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Family Taboo 2: Another Brother Sister Incest Bundle

My second collection of brother/sister incest erotica is now available on Smashwords! And because of the Summer/Winter sale it’s 50% off!

This album of family taboo collects the novella “Oops! I Banged My Brother!,” the novelette “I Hypnotized My Sweet Little Sister,” and both volumes of “Sister Needs an Anal Lesson.”


From “Oops! I Banged My Brother!”:

My world was shattered. I never thought I could mean that in a good way.

Tommy shattered my world like a kaleidoscope. Colors I’d never seen before were sparkling before my eyes and I was forced to reconsider my life in dimensions previously unimagined.

He told me his truth, the secret that had isolated his heart from me. He wanted me, all of me. He said my smile made his heart pound. He said the smell of my hair turned him on. Not wanting to corrupt me, he fled from his truth. He held me at a remove because he couldn’t bear my disgust.

He told me about the emptiness of his reputation, how “the Gigolo” had bedded no more partners than I. Not fully anyway. Girls tried, but none of them were the perfect fit.

I was the perfect fit.

We were both so caught up in our newborn lust that we cast that fact aside. What did it mean that we fit each other like a finger to a glove? That I wanted his body with an uncontrollable ferocity, it was undeniable. I could never have imagined I might want his love as fervently as he wanted mine.

It scared us both. He never expected I’d come to him willingly, and I’d buried my attraction to him deep inside myself. But there was something burning in our hearts, a desire that could only be satisfied by each other. We made love again that night, and this time it was so much softer. Our furious passion was expended in our blind reunion; this time we gazed into each other’s eyes, brother and sister revealed to each other at last.

I slept in his embrace. For the first time in a long time I felt whole, his heart beating through the skin of my back the rhythmic reassurance that we were alive and on this strange journey together.

I woke to his proud manhood gliding up my backside. It was no secret that I wanted him again, but for all my enthusiasm I was too sore to take him all the way. My body was still getting used to him, and he understood. Reluctantly, we agreed that it was time to talk, not fuck.

I told Tommy the truth: I loved him as a sister, and I’d cried when the weight of his absence crushed my heart. There was a part of me that was just happy to be in his life again, a part separate from my passion. That passion, though… Now that I’d had him in a physical way I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back to being just his little sister.

Tommy told him his truth: He loved me as a brother, but he could not deny what was in his heart. He had adored me as long as he could remember. Waking up beside me, naked and with my love still drying on his body, was a dream he never expected to come true.

What we spent hours discussing, first in bed and then at breakfast, was whether pursuing a physical relationship was possible. That morning we spoke to each other more than the sum of all conversations we’d held in the past four years. At some point, near noon, he acknowledged that fact, and the pressure in my heart nearly burst it open. We’d been talking in his car, parked outside a cafe, and I started kissing him. For years I’d wanted to express to him how much he meant to me and how much I’d missed his big, indomitable presence in my life. And suddenly this option was open to me–this total expression of love and admiration. His hand on my neck, my hands spreading across his chest. He drove us back to the motel and we spent an hour forgetting the possibilities of if and how and why. We made love again fiercely, wet and wild and screaming.

His cock was a force of nature, and when I rode him I felt downright elemental. The way his hands clutched at my breasts, the way he coaxed me on, I built to climax like a tropical storm. He said he’d never been with a woman like me before, but I’d never been this woman before. I’d never let myself go like this. His penis had caused him misery in his dating misadventures and left him feeling as objectified as any woman–and at first I was no different than the women who’d objectified him. It was as big and indomitable as him, a mighty embodiment of manhood that aroused me with humiliating ease. I was utterly enslaved to it.

But there was even more behind it now. Knowing it was an extension of my brother stirred a second wave of arousal. It was taboo, and yet I derived so much pleasure from it and from seeing how much pleasure he derived from me. We were caught in a spiral of lust that was simply too sweet to escape.

The arguments against us fucking melted at the place our bodies joined. Seldom had I felt a man cum during sex, but Tommy was so large that his ejaculation was the best part of the whole ride. Normally I preferred taking it from behind for that feeling of fulfillment, but he fulfilled me from every angle. Straddling him cowgirl gave me a sense of power: my hands on his chest, his hands on my hips, rolling his girth inside my tensile sex. And when he came, I felt the bulge all the way down, within and without as his balls tightened against my skin.

Afterwards, when the storm had passed and we could once more talk to each other without our hands distracting us, we resumed the debate. My friends knew him, his friends knew me, and between our campuses there was nowhere in town we could go without being recognized. Brother and sister hanging out, sure; brother and sister making out, oh no. And if we tried to keep it secret, what was the point? How long would this infatuation last? Would we deny ourselves the chance to forge relationships with people we weren’t related to by blood?

As the afternoon sank into evening and we were walking in the park near the motel, I finally made my decision.

I laced my fingers between his. “I wanted you to be my friend again for so long,” I said. “Nothing is worth more to me than our friendship.” He smiled, but I saw the heartache in his eyes. He thought he knew where this was going.

I was happy to prove him wrong.

“I think…” I continued slowly, “that I want this to be the way we reconnect.”

