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His Sister, His Slave!

Jimmy loves his sister. He really does. Sophie's bubbly, beautiful, and sweet. She's 19-years-old and loves to jump into his arms after he's been gone all day. Unfortunately, she also loves ditching her bra when she's in the house.

That wouldn't be such a problem for Jimmy if he had a sweet little girlfriend to work out his frustration with. Sadly, the poor man hasn't been laid in three years!

That's about to change.

One day his sister brings home a pair of "magic" sunglasses that one of her students tried to hypnotize her with. The little pervert wanted to see her tits! While playing around with Jimmy, she asks him to try them on her. Suddenly Sophie is obeying his every command! Jim knows it's wrong to make his sister do all the dirty things he's always wanted her to do, but he's too horny to stop! And Sophie is such a good little slave...

This erotic tale is 22,000 words and contains brother/sister incest, mind control, a rape roleplay, and lots of dirty talk! Normally available for $3.99, you can purchase it on Smashwords now for 25% off!

I plan to eventually follow this one up with a sequel told from Sophie's perspective. In the meantime, I'm finishing up a new futa story and still working on the Monster bundle. My artist has sent me the final cover, so I hope to have that one to you no later than the 26th.

Enjoy, my dirty darlings! :)