old codger must have looked dashing when Bogart was still in pictures. "I'm fine," I told him. "I'm's been a day."

"Oh," he murmured. "Well, I just wanted to make sure since, er, you're not wearing pants."

Shocked, I gazed down at my bare legs--at my bare vagina!--and realized I was still holding my jeans. With an angry moan I threw myself into the corner of the archway and jammed my wet feet through the legs. "I'm sorry!" I cried. "I'm really not a crazy person, I--I just had a fight with my roommate and--" When I turned back around the old man was gone. The hat and trench coat were still there but the thing inside them was not human.

He didn't have a face the way you or I do, it was more the impression of a face. His body was like smoke, his lips like polished leather, his fingers like spiders' legs. Then I'd squint and it was all different, horns and rippling muscle, a tail and bat wings that absorbed the light. The only thing that didn't change were his two burning eyes--gold like fire, always smiling. "And then what?" he asked. 

You'd think a thing like that would have acid-tipped vowels and a voice made of cobwebs. Instead, the words were deep and elegant. My body had a natural reaction to that voice. I felt warm where I shouldn't, wetter than I already was. "Go," I demanded.

"Tanya," he chided. "Tanya, Tanya. Dear, it's not your fault."

"It's all my fault!" I screamed at the demon. 

He shrugged his smoky shoulders. "Why not Jeffrey's fault, or your mother's? Why not their parents and the disappointing heritage that led to you? Why not the first of them? Why not Adam and Eve? Why not the fruit, or the snake, or the first of all things?" His smile was too wide to be human. "Do you see what a slippery slope it becomes? My dear girl, you are simply the latest victim of a faulty universe." He reached to brush back a lock of my hair, but I slapped him away. 

He chuckled the way panthers would if they possessed a cunning speech. "You nobly sacrificed to save your step-father. No more fun for him, no more fun for you. Your souls are free, I languish in the Pit. Yet I am bound to you by a contract. Bound to you, my darling. I am your guardian angel, always watching, always listening, and I ache with that same ache that compels you. You sundered a friendship tonight, a good one. It's not the first time and it will unlikely be the last. It's the craving inside you. It's the denial of what you know your body deserves."

"Please," I panted. "Go away. I can't fight you like this." I folded my arms over my soggy chest and tried like mad to stop my nipples from reacting. My empty sex throbbed with the memory of Brooklyn's sudden exit. I was so close...

"Don't fight," the demon said. His long arm hissed through the rain and pounded the stone above my head. "I have everything you need, and it's so easy because everything you so simple." His hand again reached for my face. A black thumb, like a clear night full of stars, brushed the tears and raindrops from my cheek. "Do you want me to show you what you need?"

"No," I whimpered.

I felt it in the pad of his velvet thumb. It was the tingling I used to get behind my bellybutton. It was his now, my orgasm, he owned it like I'd own a pair of shoes. He rolled it over my cheek, to the corner of my lip. He swept it over my bottom lip. "You're a smart girl," he purred. "You're a good girl. You have a job, a family, a life of limitless possibility. But you don't have this." The black thumb pressed into my tongue. 

I swallowed my orgasm. It trickled down my throat and stopped just before it reached my stomach. 

The rain echoed the demon's sigh. "When it lands you will forget any satisfaction you derive from those things," he said. "Your job doesn't matter, Tanya. Your family doesn't matter. For those few, glorious seconds, you are perfect and at peace."

I shut my eyes. I wrapped my lips around his thumb. I sucked at it, helplessly trying to pull that tingle down into my pussy. 

"I'll give you this one reprieve," he promised. "Because you are my good girl, aren't you?" His gold eyes shimmered with mercy. Behind him the rain poured over the archway and shined like the glistening bars of a prison cell. 

I nodded desperately. 

With his free hand the demon pulled open his trench coat. When his black cock rose for me I whimpered like a struck dog. I hated myself for making that noise, for the pitiful hunger in my pitiful throat, but his black organ was exactly what I needed. His cruel jest was making it, in shape and circumference, a match for Brooklyn's. Thick from the base to the middle of the shaft before tapering to the bulbous crown, it even had the same well-groomed pubic hair, the same riverine vein that arced along its top. But whereas Brooklyn's penis was a shade of chocolate brown, the demon's was as black as oil. "Daddy's home," he purred.

His Sister, His Slave!

Jimmy loves his sister. He really does. Sophie's bubbly, beautiful, and sweet. She's 19-years-old and loves to jump into his arms after he's been gone all day. Unfortunately, she also loves ditching her bra when she's in the house.

That wouldn't be such a problem for Jimmy if he had a sweet little girlfriend to work out his frustration with. Sadly, the poor man hasn't been laid in three years!

That's about to change.

One day his sister brings home a pair of "magic" sunglasses that one of her students tried to hypnotize her with. The little pervert wanted to see her tits! While playing around with Jimmy, she asks him to try them on her. Suddenly Sophie is obeying his every command! Jim knows it's wrong to make his sister do all the dirty things he's always wanted her to do, but he's too horny to stop! And Sophie is such a good little slave...

This erotic tale is 22,000 words and contains brother/sister incest, mind control, a rape roleplay, and lots of dirty talk! Normally available for $3.99, you can purchase it on Smashwords now for 25% off!

I plan to eventually follow this one up with a sequel told from Sophie's perspective. In the meantime, I'm finishing up a new futa story and still working on the Monster bundle. My artist has sent me the final cover, so I hope to have that one to you no later than the 26th.

Enjoy, my dirty darlings! :)

Witch's Brew...

I write a lot. No bragging there, it's just a fact. Sometimes I write so much that I dream about it - permutations of my latest book, paths the characters can follow, new characters to help move the plot along. Sometimes I dream about the crazy sex itself (writing the Monster Bundle now, you can just imagine what I've been tangling with between the sheets!). 

Last night, I dreamt that I wrote about the process itself. It was a 5-page essay about the inspiration behind "Blackmail! My Roommate's Slutty Asian Girlfriend." Of course, because it was a dream, the essay had absolutely nothing to do with that book. Instead I was sitting on a riverbank, watching logs travel down the green and glassy water. 

Sadly, I did not actually write that essay. But I did write you a book! Of all the series I've written, "Supernatural Taboo" has by far the most fans. And of that series, "Sex Potion: My Crazy Mind Control Summer" remains its most popular entry. And for that reason, I've finally published the third volume in the series. I don't know how each book has managed to hit 20,000 words on the nose, but that's just how it works.

Normally I'd price any book over 19,000 words at $3.99, but the "Sex Potion" series is different. I'd love to say this is shrewd marketing on my part, but the fact is the original somehow slipped past my radar after my last re-pricing sweep, so now each volume is $2.99. Even better? Sex Potion 3 will be available from Smashwords at 25% off from now until the end of the month.

When I started writing "Sex Potion," I thought it might last for two volumes. Silly me. This crazy thing has at least one more entry in it, since this one ends on one heck of a cliffhanger. Be forewarned, the sex in this one is particularly...frantic? Our poor hero Kevin is losing his soul, and the more he loses the hornier he gets. The young man is just throbbing with desire, and he needs to feed that beast...

Ta ta for now, my darlings. I'm getting married this weekend, and so I wanted to leave you with something sultry and salacious while I get my honeymoon on ;D

As always, my thanks and love to all of you for reading my dirty stories. Get in touch with me on Reddit or Twitter to tell me what you think of Kevin's latest misadventure!