He gazed at me thoughtfully. “You mean, you want to keep…”

“–yes,” I said quietly. I squeezed his hand. “I’m new at this, Tommy. It’s pretty obvious the sex is amazing. Why would I give that up just because of one little complication?”

He chuckled. “Fucking your brother is a little complicated?”

I shrugged. “It didn’t seem like it at first, but now I don’t know. What do you think?”

He let go of my hand to lace his hands behind his head. I used to see him do it when he was on the field in high school, usually before a Hail Mary. He let out a deep sigh as the gears clicked inside his head. “I think the same thing I thought before. I’m intoxicated by you, and I know I won’t make the right decision because it’s impossible for me to think clearly.”

Butterflies in my stomach again. I’d never had a boyfriend who made me feel the way he did. More’s the pity, I thought. If I’d known such love and tenderness maybe I could resist my attraction to Tommy. But I was falling for him.

His Sister Needs an Anal Lesson!

Good morning, my sexy darlings! I've got a new taboo tale I'd like to share with you.

This one's the first in a series of stories about Simon and his naughty sister Kelly. See, she thinks anal sex is gross. Butt stuff in general, who needs it? Simon on the other hand, he's a genuine ass man. Does it make him a little uncomfortable when he sees his sis in her yoga pants? Sure, but he's a gentleman. Things get a little more uncomfortable when Kelly brings up the topic of anal play. Her boyfriend wants them to go for it but she doesn't think she's ready. She wants Simon to explain it to her. And then...she wants him to show her! Kelly won't stop teasing Simon until she gets her way, and when she does, it changes their relationship forever.

The ebook is 11,000 words and is available for $2.99. From now until the end of June, Smashwords customers can purchase it for 25% off!


It was almost an hour before Kelly texted me. She wanted to shower after she did her business in the bathroom, and shave, and then she wanted to inspect every crevice and cranny and ensure her downstairs was trim and tidy and smelling like flowers. 

Not that I didn't appreciate it, but while Kelly was primping I was downstairs watching the minutes tick by in slow motion. I almost had a heart attack when my phone buzzed. A single word appeared on my screen, "Ready," with a smiley face beside it. 

She was waiting for me by her bed. The room was still humid from her shower and fragrant as a jungle garden. Maybe that's why the air around her body seemed to sparkle. Gone was the hoodie and the yoga pants, replaced by a half-naked angel. Her skin was freshly exfoliated, her hair slightly damp and curling down her shoulders. Her skimpy undershirt cut off just above her bellybutton and her wet nipples blazed through the cotton. The lips of her shaved pussy were visible through her lacy hipster panties. 

"Hey," she said.

"Hey," I said. 

She tugged at a lock of hair. "Still drunk?"

"...sure," I breathed.

"Yeah," she said. "Me too." 

Three colorful condom packets were piled at the edge of the bed. They clashed with her smooth white comforter just like her coral nipples clashed with the t-shirt. My eyes trailed from their stiff tips to the line of her panties. She chose them for a reason. The form-fitting cut of the legs complemented the swell of her luscious buttocks.

The door to my sister's closet was a sliding mirror (my reason for choosing her room over mine), which put us face to face with our reflections. There we were, brother and sister, standing by her bed. "Sh-should we face the other way?" she asked.

"Bend over," I said.

She jumped at the command. "Wow, so we're just--"

"Bend over," I repeated. That's right, I thought, big brother's in control. 

Kelly complied immediately. The soft sound of her nails sliding over her comforter filled my ears as I stepped behind her. "I'm going to pull your panties down," I said. "Is that okay?"

Her butt shivered at my touch. "N-no, go ahead," she whispered. 

"Don't look down," I said. "I want you to watch me."

"Okay..." She rested her elbows on the mattress as I went to work. 

I could feel her anxiety beneath her skin, raw and electric. I rubbed my palms down the backs of her thighs and watched her expression shift in the mirror. It was weird that her brother was touching her this way...but it felt good to be touched. I slid the panties down her shapely thighs and guided them to her ankles. She giggled as I caressed her toes. "Up," I commanded, and she obeyed. The panties skated over one foot, then the other, and then my sister was truly naked--for everything south of the bellybutton. 

On my knees, I regarded my sister's juicy butt. Each cheek was so round and full that I had the compulsive urge to spank her. I also had the urge to spread her open and admire the pink of her freshly shaved pussy. "Stay focused," I muttered. 

"What?" she said. 

"If we were doing this the right way we'd introduce a little anal play every night," I said. "Your butt isn't used to being touched and it's going to be super sensitive."

"Oh," she said. It was awkward for her to talk to me over her shoulder so instead she faced the mirror. As our eyes locked we were once again confronted with the weird intimacy of this moment. Her wet hair framed her giddy face. "How's the view from back there?" she asked.

"Good," I murmured. "You have a great ass."

She blushed. "Thank you."

I squirted a quarter-sized dollop of KY into my palm. "This is going to feel really weird."

"Ew," she said. Her eyes followed my glistening palm as it slid into the crack of her ass. She squeaked when I slathered the stuff against her puckered anus. It was tiny and pink and tight as a drum. I had my doubts that anything would fit in there today. Still, Kelly needed an anal lesson and I promised to teach one. I began to gently massage the KY around her tense asshole. 

Kelly bit her lip. "Mmm. That's...not so bad."